Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, April 24th

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Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, April 24th



There is a desire to go with the flow and accept things as they are today, Aries, and this comes as a nice break from much of the pressure to get things going that you’ve had lately. Do something creative, physical, or otherwise tension-relieving. Give out the kind of approval and affection you’d like to receive, and it will more likely be returned. If you’ve had difficulty with, or have been holding grudges against, someone in your life recently, good energy is with you today for letting go and moving on. Don’t allow others to rent space in your mind if it’s unhealthy for you. Promoting peace and harmony is important now, and is mutually beneficial. This might also be a strong day for intuiting new ideas about how to handle your finances, although it’s also a time when you are especially attracted to beautiful and/or expensive objects.


The Moon in your sign all day brings some pleasing liveliness to your world, Taurus, and it helps that the Moon is making mostly easy aspects today. As well, Venus is your ruler and currently in your sign, which on its own boosts your personal appeal and ability to attract what you want, and it also moving towards a nice aspect with gentle, dreamy Neptune. This serves to pull out your natural healing, gentle nature for all to see and enjoy. If you choose today to work through a problem with someone, it’s quite likely to be successful. Complicated emotional, social, and possibly even financial situations may reach a level of resolve, or improve in some way.



You could find it quite easy and natural to smooth over tensions today, Gemini. This is a good day for compassionate understanding of matters that have previously frustrated you, as it’s time to let go of anger so that you can move forward and live with yourself more happily. Career matters can be serendipitous, and drawing on past ideas can be successful if you decide to now put them into motion. Love’s complications may be of the pleasant variety right now. This may be a nice day for creativity, but perhaps more so for envisioning something than producing in physical form. The Moon’s position today brings a need for some down time.



Today, you’re more likely to feel more content and emotionally grounded, Cancer. Forgiveness and grace are reigning over insecurities. Very good energy is with you today for social situations, understanding, and increased faith in your life, as well as your future. You’re reaching out to others more. A pleasing aspect between the goddess of love, Venus, and dreamy Neptune highlights your friendship and adventure sectors, and you may want to take a chance on love and friendship with a kind gesture or expression. Imagination is heightened, and inspiration can be found through friends and through new experiences. Love cues are subtle but there, so keep your eyes open if this is what you are looking for. Challenging relationships could improve and happy ones may get better.



Forgiving and forgetting come more naturally today, Leo. There is calmer energy to the day. Venus and Neptune combine in a pleasant way and affect not only your relationships, which Venus aspects tend to do, but also your business sense and professional appeal. There is an intuitive understanding of others’ feelings and moods, and this affects your dealings with them. There can be a visionary quality to your career or business efforts now. You can engage an audience, group, or important person. You may even mesmerize people on some level now. Keep in mind that the day’s energies favor small advances and subtle moves, rather than bold ones.


Love matters can thrive today, Virgo, as you open your heart. Energies of the day favor slowing down and appreciating what you have, while daydreaming about other possibilities as well. It’s a good time for connecting with people who benefit you romantically and/or spiritually. There can be an almost psychic rapport with others now. It’s also a strong time for intuiting how to manage your finances. Someone special may be looking on you quite favorably. The key now is to attract through gentleness and warmth, and you may naturally maintain some emotional distance or an air of mystery. Compassion and understanding are highlighted in your interactions.


Recent problems tend to smooth out nicely today, dear Libra, as you are more willing to let mysteries unravel at their own pace rather than push to find an answer. You’re also seen in a favorable light today, although not necessarily understood, and this can suit your purposes quite nicely right now. While you may not get things done in a measurable way, this can be a useful day for unwinding and enjoying yourself. The gentler side of your nature is enhanced today, and people around you might even feel that you have healing energy. Others tend to want to be around you. Your day is colored by your imagination or your inner landscape and dreams. There can be good intuition for work, health, and research or analysis.


This is a strong day for consciously choosing to let go of negative thoughts and ideas, Scorpio. Love opportunities can emerge, and it can be a creative, romantic time. You are more intuitive about people and especially sensitive to their feelings. New relationships formed around now tend to have a very pleasing, almost mystical quality, while current relationships can improve as you notice things to appreciate about your lover that you may have previously overlooked. This is a good time for creating, writing, and making art or music, or for appreciating and enjoying imaginative art, theater, writing, and music. Not only is loving Venus in harmonious aspect to dreamy, romantic Neptune, both bodies are stimulating your relationship sectors. It’s a subtle energy, but decidedly positive and hopeful. A warm, gentle approach to others is favored, and in some way, rewarded.


Charm levels increase today, Sagittarius, especially if you let things flow naturally rather than push to make things right. Let go of problems and errors right now. There is easy, gentle, and subtle energy with you now, so that charm can be drawn upon to pursue your goals. Connections with others tend to be enhanced, and you may be experiencing some form of psychic rapport or communication. Your social life can be warm and comforting today, and it’s a good time for promoting peace, and possibly beauty, in the work place. It’s also strong for pampering or spa-like treatments. You might take special pleasure in offering your help or services today.


If you play your cards right today, there can be a nice release from stress now, Capricorn. It’s a strong day for communications, especially of the non-verbal kind, so be sure to connect personally, not only through devices. It’s also a good time for romantic expression. Your ability to soothe and heal through your communications can be emphasized. Your perceptions are heightened, and this allows you to understand others on a whole new level. It’s also a good time for coming up with new ideas in your career or business. Your romantic imagination is stimulated now, which can be expressed or applied through relationships or artistic creativity.


This is a strong day for letting go of suspicion and negative thinking – something we all can benefit from. Sympathy for the underdog or stronger compassion for people in your life can be moving today, Aquarius. You may play a supportive role to others, or you could be asked, or you could volunteer, to help a friend in need. Some of you could be making a personal sacrifice of sorts for a loved one, and quite willingly so. Going the extra mile for someone can make you feel stronger. Circumstances are such that spiritual support is much more appreciated, and needed, than physical or practical aid. Today is strong for helping out family members, offering an ear, and for mending broken fences with others. Life is slowing down today, in a good way, and this affords you the opportunity to take in and appreciate your life and the people in it.


Healthier and more productive conversations can be experienced today, Pisces, if you need to discuss anything too seriously at all. Sometimes just being around people and letting them do their thing is enough to communicate the best message. Personal magnetism is strengthening. This is a fine day for feeling good about yourself and your relationships. People are tuning in to, noticing, and appreciating the personality traits that you express effortlessly and naturally. Allow your sentimental and gentle nature to emerge – own it, appreciate it, and express it unapologetically. You may feel inspired to help someone in need, and you are more inclined to communicate openly. Your words, and even your nonverbal communications, can be soothing, healing, and very attractive.