Wishing You A Bright, Bright Sun Shiny Friday, dear family & friends!

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Good Morning to all! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday. I have been up since 3:00. Just woke up, tried to go back to sleep, no such luck. A couple of weeks ago I experienced the same exact thing. At that time it was due to withdrawals for some of my medication. I switched doctors and I knew I was taking a lot of medicine from the other but…..The new doctor told me it was a wonder I wasn’t dead because I should have overdosed. Apparently the Goddess has been doing double duty with me. So the new doctor cut my medicine in half. I didn’t think a thing about having withdrawals. He cut one of the main drugs I had been on for years in half. That liked to have killed me. I didn’t sleep for three days. I had the shakes, sweat like a pig and quit eating. Finally called the doctor and talked to his nurse. She told me I should have called sooner. Then put me on a medication to help with the withdrawals. Now I am slowly tapering off of it. It is amazing, I am starting to come to reality now. And I am finding out reality sucks, big time!

During the period of my bad withdrawals all I could think about was death. Nothing to do with killing myself just dying in general. I had some very disturbing thoughts and also did some soul searching. The disturbing thoughts were due to the withdrawals, the soul searching was very enlightening. Now with that and reality sitting in, I am wondering what the hell had went so wrong. Or has it always been this way and I was so out of it I didn’t see it coming. Well, not coming but was here all the time and I didn’t recognize the situation. I don’t know but it has made me question everything I have ever done.

I can’t talk to anyone here. The last time I did everything got blew way out of portion. So I have just kept my mouth shut and tried to sort it all out in my poor, little brain. Probably why I couldn’t go back to sleep this morning. We have a house payment due, the property taxes due, another $600.00 light bill, not to mention a $140.00 water bill, the server’s bill is due, the animals are almost out of food, not to mention myself (but it wouldn’t hurt for me to lose a few pounds). It just seems like it is one thing right after another. Oh, I forgot, the wholesaler we hooked up with, turned out to be a total joke. The first few orders they did fine. The next two, nothing! I have had to go through Paypal to turn to get our money back on that. We still have money to refund to customers. I just don’t get it. Opened the store for a good reason and it turned into a disaster. I just wake up now and wonder what is going to happen today.

Perhaps my current situation is a test. A test to see if I can handle the real world. Who knows? I know I don’t anymore. I just get up and pray every day not to let anything else happen right now. I pray for the Goddess to help us and not to let me go crazy in the process. Help me sort this whole mess out. I know it will eventually but at what cost. Will we lose everything we have worked so hard to get? I don’t want to lose it all but I have grounded myself in my faith. I know the Goddess will see us through this one way or the other. She always has and I have faith She will again.

I know my attitude and personality has changed and I apologize for that. I have just came back to reality and my reality is a mess right now. So if I seem distant for a while, you now know why. I will eventually get it all together with the help of the Goddess. She has always been my rock through the good times and the bad. She has always been my Divine Mother and always will be. No matter what I will always continue to do Her work. I believe She has brought us this far for a reason and we have a long ways yet to go. No one ever said our Paths would be smooth and trouble free. You have just got to keep your faith and muddle through the best way possible. Know there is a reason for every thing that happens. Perhaps you don’t see it now but in the long run you will. Hopefully when it is all said and done, you will be a wiser person and have learned from that lesson. At least that is what I am hoping for myself.

You now have your daily update. See I told you, I would still talk your ear off and I did. Well I am going to surprise you and get all the daily’s on here about three hours early (if I don’t fall asleep at the computer). I hope you have a fantastic Friday and thanks for listening. Off to work I go…..

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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Wishing You All A Very Happy & Blessed Wednesday!

I promise I will try to make this as quick as possible. But you know me when I get started talking, I don’t have sense enough to quit, lol! Anybody else had said that I would have been pissed! I am in a good mood believe it or not. I just wanted to take a moment tell everyone of you who purchased Raffle tickets, Thank you! I can never say it enough and I know I should, Thank you all and I truly do love you with all my heart. Maybe it’s that time of the year, when a witch stops to think about all the good things in her life. That she normally takes for granted. I know I am truly thankful for everyone of you and I consider you all my family. Don’t ever forget that, my luvs!

