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This one is a good substitute for a hex, when your fear or anger tempts you in that direction:

“Blood turn black and flesh turn blue,
I will curse if you force me to.
By the left hand and the unclean food,
I’ll curse your eyes, I’ll curse your lies,
I’ll call down a plague of flies.
Blood go black and flesh go blue,
Evil from me and back to you
My soul clean and yours on fire,
You f**k with a witch you get burned, liar! “

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Hail & Merry Meet To All Of The WOTC On This Glorious Tuesday Morn’!

Blessed Be Comments
Prayer for Pagan Unity

Dear Eternal Father,
there is so much unrest and disunity
in the world. Help us to embrace
each other and life in peace and
harmony in the Pagan way.
Dear Eternal Mother,
we realize there are many different
traditions and paths of faith. Help
us to see past the differences and
unite as one family in total harmony
and love.

So Mote It Be.


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Hail & Merry Meet My Dear Brothers & Sisters of the WOTC!

Celtic Comments & Graphics

I am the butterfly

Emerging from the cocoon

I am the chick

New-hatched from the egg

I am the snake

That sheds its old skin

I am the phoenix

Risen from the fire

I am myself

The same and yet different

I claim my new power

And I am reborn.

So Mote It Be

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A Very Blessed Monday Morn’ To All Our Family & Friends Of The WOTC!

Flowers and Roses Images
Great Gaia, Earth Mother

Help me to reconnect

With the land below and the sky above

Help me to see the beauty that surrounds me

And appreciate all that gifts you have given

So I might live more fully

See more clearly

Breathe more deeply

Of all that is you.

So Mote It Be

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Good Morning To The WOTC! Wishing You A Very Blessed & Happy Tuesday!

Good Morning, Dear Family & Friends!

I hope everyone has a very blessed Tuesday.

Be careful & stay safe,

Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Lady A & The WOTC

Be thankful I changed my mind, I was going to get into a very deep discussion. Changed my mind and decided to keep it short and sweet.

Love Ya! Off to work I go…..

The WOTC’s Spell for December 22nd: Peace and Love Stone Spell

The WOTC’s Spell for December 22nd

Peace and Love Stone Spell

Love and peace are powers greater than we can know, but we can tap into the energies that surround these concepts and bring them into the new day by anointing a rose quartz with gardenia today. As you anoint the stone, whisper “peace” and “love” to yourself, magnifying the energy in the stone. Carry the stone with you today and any day you desire peace and love. A few times each day, take a moment to slow and deepen your breathing. Holding the stone in your hand, inhale and say the work “peace” to yourself. Feel a peaceful sensation fill your body. As you exhale, think of the word “love” and see a loving pink light flow through you into the world. Repeat two or three more times and any time you need to feel the spell.

More Winter Comments

WOTC Spell of the Day for Nov. 21 – Group Table Blessing

Group Table Blessing

Items Needed:



To bless the food at a table, have each person in the dinner party say a part of this blessing to the bounty embodied in the God and Goddess union.

“All fruits of the Earth

Are fruits of your union.

Your womb, your dance,

Lady and Lord.

Come, join with us,

Feast with us,

Enjoy with us!”


By Therese Francis

WOTC Spell for August 7: Spell To Disarm an Enemy



Spell to Disarm an Enemy

Is someone trying to harm you? Block this person’s power through the use of “sympathetic magick.”

Best Time To Cast:

  • During the new moon
  • When the sun or moon is in Capricorn
  • On Saturdays

Items You Will Need:

  • A simple figurine made of wax, cloth, wood, clay, or other material
  • Permanent markets
  • Duct tape
  • A Shovel

The Spell:

  • Fabricate or purchase a simple figurine.
  • Say to the figurine, “I now name you (person’s name)” and write the name on the figurine’s chest.
  • Draw features to make the figurine resemble your enemy – eyes of the appropriate color, distinguishing birthmarks, scars, tattoos. etc.
  • Wrap the figurine with duct tape, until it is completely encased. As you wind the tape, repeat this incantation:

“I bind you tightly as can be. You have no strength to injure me.”

  • When you’ve finished, take the figurine to a spot far from your home and bury it deep in the ground.

Note:  Don’t bury it at the base of a tree or near a body of water.

Blessed Monday, my dear friends! Please forgive me….


I must apologize for yesterday. I was all hyped up to get the Lammas Edition out and my son called. He called to let me know that he was coming out with his two little girls. I thought I might have a minute or two to get something on here. But as soon as I hung up the phone, they were here. I hardly ever get to see these two beautiful angels. So I hope you can understand, I spent the afternoon, loving and playing with them. The little one is two years old and she brings tears to my eyes. She will run up to me, hug me around the neck tightly as possible and say, “Mammy, I love you!” That warms my heart so much. She is a little doll. The other one is five and she is in a moody stage. She can be mad at you one minute and loving you to pieces the next. But that is what happened yesterday and I apologize for not being able to fulfill my obligations here.


