Since Today Is Friday, I Decided to Give You A Little Taste of My Path

black rose witch
Since it is Friday and the Ruler of Friday is Venus, the Goddess of Love. You could say Friday is the Day of Love, well that’s the way I look at it anyway. I wanted to leave you with a prayer to one of my Divine Beings. It comes from the Hoodoo Tradition but if you are seeking love, it is very effect. Use with caution:


Nina Roja, my sexy and seductive Queen,
Mistress of passion and knower of all pleasures.
Nina Roja, please come forth from the underworld
Bringing with you the fires that consume the heart
With lust and love and desire.
Holy Death, I ask for your aid and protection
Acquiring the love of (your intended’s name goes here)
Make them rise with my name upon their lips
And sleep with my image behind their eyes.
Make my absences cause a fever in them
That only my return will remedy.
Nina Roja, within you is the power to
Attract and draw (name of intended) to me
And give to them a thirst that only I can quench
Please aid me and protect me now,
So Mote it Be.