Your Erotic Tarot Card for October 17th is Death











The Death card is most associated with one main word: transformation! There is inevitably an ending involved here, but because of it a new level of awareness can emerge. Examples include a breakup leading to freedom to pursue new sexual partners, or the end of negative thinking putting you on the path to sexual freedom while previous inhibitions fly out the window. The possibilities are endless, so take advantage of the new sexual energy that’s being created today and apply it to your own love life.


Your Daily Love Tarot Card for October 18th is Justice











Justice is a love card. Justice selected you today because you need to know that you can advance dreams when you balance your needs with another’s. Both people need to feel loved, because feeling loved is what it is all about. Today, promise to be there for each other and deliver on that promise. If single, do you need to return a favor with a favor? Does someone owe you an apology, or you owe one?

Your Daily Tarot Card for Wednesday, Oct. 17th is The Chariot

The Chariot










Keywords: victory, (material) success, mastery, graduation, completion!

Astrological Correspondence: Cancer

The Chariot symbolizes enthusiasm, competitiveness, and triumph. Success and victory are achieved by employing all powers at one’s disposal – physical, spiritual, and intellectual. The Chariot symbolizes the positive side of the self, being strong and self-controlled, balancing conflicting emotions, triumphing over obstacles, sustaining an effort, and support attaining goals, thereby leading the way to transformation and self-knowledge. A dictatorial approach, recklessness, and extreme ambition can be on the other, negative side of the equation.

Your Influences for the Weekend of October 12th

Your Weekend Influences


Tarot Influence

King of Swords Reversed

Distrustful and paranoid. Capable of malice. Power abused.











Astrological Influence

Taurus Reversed

Taurus reversed represents unwarranted stubbornness and impulsiveness.











Element Influence


Earth is the card of everyday life. Earth makes riches of all kinds available to those who are in tune with her.


Your Egyptian Love Tarot Card for October 12 is The Devil

The Devil










The Devil card is a sign that you are letting false ideas of love and relationship affect your current reality. There may be more to your current situation than meets the eye, but you will only be able to see this truth when you can alter your perspective. As you let go of your feelings of being helpless or caught in someone else’s game, you will gain greater understanding.

Your Egyptian Tarot Card for October 12th is The Tower

The Tower










The Tower card is illustrated with the Tower of Babel, a tower filled with chaos and corruption where no one understood each other. The lightening is an act of god blowing the material importance of the tower’s roof, a crown of gold off the top as the tower explodes. Those who survive have not only learned the lesson of the Tower, they are freed from its repression. Today, you must overcome chaos with calm.

Your Erotic Tarot Card for October 12 is The Moon

The Moon










You’ve had sexual fears in the past, but you’ve done a great job getting over them. The Moon card shows that something was hidden, but now that you’ve brought it out into the light you’re ready to obtain a true form of sexual bliss. You’re no longer lacking the courage to make the first move, freeing you to seduce the object of your desire, which will relieve the pressure somewhat. Be receptive. Do away with illusion. Being able to see that you deserve fulfillment is the first step to finding it.

Your Daily Tarot Card for Oct. 12th is The Lovers

The Lovers










Keywords: choice, decision, love, communication, inspiration (ideas from above)!

Astrological Correspondence: Gemini

The Lovers card is representative not only of crucial life choices, but also of lovers, couples, and other partnerships, like business partners, siblings, and friends. The angel between a woman and a man, depicted on this card, symbolizes the struggle of deciding to follow one’s heart versus one’s temptation or obligation. The Lovers card symbolizes the choices that must be made to progress toward higher self-awareness; choices also reflect emotional values, indecisiveness, hesitation, and our fears about making wrong choices. This applies not only to love relationships – it is applicable to any relationship in which people are drawn together, even a casual one. It’s the card of uncertainty!

Your Power Tarot Card for October 10th is The Hermit

by Eleanor

The Hermit










Communications are going to be tricky for a while any way you look at it. You may find yourself unable to show people your true value, or even getting cranky with people you usually have endless patience with. It is time to think outside the box. Use some creative outlets for your frustration and for those feelings that you just can’t put into words. Working with music or writing can feed your soul during this time.

Your Daily Angel Tarot Card for October 10 is The Fool

By Eleanor

The Fool










You need to expand your horizons, and Adnachiel is here to help. You are stuck in some situation that seems to suit you but ultimately you do not like it. Exit this thing that locks you down. Adnachiel helps you find out what you really want to do. It is time to listen to your heart. Your current inactivity pushes you to adopt an aggressive and sharp mentality. Be aware of the importance of tact, and do not be too obstinate – it adds nothing constructive! Trust yourself, and your angel is here to guide you.