My comment that I made yesterday about the WOTC needing help still stands. Like I said we have to the second week in August to come up with the money to pay our service provider. If we do not come up with that money, the WOTC will be no more. So those two days, you spent without us, will be permanent unfortunately. If doesn’t matter how much you can give, we desperately need your help. Personally, I want so much to stay on the net. I want to continue to do the Goddess’ work. I have put my faith in Her that she will touch your hearts to help us. I know the economy is bad and that is what has happened to us. We have been hit very hard by the economy. Plus my time I spent in the hospital didn’t help either. The WOTC didn’t pay for that, I paid for that and it cleaned out my finances. In the meantime the WOTC was meeting it’s regular obligations. The electric bill, the phone bill, the building insurance, and the feeding and care of the animals at the refuge. We use to give to the local food banks but we have had to stop that. Which I feel very bad about. But life has been rough, I am hoping with your help we can pull through. The WOTC is an old organization. We have an outstanding reputation and high standards for itself. We hope you will take a moment to search your heart and lend us a hand. Just once, that’s all we ask.


If you find it in your heart to help keep us online, you will find a PayPal button in the right hand corner of this page. Or you can use the donate page if you would like. We also have our mailing address on the donate page, if you would like to use that. Please, you know what kind of group we are, search your hearts, no matter how great or small a donation, it all adds up.


Thank you so much,

May the Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Lady A

Merry Meet and Welcome To The WOTC’s 2012 Lammas Edition

Lammas/Lugnasadh Comments

Welcome and Merry Meet To The Witches Of The Craft’s

2012 Lammas Edition

We are pleased and honored that you have decided to visit us today. Yes, our edition is early but we believe every good Witch should be prepared. And you can’t wait to the last minute to be prepared.

This year we are going to pack this Edition full of everything you could possibly need. Everything from graphics to use when you send greetings, to rituals and recipes. I hope you enjoy this edition as much as we did putting it together.

May You Have A Very Happy & Prosperous First Harvest,


Magickal Graphics

Earth Spirits: Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves and Leprechauns

Earth Spirits: Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves and Leprechauns


It is recommended approaching earth spirits with caution. They are of the elemental race and inhabit a completely different realm, so it is hard to impossible for a human to understand how their minds truly work.


Gnome statues in the garden add a touch of whimsy to the décor, but the legend behind their popularity is quite intriguing. It was said that a single ray of sunshine would turn a dwarf to stone. Somehow, this myth crossed with information about gnomes, and the trendy garden gnomes statues came to be. Since gnomes are consider helpful to one’s garden, placing gnome statues there is tradition in a well-tended garden.


Gnomes are actually a dwarfish race of earth spirits. They are the guardians of the hidden treasure of the Earth. Some legends maintain that they can be playful and mischievous and love to pull pranks on unsuspecting humans.


Elves were originally considered to be of a small stature as well. They were thought to be fairly playful and helpful. The legends of elves run the gamut from Santa’s toy-making helpers to the more romantic portrayal popularized by the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Dwarves are said to be the possessors of two types of magical stones: one that will make the owner invisible and one that will grant the owner great strength. Dwarves were well-known in Norse myths for their wisdom. On a least one occasion the gods themselves went to the dwarves for aid, due to their cleverness.


Leprechauns are known to be tricksters, because greedy humans are always trying to get their legendary pots of gold. Leprechauns are Irish in origin and are thought to be cobblers.

WOTC’s Spell of the Day for 3/29: Turn The Tables

Turn The Tables

Is someone making your life difficult? Turn the tables on that person with this clever spell.

Best times to perform this spell:

  • Anytime

Ingredients or equipment needed:

  • A Candle
  • A candleholder
  • A small mirror
  • A photo of your tormentor (if possible)
  • Matches

*Place the candle in its holder and set it on top of the photo at one end of a table. If you can’t obtain a photo, inscribe your enemy’s name on the candle–the candle represents the person who’s causing you trouble.

*Light the candle, then seat yourself at the other end of the table.

*Hold the mirror so that it reflects the flame and say aloud:

“Behold, this mirror is my shield.
Your wicked ways will be revealed.
Any evil that you do
Will instantly turn back on you.”

*Imagine the mirror deflecting harm away from you and back onto the other person.

*When you’ve finished, snuff out the candle.

*Hang the mirror on the outside of the door to your home or office to ward off unwanted energies.

*Melt the candle completely and bury the residue along with the photo far from your home.