I know you are wondering what put me in this mood. Thanks to everyone of you, our domain payment to WordPress went through without a hitch. The domain is paid in full for another year. Thank you so much for saving our home. When I say ours, I mean yours too. No matter where the WOTC has called home, whether it was just starting out on MSN till now, the WOTC is your home. I am just the simple caretaker. I want you to always feel that way about this spot on the net. Without you, the WOTC would not exist. But back to business, I wasn’t too happy with WordPress at all yesterday. The domain bill was due December 2nd. If they had held up to that, we would have had no problem paying it. I was going to pay it myself. But they didn’t and I will tell you it made me very angry. Especially when they threw up that block, that galled my rump to no end. The only thing I knew to do was pay it through our PayPal account (at the time I didn’t know everything in my purse had been stolen, that another tale though). But they say hindsight is 20 – 20, if I knew WordPress was going to do that, I would have been looking for us a new home. I have bragged on them and bragged on them. And to be treated like that, I don’t know how to describe it. So I think between now and next year’s payment comes due, we might be finding a new home. Just a maybe, I wouldn’t want to lose any of you. That has always been my experience, every time we have moved in the pass, we have loss hundreds of friends and family.

I told you I was going to make this brief. But it’s not entirely my fault for taking so long, I have been on the phone.  I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that we are now safe for another year. Thanks to you!

Now down to business……

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Thank You for the donations, Please remember the Raffle is still going!

Thank you all that have donated today. Please remember that the Raffle will be going till the 29th of this month. And of course, goofy (me) has her butt in a crack with WordPress over the payment for our domain.

I got to looking for my purse and come to find out I left it out in the truck. It has been in the truck since Saturday. Someone broke into the truck on the driver’s side (that side you can’t see from looking out). And anyway, my entire wallet was stolen. So I am really up a creek without a paddle. I called the bank and they have froze my account. But my PayPal account is still open. Thank the Goddess.

So if you would like to still participate in the Raffle we would deeply appreciate it and definitely now need it before WordPress finds out that the card is going to bounce like a hot potato. Thank goodness it take three days for a notice to come from your bank. I have just had way to much on my mind recently. I hope my life eventually returns to normal. But what is normal?

Thank you for all your help and love. Just remember if you want to get a ticket it is not to late.

Thank you all and I love you so much,

Lady A


Today’s Tarot Card for November 8th is Justice


Friday, Nov 8th, 2013









Traditionally, what has been known as the Justice card has to do with moral sensitivity and that which gives rise to empathy, compassion and a sense of fairness. Since the time of Solomon, this image has represented a standard for the humane and fair-minded treatment of other beings.

Often including the image of a fulcrum which helps to balance competing needs against the greater good, and a two-edged sword to symbolize the precision needed to make clear judgments, this card reminds us to be careful to attend to important details. It’s a mistake to overlook or minimize anything where this card is concerned. The law of Karma is represented here — what goes around comes around.

Good Morning, Good Morning, My Precious Family!

Good Morning, Good Morning, My Precious Family! How is your day going so far? I hope fine. You know when the chips are down, I can always turn to you for hope. I told you yesterday that the raffle so far was a flop. Our light bill needed to be paid and we didn’t have any money to do so. I opened up our PayPal account this morning and I couldn’t believe it. The donations, donations and donations. You are the most wonderful family I could ever wish for. After receiving all the wonderful donations (which will go into the raffle), I did some figuring. Look out when I get the pen and paper out, lol! We are still $50.00 short. So if you have been eyeballing any of the items up for the Raffle this month, make that donation. You have a great chance at some super items this time and besides you will be helping us out greatly. The ones that have already donated, I can never thank you enough. I know I say it and say it but you truly do mean the world to me.

