These are signs and ways for you to know when and how to cleanse Tarot cards:

  • You buy a new deck;
  • You receive a used deck;
  • You have put a lot of effort into a particularly difficult spread;
  • Others have contacted your deck;
  • Your deck has not been used or stored for a long time;
  • You or your deck was covered in a bad or gloomy atmosphere;
  • Your reading gradually becomes blurred, difficult, disconnected or unclear;
  • Your Tarot cards are dropped or related to certain incidents;
  • You want to reconnect to a deck which is in a “hibernation” state.

Cleansing the deck is just as important as cleaning up the other items you use in life. If electrical equipment gets dirty through repeated use, they will be at risk of being damaged and will no longer work stably. Only when they are cleaned, they will be effective again. Other “tools” in our lives, including Tarot, are not out of the matter.

The purification of the Tarot deck is important for maintaining a clean source of energy flowing in your cards as well as in your interpretation. You want to make sure that the emotional source of you and your querents can flow seamlessly throughout each card to produce the best reading results and answers. On top of that, the cards cannot lead our lives if they get dirty.

You can choose one of the following methods to answer the question “how to cleanse Tarot cards”:

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