Wolf Moon Tarot Spread

Call on the spirit of the wolf with this tarot spread to find your packThis could mean new friends, good coworkers, a soulmate, your found family or more!
Wolf Moon January Tarot Spread Find Pack
Finding Your Pack – Tarot for the Wolf Moon


Begin by placing a small token in the middle of where you will lay your cards (marked by the pawprint 🐾 on the picture of the tarot spread above).

This token will serve as a taglock to you– it could be a piece of jewelry you wear, a lock of your hair, a picture of yourself, etc. Choose something that you feel represents yourself!

When you are ready, shuffle and draw your tarot cards. Lay the cards in the order depicted in the tarot spread picture above.


1. 🌕The moon rises who am I looking for?

The card you draw in this spot is symbolic of who you are seeking. The card may reveal a trait or characteristic of the person or group or are looking for.

2. 🐺The hunt begins– how can I find them?

This card will advise you on what you need to do in order to locate what you are seeking. Keep an open mind here– the card may suggest something you have not thought of before.

3. 🐇 Catching your prey– how will I know it’s right?

This card will reveal a sign or symbol to look for to know that you’re on the right trail. It may represent something tangible or it could hint at an emotion you’ll feel when you’re with the right group or person.

4. 🎉Victory howl– when will I meet my pack?

This card points to when you can expect to meet your pack, should the current path you are on play out as expected. Time and dates can be tricky to read in tarot, so look for seasonal symbols or numbers and rely on your intuition to help you interpret.

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