Wake Up, Sleepy Heads! GOOD MORNING WOTC! Good Sunday Morning To All!

Good Morning, WOTC! How’s my dearest friends on the planet doing this morning! I hope excellent. It is Sunday morning and guess what? I am waiting on the painters. Yes, they are still here. This was only suppose to last two day and it has turned into three. The place looks fantastic but I feel like the world is passing us by while we are away. And besides, I am stuck watching the painters while they paint. I don’t “watch” “watch” them. I find stuff to tinker with. I go play with some of the animals. Then come back in. I also walk around the yard picking up the mess left from the roofers. Every time I think I have it all picked up, another piece shows up. It is like where is this stuff coming from? I am not complaining even though it sounds like I am. I just thought workers cleaned up after theirselves. And the painters, oh, Goddess! We have got to vacuum and clean the floor. There is little white chips everywhere. One of them, I screamed at the other day. He looked like he had been playing in the mud. I told him to go outside and wipe himself off. Yeah right, I believe when I turned my back he smeared his feet on the rugs. I guess that is just some of the stuff you have to put up with these days. But like I said I am not complaining, just venting, lol! I am thankful everything is almost finished. Two rooms today, my office and the bathroom off the side of it. Surely the painters will be done! I hope! Anyway on to other things……

I was reading in the back, the comments that were left for us. You know I can’t say it enough, I love you! The comments of all the well wishes and, you are the best. You are why I love this place so much. You make the WOTC what it is. And it is the best site on the net because of you all. Thank you so much for your support all these years. Thank you for your friendship and most of all love. You don’t know how much it means to us. You are simply the best! We love you, I love you!





One more quick thing I want you to check out. A college in Missouri is now recognizing Wiccan Holidays! I do believe the movement is alive and well. Spreading like wildfire. Perhaps in our time, we will see our Religion restored to its rightful place. My husband told me about this yesterday. I have been disconnected from the world, lol! But it didn’t sink in at first. Then I asked him if he told me a college in Missouri was now recognizing Wiccan Holidays? And he said, “Yes!” Well you can imagine what I did. I screamed “YES” at the top of my lungs! We are making progress. Even though we can’t take credit for this, it sure doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate with these Wiccans! Can I get an “Amen?” LMAO! I have always wanted to do that, LOL! But I have provided the link below, check it out if you have a minute……


New Mizzou Student Guide Condemns Exams on Wiccan Holidays


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4 thoughts on “Wake Up, Sleepy Heads! GOOD MORNING WOTC! Good Sunday Morning To All!

  1. Good morning, Lady A! It’s nice to see you up and about so early. It must be in the air. I was up before sunrise myself. Enjoy your day! Blessed be!


    1. Good morning, my dearest Peter! It is wonderful to see you. I hope you are feeling better today. I have had a migraine for three days. I believe it is from the flumes of the paint and also stress. I am so tired of this crap I could scream. Something that is suppose to take a few days turns into a week’s project, Forget it! We can’t stay off the net that long. To top things off, one of the painters is afraid to go in my office. I have never in my life. I told her, “you were friendly with me till you found out I was a witch, did I grow horns and sprout a tail overnight?” She didn’t say anything. I think I pissed them off. Oh, well shouldn’t be that narrow minded to start with. I am sorry to bitch. I will write you this afternoon, I know you will be just dying to get it after all this, lol! Have a good day and get some rest!
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A


      1. There are some very small minded folks out there. What does she think you are going to do to her? Did you leave out the newts again? Next time, brew the bat wings when they painters are around.

        I’m feeling all better and I’m enjoying my coffee. Have a cuppa and let the ignorance roll off your back. If she doesn’t work, she doesn’t get paid. Put it to her that way.


      2. You must have read my mind! I am fixing another pot of coffee now. I turned the damn heat off because they are taking more breaks than they are working. Running in and out, in and out! It is going to take a month just to get my office painted, I see that now. I know what it is I didn’t put up the eye of newt, bad witch, bad! And you know them darn pesty bats are loose again. No wonder they are having problems painting, hmm. Well good news, the plastic they had up just went out the door. And she told me, they were just about finished. All the painting stuff is going out the door, YEAH! Perhaps things can get back to normal, maybe. Now all we have to do is clean up after all of them. That’s pathetic. I am going to time them on the bathroom. What’d you want to bet it takes two hours?

        I am glad you are feeling better. You need to rest and watch your blood sugar. Are you watching it? You need to take care of yourself, anything happened to you who would I bitch too, lol! Ah, you know I love ya!


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