From the very start, I have been beside Lady of the Abyss. We grew up together, we have been close friends and I consider her a sister. I have been beside her for the last fifteen years as she has poured her heart into something she believed in. She not only believe it in, so did I. I watched as her and four other people took the WOTC from a handful of people to over thousands of followers on MSN. She fought her way to the top to keep our site number one in its category. Then MSN pulled the rug out from under her.


Lady Abyss took our site to Yuku. Again to rebuild something she truly believed in. She believed in our religion, our mission and most of all our Goddess. Nothing has changed she still believes in those things. I watched as she got disgusted and fed up and shut that site down. It was something she didn’t want to do and it nearly killed her to do it, but she did.


For four months, she stewed around the house. I know she wanted to give it another try and she did with the help of the Goddess. She came to WordPress and built us this wonderful home. I have watched her work tirelessly on this site late into the night. Right now, she has been working with one arm in a sling and three broken fingers just to deliver to you the daily posts you expect. She does it because she considers each of you her family. Not just mere acquaintances on the net, but her brothers and sisters. I see what she does for our religion, I see what she does for you, whether she is hurt or not, it is always for you. She is a good woman and a very fine leader amongst many.


Today, I am sad and I miss my sister. I want her home and I cannot even accomplish that for someone who gave us all so much. She has given and given, worked tirelessly, through pain and suffering, for us. Now when she needs us, we turn our backs on her.


You don’t know how much you mean to her and you probably won’t never. If you could meet her, get to know her like I do, you would see the person she truly is. But you probably won’t never get to meet her and you will just have to take my word for it. She is a great lady and today I have let her down tremendously. Due to that fact, I feel I am no longer fit to carry on in her absence. I am closing the WOTC till she gets back. When that will be, I don’t know. I am ashamed of myself and I apologize for asking you to assist me in helping bring her home.


You may now consider Witches Of The Craft closed until further notice,


Mistress of the Myst

Administrator of the WOTC

For any questions concerning this matter, please read:



Your Daily Witches Rune for June 18th is The Blank Rune

Today’s Witches Rune

The Blank Rune

Keywords: Difficulty, pain.

Meanings: This is a rune of difficulty and negative influences will rule your life for a time, but as all difficulties are a learning experience it will lead to improved personal perspective and progress on your life’s path. Always consult the surrounding runes with this stone. If it lies with a positive stone, it indicates that the pain of this experience will lead to a beneficial change in circumstances.


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Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for June 18th is The Emperor

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for Today

The Emperor

The Emperor is blessed with the skills to successfully lead others. He can turn chaos into order and provide structure to that which is unbound. He is quick of mind and confident in his power and right to rule, and does so in a just manner. Although stern by nature, he truly is the ultimate father figure. He will provide as needed, teach those with unanswered questions, protect the vulnerable, set and maintain boundaries. His perfect world runs on schedule and is free of any disturbances. What the Emperor must be wary of is setting boundaries and rules where none are needed. If he isn’t careful not to over use his powers he may well become a tyrant.


Daily I Ching Hexagram for June 18th is 28: Great Test

Daily I Ching Hexagram

June 18th, 2015


28: Great Test






You may be in a compromised position. Relations and projects may be on the verge of collapsing. It is time to look toward different opportunities.

Line One of Your Hexagram is a 6:
Gain the support and trust of others by demonstrating your good intentions. Humility is your ally.

Line Two of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Be courageous in the face of adversity. You will overcome any obstacles.

Line Three of Your Hexagram is a 9:
The times may be chaotic and dangerous. If so, be careful.

Line Four of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Your problems are not as big as they seem. However, to avoid trouble in the future, handle them carefully.

Line Five of Your Hexagram is a 9:
Taking advantage of the unworthy is not noble.

Line Six of Your Hexagram is a 6:
Rely on your intuition, diligence and courage to help you through difficult times.