You know what I would love to do, is start a donor/supporter’s wall of the WOTC. I want to because some of you have supported us from the very beginning and you are hidden in the shadows. I want people to know you and see who you are because I love each one of you so much. But I am scared to because I know some do not do it for recognition. They do it because they truly believe in us and want to see our work continue.  I don’t know if these supporters would want to be known or not. So if you have an opinion on this, please let me know. I don’t want to do anything to embarrass anyone but I believe the supporters of the WOTC need some kind of recognition. Please let me know supporters how you feel about this.

Now this is a 180 degree turn around, I will try to be short and brief. There was a comment in the back that I think needs to be addressed publicly. I had never thought of it till now and actually the comment did make sense. The comment was in regards to new people getting burned out on so much information to learn. I can understand that. It is overwhelming when you first come to the Craft. But you do not have to learn everything overnight. You have a year and a day to learn it.  When you start your new Path, the Goddess will help you and guide you. She will reveal new information when She knows you are ready. In the Craft, you never stop learning. Even as long as I have been in it, I still learn. All of us do. Witchcraft is a very beautiful religion that you have to experience for yourself. We aren’t pushing the Craft down anyone’s throat. We are just providing the information for all to learn. For those who seek or those who are just curious, we are here.

I think what bothers me most was the “feeling overwhelmed at the very beginning.”  At the very beginning? I believe you need to truly search your soul and see if you are on the right Path. Do some meditation and connect with your inner being. Make sure the Craft is right for you. The year and a day, I mentioned earlier, is to give you time to decide if you want to be in the Craft. If you want to follow our beliefs, our practices, and our Goddess. Please take a piece of advice and do some meditating. After you meditate and you see the Craft is right for you. Then pray to the Goddess to guide you on your new Path. She will answer.

In the Craft, you are never alone. Our Gods and Goddesses never desert us. All we have to do is call and They are there. Remember that as you start your new Religion. Also remember if you need any help, we are here for you.

Got to run for now. Thank you all again.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Today’s Tarot Card for October 16th is Strength


Wednesday, Oct 16th, 2013









What has traditionally been known as the Strength card represents Nature which, however wild in its primal form, is tamed by our subtler, finer (feminine, interior) self. The will and passion of our instinctive nature does not need to be broken, but refined and brought to consciousness — so that all levels of Creation, inner and outer, may come into harmony.

The feminine soul-force contains a persuasive power that can nurture and induce cooperation from others, stilling disruptive energies by harmonizing differences in the spirit of collective good will.

"Raffle" Up-Date

For the new individuals with us, I apologize. I am sorry I took out the instructions on the raffle. It is very simple to enter. If you scroll down pass the last item listed, you will find a PayPal button. There you enter the amount that you want to purchase your ticket for (ever heard of anything like that?). You can enter any amount that you wish except anything lower than $5.00. The reason being is PayPal charges us for each transaction that comes through there. They don’t care if we are a non-profit or not. But anything over $5.00 is fine. You can also use the PayPal button on the main page. In the description part you fill out, just put Raffle. Since there are two items up for auction, you can go ahead and specific which one you want. But the minute I receive notice from PayPal you are automatically entered in the Raffle.

I hope this explains the process. Again I am very sorry for taking that part out and not putting it back in. Thank you again for your interest in our raffle. Oh, you might want to check out the other item I listed today. It is for a deck of Tarot Cards.

Good Luck,

Lady A

One last reminder……..

Don’t forget to check out “Raffle for a Cause.” Lady A has picked out three fantastic Book of Shadows for this Raffle. When you win the raffle, you get to pick the one you want. I have already found the one I want but someone (Lady A) said it wouldn’t be fair for employees or volunteers to enter the auction. I guess she is right 😦 . I hope ever who win the raffle enjoys their BOS and think of me every time you use it, lol!

You can check the Raffle out by following the link below:


Today’s Tarot Card for November 21 is The Hierophant

The Hierophant

Wednesday, Nov 21st, 2012

Traditionally known as the Hierophant, this card refers to a Master and the learning of practical lessons from the study of Natural Law. This energy of this card points to some agent or resource that can reveal the secrets of life, the cycles of the moon and tides, the links between human beings and the heavens.

