The Witches Magick for the 18th Day of the Dyad Moon – LAPIS BLUE DREAM


Use this charm to make your deepest wish come true.

Lapis lazuli means stone (Lapis) and blue (azul). The master painters of yesteryear used pulverized lapis lazuli to create a rich ultramarine blue paint. Many of the early paintings of the Mother Mary were done using this vibrant blue paint.

For this charm, you will need a piece of lapis lazuli, a clean sheet of paper, bright blue paint, and a paint brush.

After dark, hold the piece of lapis lazuli in your power hand. Merge with the divine, and say:

Lapis blue, may my deepest wish come true!

State your deepest wish. Put the sheet of paper on your altar, and paint your dearest wish with the paint and paintbrush on the paper. Keep it simple. Fold the paper in half, and in half once more. Put the folded paper on the altar, with the lapis lazuli stone on top of the paper. Keep it there until your wish comes true. Every now and again, hold the lapis and the folded paper in your power hand, and repeat:

Lapis blue, my deepest wish is coming true!

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