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Your Daily Rune for June 18th is Jera

Your Rune for Today


era denotes positive, recurring cycles, fertility and a time to harvest rewards from your hard work.

Additional information about Today’s Rune, Jera


jera : year, harvest


Phonetic equivalent: y (but may be used in place of ‘j’)


DIVINATORY MEANINGS: change, cycle turning, reward, motion, productivity, inevitable development


MAGICAL USES: to bring change; for fertility and growth


ASSOCIATED MYTHS & DEITIES: Sif, Thor, Freyr, Granni


ANALYSIS: In this modern age of central heating and oranges in February, it is difficult to imagine the close ties that people once had with the cycles of the year, particularly in the more Northern climes. The changing seasons affected not only the weather, but also the day to day activities and even the diets of ancient peoples. Constant change was the norm, and the object was to become attuned with those changes, not to fight against them. An ancient farmer (or even some modern ones) wouldn’t need to look at a calendar to tell him when to plant, or read a weather forecast to know when the snows were coming. The changing seasons were a part of his blood and bones, and his very existence depended on adapting to change.
Jera follows isa just as spring follows winter. The frozen stagnancy of ice is broken by the turning of the wheel, and things are once again moving along as they should. In fact, we have now broken out of the entire set ‘negative’ runes with which we began this aett. This has been accomplished not by fighting to escape the ice or railing against the unfairness of fate, but by learning from those experiences and simply waiting for the inevitable thaw. Jera is the communion wine – the product of the joining of opposites bringing life. Storms may come and go, but the sun is always there and life is generally pretty good. Enjoy it while you can.



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Your Daily Tarot Card for June 18th is The Sun

Your Personal Daily Tarot Card

The Sun

Only The World card of the Tarot can match the blessings that come with The Sun. While it certainly doesn’t promise a life’s path without some bumps in the road, The Sun indicates all will be well. The Sun is our Cosmic Nurturer. Life flourishes under its radiant beams. It provides the illumination to find Truths and lights one’s path so they do not get lost. To stand in the rays of The Sun is to shine. To absorb its energy promotes growth, exceptional physical and mental health, and good fortune. The Sun is empowering, elevating and fills those who bask in it with confidence and sense of self-worth.




Bring Lady A Home To Us All!

Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Friday, June 18th





Get A Jump On Tomorrow….

Your Horoscopes for Friday, June 19th




Aries Horoscope

You’re coming out of your protective shell today, dear Aries, after a couple of days in which you were more likely to want to stick with familiar activities. You are more affectionate, willing to take small risks, and communicative. There can be building excitement surrounding recent plans and projects. You could be feeling the weight of financial or career decisions these days, however, and this can be emphasized later today and into tomorrow. Whether or not to make changes or to stick with traditional or familiar patterns can be an issue now. You’ll find a healthy balance, although you may agonize over the details a little before you get there.



With the Moon moving into your family and home sector today, dear Taurus, you’re a little more self-protective and inclined to want to insulate yourself from change, distraction, and demands on you. You are seeking out comfort and security rather than new experiences today. These days, there can be some tension experienced with differing beliefs and opinions, particularly related to a partner, and this may be emphasized later today and into tomorrow. Stubbornness can be a real problem now, even if you know that peace is more easily achieved by letting go of the desire to be right. Problems may run more deeply, and that could be why tensions are mounting.



A busier pace resumes today, dear Gemini, and for the most part, you very much feel that you’re in your element. Getting your message across is easier today, and you may be considered an authority on a matter. In some way, your ideas are wanted. Even so, these days there can be some frustrations with work, routines, or your own habits if you feel that you can’t quite get over a bad habit or can’t seem to move past an old frustration. This can be emphasized tonight and tomorrow morning. You might get over this hump more easily if you take things slowly. Change can be scary, but the alternative is stagnation, so you’re best off looking for a middle ground.