Because monasteries were the only places a person could learn to read and write in the middle ages, a Hierophant was one to whom a student would petition for entry. He was the one to set the curriculum for the neophyte’s course of study.

Often pictured with the right hand raised in blessing, the Hierophant is linked with the ancient lineage of Melchezidek, initiator of the Hebrew priestly tradition, the one who passes on the teachings. All shamans of any tradition draw upon this archetype.

GOOD Tuesday Morning to all my dear friends!

You ought to have known I couldn’t resist this little cutie!

How ya’ll doing this morning? Me? Hmm……terrific, all the drugs for the West Nile Virus has kicked in. I believe I am going to actually live, Yeah, for me, lol! I went outside yesterday afternoon with Kiki to get some fresh air. We had a storm rolling in. So I decided that we would lay down on the porch and watch the clouds. I got nice and comfortable and so did Kiki. Part of our porch is level with the brick work (because the porch changes levels).  Anyway, I was laying close to the brick work almost asleep. I hear this funny little scratching noise getting closer and closer. I open my eyes and right beside me on the brick’s edge is two baby possums. They scared the whole crap out of me. I jumped and Kiki jumped and got in her protective mode. I had to grab her because she was wanting to eat them. I got to my feet and they stopped to look at me. They were so cute. But I couldn’t believe it, it seems like the wildlife around here always finds it way to my door. Wonder why, lol! But seriously, the idoits down the road ran over a possum. I got to wondering what if it had babies because it was a huge possum. I ought to know I ended up burying it. I had a talk with them about burying it and they thought I was crazy.  They were just going to leave it in the road to rot. How awful! Apparently, the possum did have babies and now they are under my porch. When I get through playing on the net, I am going to put on my coveralls and get my gloves and take off crawling. It is always something. My husband was tickled to death they had wondered up here. But he ain’t tickled enough to go get’em 😦 . That’s my job to play with the wildlife, but I ain’t bitchin’ because I love it and they were so adorable.  I might emphasis I know they are adorable but I also know they have little, tiny teeth like razors. I had a big possum bit my wading boot a few years back. He was playing possum till I got up and then he jumped my ankle. Thank goodness for thick boots. He got all the way to my sock but not me. He was caught in a trap and hurt that is why he jumped me. But still these wild animals around here, I know are wild and I respect that 100%. I try not to get attached to them but it is hard with some. Might be the reason I have a bobcat in the house, hmm!

Well I have talked your ear off enough. I am going to get to work. I hope everyone has a super day.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Got a moment stop by the Apothecary!  I put some spell kits on there yesterday but I didn’t have time to get the PayPal buttons working. So if you see anything you like and the button doesn’t work, check back later. Oh, and if you have any ideas for what you might like to see over there, let me know!



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Oh, What A Wonderous Morning After Lammas! Good Morning To All My Dear Ones!

Good Thursday Morning to everyone! I hope you had a very happy & blessed Lammas yesterday. I know I stayed up way to late. So if you see something like this today, “sssssssssssssssssssssss.” You will know I have fell asleep at the computer, lol!

I had to go to town yesterday to do some running around. When the weather is cool, I always take Kiki with me. But it was 105 degrees and there was no way she could go. While I was gone she tore up the house looking for me. She even when outside on the porch and looked and looked. The bond we have between us is unbelievable. I have never had a familiar that is attached to me as she is. We spend every waking moment together. Well I got home and she was about to burn up. I hurried and put up everything. Then we went out on the porch to stretch out and enjoy the breeze. We stretch out side-by-side. I like to lay and look at the clouds. I made sure Kiki was situated then I laid down and starting staring at the clouds. I thought since today is Lammas, I should say a special prayer of Thanksgiving to the Goddess. I started to think in my head what I wanted to say. I had it! I looked up at the cloud and the cloud had took the shape of a woman’s face. That blew me away. I knew the Goddess was going to listen to my humble prayer. I said my prayer to Her and at the end I mentioned something about, “could She blow Her sweet, cooling breath over her children to cool their brow.” Not the exact words but close enough. Then I closed the prayer. About a minute or two later, the coolest breeze you have ever felt came around the corner. Oh, it was bone chilling and so refreshing. There were several more of those wonderful breezes to come. I can’t describe it, wonderful, fantastic, don’t even come close to what we experienced yesterday.

