Good Morning To The WOTC! Wishing You A Very Blessed & Happy Tuesday!

Good Morning, Dear Family & Friends!

I hope everyone has a very blessed Tuesday.

Be careful & stay safe,

Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Lady A & The WOTC

Be thankful I changed my mind, I was going to get into a very deep discussion. Changed my mind and decided to keep it short and sweet.

Love Ya! Off to work I go…..

Good Black Friday Morning, my dear family & friends!

Good Black Friday Morning, dear family & friends!

How many of you have braved the crowds and the cold this morning? You are a braver soul than I am, lol! We had one of heaters that we use to keep the critters warm go out. So I have to venture out today and pick up a new one. Believe it or not, I am dreading that.

So did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? Lots of good food & good company? I know I had an excellent meal yesterday. My daughter has turned out to be an wonderful cook. We got ready to leave, she packed me down with leftovers galore. I’m not complaining I will probably has turkey for the next week. I love turkey. I don’t know why I think you can eat it only a certain time of the year. The funny thing, no sooner had we got through with eating turkey and dressing, she started talking about Christmas. She knows I celebrate Yule and she also knows when she was growing up I celebrated Christmas with them. Since both of my children have become adults, I have come out and told them, “I don’t celebrate Christmas.” I do believe that is when I was told I was going to hell, huh? The funny part was, she would mention getting the fixings and me doing the cooking. Every time she would say, “So I buy everything you need and you can cook?” I believe she is getting a taste of what dear old mom did all these years. It is good though to be with family at this time of year. It would be even better that this feeling we have or perhaps tradition to be with family would last all year long. Don’t get me wrong about what I am trying to say. It just seems like at special season, we long for family and friends, to be with them is a must. We should have that feeling last all year long.

I am stopping now, I feel a soapbox moment coming on and I am hushing. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and may the rest of the holiday be relaxing and joyful. Don’t get knocked about in the malls and please don’t get shot (yes, shot! We had a local shooting around here this morning over sales!). Perhaps if you do go out, wear some body armor. We also had several fights around here too. The world, what is it coming too!

I am going to get busy now. Enjoy your holiday and please stay safe!

Luv & Hugs,
Lady A