The Moon leaves your sign early today, and you’re coming back down to earth, dear Cancer. You’re feeling quite comfortable being in the relative background now, going about your business. You are far more focused today, finding it rather easy to put your emotions aside in order to focus on practical affairs. Ongoing tensions and frustrations in a partnership or with romance or children can come into the light later today and into tomorrow. Whether to stick with the familiar or to make changes can be the issue now. However, decisions are not easy to come by and you may need to let go of over-thinking things temporarily if thinking becomes negative or otherwise counterproductive.



The Moon moves into your sign very early into the day, Leo, and this brings a stronger need to connect with others, and for your feelings to be acknowledged. There is good energy for back and forths with colleagues and acquaintances. You are able to get your message across. However, frustrations with routines, work, or health matters seem to be ongoing with you from time to time, and decisions can be difficult to come by. Later today and early tomorrow, these issues can come to the foreground. A resolution isn’t likely yet, but you may begin to see ways to make adjustments that will improve the situation.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

The Moon’s move into your sector of endings very early today points to a need to take a pause, at least emotionally, dear Virgo. If you aren’t already naturally drawn towards activities that help replenish, renew, and heal you, try to seek them out, as they’ll do you a world of good now. Tension on romantic or creative levels can be a sporadic but ongoing issue, and it revolves around difficult decisions about making big changes – whether to stick with what you know or move on. As well, you may be finding it difficult to break away from your many obligations in order to enjoy and pursue your creative aspirations, entertainment, and leisure activities. The problem is, more responsibilities seem to be added to your life. While you are unlikely to resolve this problem now, you may get important clues about your next step.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

The Moon’s move out of your performance sector and into your happiness sector very early today can signal a need for a change of atmosphere, dear Libra. You’re likely to seek out accepting, easygoing environments and people now. Difficulties on the home front or with finances can resurface later today. Increasing responsibilities make it difficult to handle current problems, and as a result, you can feel quite stunted in terms of growth and progress. However, fear of change can also be at play. Resolution to these ongoing challenges is unlikely to come right away, but you could get some important clues, so be alert to signals.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

Very early into the day, the Moon moves into your performance and responsibility sector, dear Scorpio, and your need to be productive emerges strongly. Good conversations can be enjoyed that help further your goals. From time to time these days, you can feel rather weighed down by responsibilities and restrictions and might be questioning the amount of time and effort you have been putting into certain projects or towards your goals. You may feel that there has been little in the way of freedom to pursue your more creative interests. Aim to cut out distractions as much as possible. There can be a simultaneous desire to make big changes and improvements and a desire to hold on to things the way they are, and this can leave you sitting on a fence. Look for important signals today that will help guide you towards the right decision, but give the matter time.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

The Moon’s move into your adventure sector early into the day is a comfortable, happy one for you, dear Sagittarius. You more easily find ways to express your feelings or channel your energy into satisfying activities. Sharing your ideas and dreams can give you or a relationship a boost. Later today, you may be reminded of an ongoing dilemma about whether to make big changes in order to grow, or to stick with what you already know, particularly related to financial or security matters. The solution is unlikely to be immediately apparent, but today and tomorrow, you might make some progress with difficult decision making.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

The Moon’s move into your solar eighth house very early today starts a short period of more introspection, dear Capricorn. You’re more interested in the “why” and “how” of situations, people, and your inner workings. You may be a little less patient with frivolous matters or superficialities of interaction. A longer-term aspect involving your ruler, Saturn, comes exact early tomorrow, and you could be feeling it more strongly later today and again tomorrow morning. This can involve the frustrations felt from a sense that changes are being forced upon you, and the desire to keep things as they are/were, particularly related to friendships. Try to avoid cycling, obsessive thinking about those things that you cannot control or change, and instead attempt to focus on possible solutions. Even with these, go gentle on yourself, because decisions are not necessarily easy to come by right now.