I have am a true worry-wart, no doubt about it. I have had so much on my mind. I have been worried about coming up with the money to pay the server bill, the light bill, the water, everything it takes to run an office. And yesterday, the Goddess looked me directly in the face and heard every word I had to say. Then She gently reassured me that everything was going to work out. I always call the Goddess, “Mother.” Because I lost my mother at such a young age. I have always asked Her to lead me and guide down my Path. Let me know what She needed done and I would gratefully do it. But yesterday was special, it was like a Mother wrapping Her arms around Her child and just giving her all the love and comfort She could. Telling me, “everything is going to be all right, child.” I had put all my problems in the Goddess’ hands. I knew She would take care of them. But I guess I have grown a little weary and my Mother decided I needed some love and encouragement. The Goddess not only gave me love and encouragement, She gave me strength. I know I don’t have to tell you. But to experience the Goddess one on one is beautiful. She radiates love, compassion, caring, all the good qualities in the Universe. I think I am very fortunate that She choose me as Her child.

Before I get to work today, I would like to remind you that we still need donations to pay our server bill. We have had donations coming in and we appreciate those so much. But unfortunately, everything is high as a cat’s back these days and we need some more donations. If you remember, we have to next week to come up with the funds to pay the bill. If not, we will be permanently off the internet. I would humbly ask you to search your hearts. If you like the message we are spreading, then help us to continue to spread it. Our goal is to put Witchcraft back in the mainstream Religions. If we are off the net, we can’t do that. I don’t ask for donations that often but this has been an extremely rough year. We need just a little helping hand to get us through this crisis. It doesn’t matter the amount, because in the end it all adds up.

Please search your hearts and help us through this crisis. Please make a donation today. Because our time is running out, very quickly I might add.

Remember the banner, it is directly linked to the PayPal page. You will see it throughout today’s posts. Then we have a donate button up in the right handed corner of this page. We also have a Donate Page with our mailing address on it, if you would like to us that.  We know we can count on you. Thank you for your love and support.

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“I Love The WOTC” Keep Us On The Net, Please!

Please remember we need your help to stay on the internet. The above banner is linked directly to our PayPal account. Hopefully you have enjoyed today’s posts and the past ones, without your help they won’t be around much longer. We have till the second week in August. We desperately need your help!

Just lend us a helping hand. Thank you, dear friend!

Blessed Monday, my dear friends! Please forgive me….


I must apologize for yesterday. I was all hyped up to get the Lammas Edition out and my son called. He called to let me know that he was coming out with his two little girls. I thought I might have a minute or two to get something on here. But as soon as I hung up the phone, they were here. I hardly ever get to see these two beautiful angels. So I hope you can understand, I spent the afternoon, loving and playing with them. The little one is two years old and she brings tears to my eyes. She will run up to me, hug me around the neck tightly as possible and say, “Mammy, I love you!” That warms my heart so much. She is a little doll. The other one is five and she is in a moody stage. She can be mad at you one minute and loving you to pieces the next. But that is what happened yesterday and I apologize for not being able to fulfill my obligations here.


My comment that I made yesterday about the WOTC needing help still stands. Like I said we have to the second week in August to come up with the money to pay our service provider. If we do not come up with that money, the WOTC will be no more. So those two days, you spent without us, will be permanent unfortunately. If doesn’t matter how much you can give, we desperately need your help. Personally, I want so much to stay on the net. I want to continue to do the Goddess’ work. I have put my faith in Her that she will touch your hearts to help us. I know the economy is bad and that is what has happened to us. We have been hit very hard by the economy. Plus my time I spent in the hospital didn’t help either. The WOTC didn’t pay for that, I paid for that and it cleaned out my finances. In the meantime the WOTC was meeting it’s regular obligations. The electric bill, the phone bill, the building insurance, and the feeding and care of the animals at the refuge. We use to give to the local food banks but we have had to stop that. Which I feel very bad about. But life has been rough, I am hoping with your help we can pull through. The WOTC is an old organization. We have an outstanding reputation and high standards for itself. We hope you will take a moment to search your heart and lend us a hand. Just once, that’s all we ask.


