An Oil for Love


An Oil for Love


You’ll want this oil for its aromatherapy, as well as the magical properties of the herbs used themselves. All herbs that are listed in oil are associated with love. You’ll still need a carrier oil to use this oil blend, but you’ll want to wear this oil directly. If you are not satisfied with the scent of this oil, add more rose essential oil before placing it in a cool, dark place. The scent is important to the magical properties of this blended oil.


1. 15-20 Drops Rose Essential Oil

2. 1 Tablespoon Chamomile Flowers, dried

3. 2 Teaspoons Cinnamon, Ground

4. 1 Tablespoon Lavender, Dried

5. ½ Cup Almond Oil


1. You’ll want to mix all of these herbs together in a bowl before placing them in a jar.

2. Pour the almond oil over them, and then add your essential oil.

3. Take the jar in your hands and think about attracting love. Think about the type of person you want to attract to you, and shake the jar gently until everything is distributed evenly throughout.

4. Place in a cool, dark place and wait five to six days before straining. Each day you’ll want to shake the jar and visualize.



Wicca Herbal Magic: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Wiccan Herbal Magic
(with Magical Oils, Baths, Teas and Spells)
Sophia Silvervine

Banishing oil

Dedicated to raysmith42..Banishing oil

1/2 oz olive oil
15 drops pine oil
12 drops rue oil
7 drops pepper oil
10 drops peppermint oil
crushed black peppercorns
obsidian or black onyx

Some of these oils are volatile. Do not anoint yourself with Banishing oil. You could burn yourself. Wash your hands after using.


Protection Oil #2



Protection Oils are used to anoint any manner of objects in order to enhance the purity of spiritual vibrations. This 1 is best made on The Dark of the Moon.

You will need:

• 1 dram-sized bottle

• 1/2 dram Sweet Almond Oil

• 3 drops Amber Oil

• 1 drop Jasmine Oil

• 7 drops Dark Musk Oil (Plain Musk may be substituted)

• 5 drops Rue Oil

• 3 small pieces Dragon’s Blood Resin

• 1 pinch coarse Sea Salt

Add the ingredients and shake, to mix well, after each addition.

Protection Oil #1



Use a base oil like sweet almond oil, jojoba, sesame, etc.

To the oil add any three of the following:
• Rue

• Rosemary

• Angelica

• Bay

• Basil

• Fennel

• Sage

• Mugwort

• Vervain
Use either the whole herb or a pure essential oil. Allow the herbs to mix and steep in the oil for 1 week. Handle the bottle frequently, projecting protective energy into the mixture. Recommend you make this oil during a waning moon but you can also make your own timing judgment.

One of the More Popular Powders Found in Voodoo/Hoodoo

Dragons Keep

One of the More Popular Powders Found in Voodoo/Hoodoo

Hot Foot Power

There are times in our lives when we just have to rid ourselves of a person, the reasons vary from person to person. Hotfoot work is very powerful and serious work.

This is not the type of work you do because someone made you mad. Hotfoot if made right will make the target wonder, their spirit will never be able to find peace. This should always be a last resort. Am I saying it shouldn’t be used? No I’m not. If someone has pushed me so far until I decide to hot foot him or her then I don’t really care what effect it has on him or her. I want them out of my life. As I’ve said before we are each responsible for our actions. I don’t just hot foot someone who has made me mad or gotten on my nerves; this has always been a last resort for me. But if the need arises, I will use it in a heartbeat. The safest way to work with hot foot is either in a medicine bottle or a jar; this way it only affects the target and not everyone who gets in it.

This is my own personal hot foot powder. To make the powder you will need a large airtight jar. Then you need to find a fire ant bed. You have to be careful when collecting these ants. If they bite you it can make your run fever. The bites burn like fire and they get very hot. Once you get the ants in the jar they will run around and try to get out. When they settle down I shake the jar to make them start moving again. I will do this four or five times before I leave them alone. They are one of the key ingredients in the hot foot powder; and just like they want to get out of the jar so will the target want to get away. I usually collect the ants when the sun is going down; this is just my preference. I have collected them when I need to make the powder for a quick job, no matter what time of day it was.

When the ants stop trying to get out of the jar; I will add all the other ingredients to the jar. I don’t measure the ingredients; I have made this powder enough to know what it should look like when I’ve added enough of each ingredient. I probably add:

1. About two tablespoons of Sulfur to the jar
2. About a tablespoon of graveyard dirt
3. Dirt Daubers Nest (a little of this goes a long way)
4. I add enough Red Pepper to the dirt so you can see the Pepper in the dirt
5. Once this is done I shake the jar well
6. Last I add the Cornstarch
7. Shake the jar well

Now you should have a nice pink powder. Keep the lid on the jar tight to keep the dampness out. I keep the jar put up until I need to use the powder, then I only take out what I need.