With the Moon’s move into your partnership sector today, dear Aquarius, you’re likely to feel far more sociable. You are looking to bring more balance to your life, and fully appreciating the people in your life who are there for you. There can be satisfying conversations about creative or entertainment interests. Later today and into tomorrow, you can be reminded of a long-term matter related to career, performance, and others’ expectations of you. You are aware that you need to make changes, but you could be struggling with a desire to keep things as they are or were. It’s difficult to embrace change when there are unknowns or larger responsibilities involved, but the alternative is stagnation, which simply won’t do.



The Moon moves into your work and health sector very early today, dear Pisces, turning your attention to the important systems and routines that keep your life running smoothly and yourself healthy and balanced. There can be good conversations or ideas about how to make improvements to these things today. Later today and into tomorrow, there may be a reminder of an ongoing problem involving friendships and possibly disagreements about beliefs and opinions. Part of you could be feeling worried that people in your life are changing, and you may be sentimental about keeping things as they were. Problems of this kind are difficult to resolve all in one moment – a process is involved, and it’s about learning to let change happen, even as it involves some unknowns.



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If You Were Born Today, June 18


If You Were Born Today, June 18

You are highly intuitive – an “old soul” who can understand people from all walks of life. Not much can get past you! Your ability to communicate articulately and, at the same time, with great warmth is admirable. You can be inconstant and contradictory at times, due to mood swings and emotional restlessness. You are respected, charming, and very fair with others. Famous people born today: Paul McCartney, Roger Ebert, Isabella Rossellini, Carol Kane.

Cafe Astrology

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Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, June 18th





Your Horoscopes for Thursday, June 18th



Aries Horoscope

This is another good day for feeling a strong sense that you’re moving forward, for enthusiasm, and for energy, Aries. Ideas are easy to come by, and for some of you, a useful connection may be made now that helps you put ideas into action. Even with your mind engaged today, a strong part of you needs to settle in, put your feet up, relax, and enjoy the familiarity of people you love or home surroundings.



This is another day for keeping busy, but not necessarily concentrating, dear Taurus. This morning, try not to take on too much or speak too soon, as your nerves could be a touch frazzled now and this compromises judgment. After this, you remain energetic, but it’s not nervous energy. Today is strong for making financial connections, finding good advice, and emotional support from a partner or friend.



You have a strong sense that you need to take care of details and do preparation work today, dear Gemini, and this can be quite satisfying at the end of the day, as you’re emotionally geared towards feeling more secure in the practical world just for now. Even so, the day holds much promise when it comes to making connections with others, particularly creative ones. For some, there can be inspiration from a romantic interest. You are communicating in a far more positive, certain manner, and others are taking note of what you say.



You can be especially sensitive to what you believe others are thinking about you this morning, dear Cancer, after which you tend to come into your own. You could be feeling inspired and encouraged by your own thoughts of future plans related to travel, educational, or spiritual affairs. These things soothe and center you, and you’re able to tune out the negative distractions. You can have wonderful ideas about how to make your living conditions or relationships with family more enjoyable and supportive.



You may be a little more sensitive to the demands of life today, dear Leo, with the Moon in a part of your solar chart that encourages some level of solitude that allows for emotional renewal and healing. This is a time for taking a timeout of sorts in order to pull yourself together so that when you do emerge, you’re in a state of better understanding of your needs. You’ve been giving a lot of yourself to others these days, and it’s important now to reclaim your emotional center. Even so, today holds promise of potentially very useful information through friends, so keep yourself connected, but on your own terms.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

You may be taking in a lot of diverse information today, dear Virgo, and the pace can be a little hectic as a result. However, as the day progresses, things seem to be falling into place, and in fact, you can come to some important conclusions and possibly make helpful connections along the way. You’re able to sort through what ideas or projects are worth your time and energy, and which of them may need to wait or fall behind. Today, you have a greater need to feel that your future is relatively secure, and that what you’re working towards will make you happy in the long run.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

