A Very Blessed & Cool Wednesday Morning To All Our Brothers & Sisters of the Craft!

Merry Meet PicturesGood morning dear brothers and sisters,
How is everyone doing this morning? I hope great. I have been watching the weather forecast for the entire country. It seems to be hot everywhere right now, so I won’t complain. We are all in the frying pan together. We are in dire need of another A/C unit. What we have isn’t doing the job for the entire office. Due to this fact, and while it is still cool, we are going to town to get another A/C. Since the units are heavy we all have to go and besides I have some medicine to pick up. I hate to take the day off but you really don’t want a bunch of hot, sweaty witches giving you dailys. We have a tendency to get ill when we are hot. No telling what we might post, lol! Hopefully we will be back in about two or three hours.


When we do get back, I am going to let the others play with the new A/C unit. Mystie and myself plan on working on our Pinterest site. I have noticed we have stopped receiving emails about people re-pinning our pins. This means we are off the front page. Pinterest is one site where we get a lot of our new members from. We have to get back on the front page. So we will be doing a little work there. Then we are going to add some spells and recipes here, at the Shadow Book and the WOTC forum. Oh, by the way, been over there to check it out yet, huh! If not, today would be a good day to do so.


Well I think that pretty much covers our plans for the day. Again, I hate we have to take the day off but we will be on later on today. Right now, our mission is to get an A/C and cool our broom feathers off (is there even such a thing, lol!). Wherever you are, I hope you have a very beautiful day and please stay cool. Till later…..

Love ya,

Lady A