The Conjure Workbook Volume 1: Working the Root
Starr Casas


Voodoo Powder Recipes

dragons:my red angel

Voodoo Powder Recipes


Road Opening Powder
Dirt from the four corners of a crossroads
Five Finger Grass
Master of the Woods
Pinch of Gunpowder


Attraction Powder
Lodestone Grit
Orange Peel
File Gumbo

Money Drawing Powder
Money burnt to ash
Dirt from a bank
Lodestone grit
Cinnamon Powder

Love Drawing Powder
Lodestone Grit
Queen Elizabeth
Master of the Woods


Ancestor Powder
Photo of Ancestor burnt to ash
A pinch of Graveyard dirt
Angelica Root


The Conjure Workbook Volume 1: Working the Root
Starr Casas


Powders and Potions good for your diet

In our busy lives, it can be at times too much to think about and figure out what we can grab as a quick “to-go” snacks/drinks/something to fidget with.  To help with this, here is a list of 6 powders and potions (drink mixtures) that can be added to your diet real quick and cheap that will seriously benefit your health: diet, allergies, energy-levels, immune system, and many other things.

For the original article, visit Eupterra Foundation’s herbal section!

6 Simple (but Powerful) Potions and Powders You Need to Add to your diet NOW

Let us not converge under false pretenses here: There are more powerful powders and potions on the market than anyone can keep up with. In one way, this is great: there are quick, chockablock sources of all the targeted vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and so on we are all after.

However, it can be a bit overwhelming, too. Do we actually need all these powders and potions? Are they natural? Overly processed? Is one enough? Should it be a concentrated source of one superfood or a milled mixture? It seems one’s entire life could become consumed with which health craze to consume.

In order to narrow this discussion though, let’s assume we aren’t using these to replace meals or a healthy, plant-based, whole food diet. Let’s say we are simply after natural, nonchalant boosts to incorporate into our good habits, and let’s consider simple foods rather than complicated products.

These powerful powders and potions are perfect for sliding into our daily routines and providing something a bit beyond what a balanced diet does.



Apple Cider Vinegar is old school, like back to Hippocrates, and has been used to promote good health for millennia. The important thing to remember is that its raw, organic ACV that gets the job done best, stuff with debris floating around in it rather than the more processed clear versions. It cleans up and balances your systems inside and out. Use it everyday on beans, salads, sandwiches and sauces, or you can make a tonic by mixing it with water.

Kombucha, also used for thousands of years, is a fermented tea, which can be a bit of an acquired taste but equally a very beneficial drink to sip with lunch. Again, we are after kombucha that is raw, not pasteurized, as the process nullifies all the benefits it can provide. It provides important probiotics, helping with detoxification, digestion and other bodily functions. It’s as easy as a glass a day.

You can buy a SCOBY, the mother bacteria, for next to nothing and start making your own.



Green Tea is nothing new either and has been used for thousands of years as a medicine. Here we should look for organic, fair trade varieties to keep things clean and ethical. The boost provided from a three times a day habit means a healthier heart, a stronger brain and less disease. And, green tea can be counted towards your daily dosage of water.

To boost the magic of green tea, be sure to squeeze a bit of citrus into it as the vitamin C gives the antioxidants staying power.



Turmeric has been used — you guessed it — for centuries upon centuries as a powerful dietary addition, especially in Ayurvedic practices. It turns out science has found curcumin, a compound in turmeric, has major anti-inflammatory and antioxidant attributes. It protects the brain, shields the heart, prevents cancer and helps the body do all the things a healthy body needs to do. Put it on fatty foods and combine it with black pepper.

Ideally, you can find fresh turmeric to make your own powder, but there is quality organic turmeric powder available.


Cacao has been used since for many years throughout history as an important health-promoting powder, even to the point of being given divine powers.It’s healthiest at its organic and raw state, remember. So raw cacao powder (versus heated cocoa) provides possibly the highest amount of antioxidants (and magnesium) of any food, in addition to a rich combination of nutrients.

Another great thing about cacao powder is that it makes for fantastic raw desserts with loads of other great nutrients.

Moringa is the last of our proven potions and powder and has also been cultivated as a medicinal, highly nutritious food for ages. Moringa is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, minerals and vitamins, so much so that it’s currently being revitalized as a crop to battle malnutrition.  What’s more is that most of the benefits are multiplied in its powdered form.

Moringa is widely available as a powder, but it’s an easy growing tree that can be harvested from year-round.

This, by no means, is a comprehensive list. After all, food is medicine, and as is evident by these short profiles, this has been the case for thousands and thousands of years all over the world. So, by all means, feel free to comment below with your favorites.