Your heart is in your work, responsibilities, and performance again today, dear Libra, and if you’re feeling on top of these things, there is likely to be a nice feeling of satisfaction now. If not, then go out of your way to be productive, but avoid setting expectations of yourself too high. Chances are, you’re doing a lot more than you recognize. You’re more inclined to look for appreciation for what you do, so it makes sense to be creative or mix things up a little in order to earn some positive feedback. Today is strong for communicating in warm, positive ways. Show off your ability to take charge and handle things maturely.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

You are in need of some level of escape from the ordinary, the routine, and the mundane today, dear Scorpio, as these things could make you feel a little claustrophobic or limited. While there is some tendency to speak a little too soon or too frankly this morning, the day progresses in such a way that things naturally smooth over. There is a need to reach, stretch, and go beyond the usual today, as your tastes for experiences, people, and things runs somewhat towards the exotic now. While your disposition is rather outgoing today, you’re nevertheless especially observant, and can make a nice connection with someone through your understanding manner.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

While this is a generally sociable period in your life, dear Sagittarius, today you’re a little more introspective, and likely especially interested in getting to a place of better understanding, about yourself, close relationships, and your current path. It’s a good day for doing so, particularly as this understanding relates to your past. There is a little more patience at your disposal today, after the rebelliousness or mental tension of the early morning has passed, as you have a sense that you’ll get your turn soon. While you’re inclined to live inside yourself today, you’re nevertheless quite capable of being around others, and learning something important by observation.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

With the Moon in your opposite sign all day, dear Capricorn, you’re inclined to seek out balance in your life. This likely involves giving special attention the needs or agendas of important people in your life. While your charm is definitely a big asset today, it’s important to not go overboard with pleasing others, even if you are in greater need of peace and harmony now. It might “work” in the moment, but could lead to resentment later on. Today can bring you the right information at the right time, particularly related to work or health matters.



You may be a little detached emotionally today, dear Aquarius, not necessarily because you aren’t feeling attached, but more because you are keeping your emotional distance because you are driven to take care of business. Perhaps as well you are more inclined to analyze your feelings than just let go and feel them. Even so, prioritizing practical matters is a rather useful thing from time to time, and it may very well be that you need to handle important details in order to feel that you’re making progress. Today does stimulate good, creative ideas, so take note of some of the information coming your way.



Today is likely to feel steadier than it has been, dear Pisces. There is a good sense that you’re making progress. This week is good for getting new plans related to home and family into motion. Aim to keep your focus as you go forward, considering ways to improve your feeling of security and emotional comfort. Connections (or improved connections) to people who are reassuring and who make you feel comfortable may be made now.




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The Balance of the Signs & the Elements for Thursday, June 18th





The Balance of the Signs & the Elements for Thursday, June 18th


Agile, versatile, inquisitive, flowing, conversational, airy, many ideas. Can be volatile, superficial, changeable, restless and inconsistent.
Nurturing, protective, tenacious, emotional sensitive, watery, strong roots. Can be overly protective, unwilling to let go, timid, reclusive.
Self-confident, generous, warm-hearted, powerful leader, dramatic. Can be overly proud, vain, extravagant, arrogant.
There can be a lack of desire, interest, or skills regarding practical affairs. We may not be very much in touch with reality. Difficulties concentrating, grounding ourselves.
We tend to favor rational, objective thought over emotions, impulses, and feelings at this time. We are more intellectual, fair-minded, and logical in our approach, Ideas flow easily and quickly, we are more communicative and guided by principles, and also somewhat dispassionate or impersonal.




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Predicting Love, Learn how to predict when you’ll fall in love using Astrology!



Predicting Love

Learn how to predict when you’ll fall in love using Astrology!

Falling in love with someone doesn’t happen every day. And marriage? That’s an even rarer occurrence. But BOTH of these life changing events can be predicted in the birth chart! Of course, it’s up to you and your free will whether or not you’ll actually open your heart or walk down the aisle, but astrologically speaking, an astrologer can smell these cycles from a mile away.

