A Very Good Thursday Morning To All Our Brothers & Sisters Of The WOTC!

Good morning brothers & sisters of The Craft. I know you are not use to hearing from me but today is not a good day for me or anyone else here. We received a phone call from down in Tennessee yesterday. It was in regards to a cougar that was going to be killed unless it could be relocated. As you know, Lady Abyss is an enchantress and does this work all the time. She immediately got into the truck we use for such captures and relocations. Lady A and two others went to retrieve the cougar  and relocate. She managed to calm the cougar and entice it into the container. All seem to be fine.

On the way back to Kentucky is when the disaster struck. The driver of the truck lost control of it and ran off the road. Thank goodness, they were traveling on an interstate and ran off the side into the grass, not all the way down the embankment. The truck had to be towed to a small town in Tennessee (Troy if you know where that is at). The cougar was taken to a motel believe it or not. Lady A had to guarantee the animal was secure and could not make an escape. Right now, all three of our people are stuck in Troy along with the cougar. The damage done to the truck is going to cost about a $1000 to fix. We have collected all the money we can and so has Lady A and the two with her. The garage wanted half up front to start and the rest when they finish. They got the half up front. Now we are short several dollars on getting the money when the job is through.


I would not ask you unless this is an absolute emergency. But we have to get Lady A, her companions and the cougar home to us. I am asking from the bottom of my heart and for my love for Lady A, please help us get her home to us, please. I have never begged but I am now. We are nothing without her, you know this as well as I do. Please, no matter what you can donate, please do so. We need her home desperately. She is our driving force without her we are lost. Please, help us.


We love Lady A and we want her home, please help us get her home, please.

At the bottom of every post today will be a donate button to get Lady A back home, please give what you can. Thank you.

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    If it wasn’t for Lady of the Abyss and our sponsor site Witches of The Craft, the Coven Life site would not exist. Even if you can only donate a dollar or two to help get Lady A and her traveling companions home it will help. Please keep Lady A and her traveling companions in your prayers that their stay in Tennesse is safe and they can get home quickly. For tight now the Witches of The Craft site will not be adding anything as it has been closed. Any questions about this post should be sent through the WOITC email address not to me, please. Thank you for helping out everyone.


  2. I can’t believe this!!!! Lady Belatane, where do I go from here then? Where are you going that I could follow? I know that most months I can”t afford to pay even $5, but to lose what I love, I will try and do my best!


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