I’ll try my best to put this in terms that a beginning Astrology student can understand. Every single arena of life has a place in the birth chart. Falling in love is the domain of the 5th house in your birth chart. There may or may not be planets in the 5th house but that doesn’t matter – when your 5th house or its ruling planet is triggered in a positive way by planets in the current sky, then love is most certainly in the air.
Getting started

Now, look to the sign that is on the cusp (or beginning) of your 5th house and find out what planet rules that sign (see the chart below).

Once you know which planet rules the sign of your 5th house, find where that planet is in your particular birth chart. This planet, when triggered in a positive aspect in the current skies (a conjunction, sextile or trine) will put you in a cycle of love.

Using my chart as an example, I have the sign Leo on the 5th house cusp. That means my 5th house is ruled by the Sun. My Sun is placed in Taurus in the 1st house of my chart. So I know that whenever the Sun in Taurus is receiving positive aspects from any outer planet in the sky (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) that I am in a positive love cycle. Why only consider the outer planets? Because the inner or personal planets move too quickly to matter much when you are making a major life prediction. For the major events of your life to occur, the outer planets must be transiting one of your ruling planets, personal planets, or an angle in your birth chart.

So how can I use this example to illustrate falling in love? In Astrology, the best way to predict the future is to look at your past.
How it happened…

The Astrology connected to my 5th house and the ruler of my 5th house is uncanny! In September 1991 I met the man I would marry, but initially, I didn’t even like him. It took a couple of months to fall in love, and the Astrology corroborates why. When we met, transiting Jupiter and Venus were both in my 5th House of True Love, but Venus was in a retrograde cycle. Venus stationed direct two days after we met and this is probably the reason why I decided to give things a second chance. Sure enough, we started to date and within a few short months I realized at 17 years old that I had fallen in love with a soul mate. It hit me suddenly. I went from not liking this man at all to gradually getting to know him and starting to really like him to then, all of a sudden, realizing I was completely in love.

So what do you think was going on with my Sun, the ruler of my 5th house? At that time Neptune, the planet of dreams, and Uranus, the planet of sudden surprises, were trine my Sun! And Jupiter was moving through my 5th house when we met, then went back into my 5th house when I realized I had fallen in love…
Jupiter opens your heart

In fact Jupiter, the planet of expansion and blessings, was involved in a positive way to either my 5th house or its ruler BOTH times I’ve fallen in love. You will find in your own chart the same is true for when you fall in love, because the job of Jupiter is to open your heart. Yes, underline this sentence. Say it out loud: A significant love opportunity cycle can be predicted by a happy Jupiter transit to your 5th house or its ruling planet! So pay attention to when Jupiter is making its once-every-12-year visit through your 5th House of True Love or is making a conjunction, sextile or trine to your 5th house ruling planet.

Using this method I can predict when I might fall in love again. In November 2015, Jupiter will make a trine to my Sun, ruler of my 5th house. Then in March 2016, there will be a second hit of Jupiter trine my Sun, while Pluto will also trine my Sun! If I meet someone special during these cycles I will certainly tell you about it!


@Tarot.com is a Daily Insight Group Site




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The Solstice: Celebrate the Return to Love

The Solstice: Celebrate the Return to Love

Greetings Beloved Souls,

I am Sanat Kumara and I am here with you in this communication, to share with you about this time in your world. About the upcoming Solstice alignment. About your lives – what is emerging, what is possible, what is important and what might be the most significant aspect available to you, in your experience now. The experience of the return of love.

Love is returning to Earth in wave upon wave of higher frequencies energies being grounded here. Of course all things are made of divine light energy which is love, but the higher frequencies of love the quality of love that you experience as the emotional experience of love, that is what we speak of when we say, love is returning. Love is returning to Earth as you increasingly are embodying the higher frequency aspects of your being.

This is no small thing. It is making life very sweet that all this is happening.

You are living in an amazing configuration. A sphere of experience in which the arrangements are changing. The correspondence is changing. The ways of translating vibration are changing. The relationship to consciousness is changing. All of this is changing in your experience, in this way, and as it does, love is becoming more available to you and in this experience of knowing more love, you are feeling more alive. More hope is available on the Earth, for the sense of potential within human life is opening up.

This is an extension, a mirroring of the way in which the energetic field of the planet Earth has also opened up. The whole way in which Earth is present in the galaxy energetically, has been transformed and is continuing to change. It is becoming a more uplifted sphere of experience.

Why is this?

For one thing, for some time now there has been a momentum in your world about positive thought. About the value and benefit of positive thinking. This idea, although it has it’s flaws, is fundamentally positive! It is fundamentally beneficial to think positively about life and because you are learning this as a species, you are more aware of the tone of your thoughts. The mood you are in and the way your thoughts might relate to this and how all of this is also affecting your body. The mind-body connection is clearly recognized. This is transforming what it means to be human and what is possible for humanity.

It is important for you to realize that you are living in a time of great change and that your very life is the fulcrum — the pivot point on which this change is being created and experienced. You are the humans with links to the past building bridges into the future. You are setting forth new examples of what it means to be human. There are still on your Earth those who think money and material things are at odds with the spiritual life. There are still those on your Earth who have not awoken to their inner connection and are completely captivated by the sensory experiences. Then there are those of you who are blending and bridging into something very new and expanded. Those of you who are working more unconditionally with the qualities of experience here and letting yourself learn how to be more free.

You are revising your family history, your genetic and soul family lineage as you in embodied form become more free. We have said many of this things to you before and you may be familiar with all of them and yet because you are living in a time of immense transformation and transition, we continue to remind you of these amazing changes you are creating and the context of your experience so as to help you stay focused on the clarity of the experience. We want you to see clearly how much you are revising and how much you are changing. We want you to claim this and to use it to become even more loving and unconditional in relating to yourselves, which you know is such a huge key to the empowerment you are opening up. Self-love is making it all possible.

We greet you too, today, knowing the energies on your planet have been very high pitched lately and the Solstice is this week. It is a time of wonderful possibilities and for you, to use these energies by coming together to feel your connection with the land, with the sky, with the sun, with one another and with all that you are. To live out your blendedness with one another. To open up to the magical experience of conscious multidimensionality, together and to celebrate the shifts and turns of your lives. The Solstice might symbolize for you too, how much light you are letting in. How sometimes it truly ebbs away and other times it’s at such a pitch you cannot imagine holding any more energy. Yet all of it is part of your movement through space. A movement which you are using quite intentionally to temper your energetic capacity and grow your embodiment.

It is amazing and inspiring to behold and we relish each opportunity we have to share with you and celebrate your success.

As we come into this communication, we have one further thing we wish to share at this time and this is perhaps the most important gift we could give you: dear ones, have fun. Let yourselves have fun. Play more. Do what you want, more often. Let yourselves be free. Let yourselves choose to be free and see how it changes your life. See how much more is possible then you grew up believing. Let yourselves make the choices you want whenever you feel ready. Do not consider yourself late to the game, for it is that kind of game you’re in — one which is ripening and changing and you meant for it to be so. That you would continually open up new ways of being and some of that will be reclaiming things you put down long ago, for now you are more whole and can take them up again, with innocence and freshness and without any concerns about anything you might have called aging, or older-ness or whatever.

The ideas that there is a time for things is true and then again, it’s not true at all. It’s poetic to say, “it’s the perfect time.” It’s a wonderful way of being in accord with life. Of being fully present. It is also wonderful to be surprised by the timing of things. To have things return that you thought were gone. To like something you thought you hated. To feel open to something you thought was over. To notice you’re interested in something you never thought “at your age” you would consider. All of this is fresh and alive and for those reasons alone, worth celebrating and enjoying.

Let yourselves have more fun. And all that might mean to you. Fun is important and it is more of a key to living fully than you typically acknowledge and operate from. So why not do that at this Solstice? Declare your intention to be more sunny. More happy. More whole and to get there by having more fun. It’s a valid pathway you know? To all that you are and to all that is. Fun. The effortless way of connection. How is that for an idea?

We love you very much and we celebrate with you, your ongoing return to the fullness of your being, while here — in this most beautiful and abundant world, of so much beauty and such great and continually expanding potential.

I am Sanat Kumara





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Your Weekly LightBlast: Forging or Forcing

Weekly LightBlast: Forging or Forcing

You have reached a culmination point, a midpoint. The two seem so opposite, and yet they are similar. A cycle within a cycle. Here you teeter on the point, a moment of rest as equilibrium is reached. How high have you traveled? What do you see from your broad vista? Take a moment and observe, for in this moment of balance, your stillness speaks volumes to you of your energy, your resonance, your vibrational foundation.

You are in a time of much movement, and yet you are building a new way of moving. Are you Forging a path, or Forcing a path? This question you can only truly answer in a balanced moment of stillness. As you observe the vista before you, you assess your energy, your resonance, your vibrational foundation. You ask the self, “Have I reached this point through Forging or Forcing?” You need a balanced moment of stillness to find the subtle truth.

To Forge a path, to create in your world, requires a directing of your energy, a transmutation of the elements around you; the audacity to own your world. Who are you to have the audacity to burn (Forge) a metal into new form? You, blessed being, are the vehi8cle [sic] of movement that the metal has been waiting for. It is through you that the metal transforms. It would give its life to you to experience new life, whether in sword or art. All potentials are available at the point you have reached. Do you have the audacity to own your world? Are you Forging a path of Love in your world?

The subtle difference in Force is available in a balanced moment of stillness. As you observe the Forging of the metal, it appears as if it has been Forced into new form. Indeed, if you look only with the eyes, you are correct. Yet in a balanced moment of stillness, as you observe creation, you see the metal has transformed. It is an obvious one, for you still see metal in a new shape. What transformation do you see around you that may not be as obvious? Do you see a person renewed by a loving glance? Do you see another finding new solution because of a ‘no’ they received? Do you see challenge and triumph alike as Forging a new creation? Force stops. Where do you feel Forced in Life? What new Self are you Forging?

Life wants you to have the audacity to ‘own’ your world. Indeed, it is your Love that transforms Life. Do you have the metal (mettle) for this, Lightworker? At this beautiful point you have reached, Life is showing you ‘it’s all downhill from here, the expanse is yours.’ Forge ahead.

As we sit to Blast Forging or Forcing, we are nurturing our inner courage to Love Life into new creation. We are boldly taking the reins and leading our lives to our freedom of Love. We are releasing the need to stop the flow of a government, an institution or the choice of another and allowing our own flow to find the path of least resistance toward creation. We are the water, gently eroding the rocks and shaping a new world. Not by force, but by the flow of our Love being so strong that it softens the rocks into new form. Some will even roll with us. Blast on!


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Current Moon Phase for June 18th is Waxing Crescent

June 18
Waxing Crescent
Illumination: 4%

The Moon today is in a Waxing Crescent Phase. A Waxing Crescent is the first Phase after the New Moon and is a great time to see the features of the moon’s surface. During this phase the Moon can be seen in the wester sky after the sun dips below the horizon at sunset. The moon is close to the sun in the sky and mostly dark except for the right edge of the moon which becomes brighter as the days get closer to the next phase which is a First Quarter with a 50% illumination.

Phase Details for – Thursday, June 18, 2015

Phase: Waxing Crescent
Illumination: 4%
Moon Age: 1.92 days
Moon Angle: 0.51
Moon Distance: 393,186.14 km
Sun Angle: 0.52
Sun Distance: 152,003,594.44 km

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