If you find it in your heart to help keep us online, you will find a PayPal button in the right hand corner of this page. Or you can use the donate page if you would like. We also have our mailing address on the donate page, if you would like to use that. Please, you know what kind of group we are, search your hearts, no matter how great or small a donation, it all adds up.


Thank you so much,

May the Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Lady A

Good & Blessed Sunday To All Our Dear Friends!

Good Sunday Morning/Afternoon to all of our dear friends! I hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend so far. I must apologize for not being online for the past two days, well really one. Yesterday, I did what I have planned on doing Friday but couldn’t. I couldn’t because our service provider dropped our service. Why? Because we couldn’t pay our bill. I talked and talked till I was blue in the face and got an extension on the bill. We now have to the second week in August to pay it. I only bought us sometime. We don’t have the money to pay it, at this time the contributions are extremely low and we are flat broke. Being flat broke is a very horrible feeling. I keep hoping and praying for a way to pay all our bills to turn up. But to this date, nothing!


Then when I finally did get on the internet, I started changing the graphics on the blog. I had made a header (since I had a lot of free time Friday) for the blog. I admit it looked good. Some of you might have saw it. It was on the group for awhile. I had changed the background, everything looked fantastic. Then the type/font wouldn’t show up. Well come to find out, you have to buy a kit from WordPress for $30 that allows you to change the color of the font. $30! Heck it might as well be $30,000! Another pipe dream shot all to heck!


The facts are the facts and I know no one likes them. But it has come down to this….the last two days you have experienced with this blog will be permanent. We have to come up with some donations to be able to stay on the net. We are a legitimate non-profit organization. Everyone seems to enjoy the message we are spreading. We just sincerely need some help now. Have you ever been in a situation were you could use a little helping hand? That is where we are right now, we need a little helping hand. If not, we will be off the internet.


There is a PayPal button in the upper right-hand corner. We also have a donate page with our fiscal address on it. You don’t have to donate huge amounts, every nickel, dime, penny counts right now. We are searching everywhere we can for just change. I think so far we have collected $2.01 and a fuzz ball, lol! If you want to see us stay on the net, if you like the daily information we provide you with, then please give what you can.


May the Goddess Bless You & Keep You,

Lady A

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Good Sunday Morning, my dear friends! Have a Look, I’ve been taking pics again!

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Good Sunday morning, dear, dear friends! How are you doing this morning? Me? I got up at 6:00 with wonderful intentions to do yard work. Ha, I took my medicine for my back and when right back to sleep. (For the new ones joining us, I had a three level back fusion.) I looked at the clock and thought, hmm, it can’t be that late. Yeah right, it was 11:00, I said,  “oh, sh*t!” Kiki and I do a lot of yard work together. When it is around lunch time, she doesn’t want to go outside because of the heat. Me neither, lol!

I have been out taking pics again and I wanted to show you what just showed up late yesterday. I got a call from a local vet and he asked if I would take in another critter for him. I asked him what kind and he told me, a beautiful red fox. I couldn’t believe it. It was brought to him with one of his back legs severely damaged. The poor thing, lost most of his foot and the rest of his leg and hip had to have pins. Needless to say, he is in quite a bit of pain. I give him pain shots every 4 hours and he stays sedated. I don’t believe if he didn’t, he could stand the pain. We aren’t sure what happened but the vet told me, some man just dropped him off and left. The man said nothing at all. So that led me to believe the man knew exactly what had happened. The vet said more than likely the poor thing had got caught in a trap. It wasn’t the intended victim, the man felt guilty about killing such a lovely creature and brought him to the vet. Now the question is, when the fox is out of the severe pain will he be able to function as he should. If not, he will have to have a home with a person. I never considered having a fox but if we bond during his recovery, then he will stay with me. Right now, he is very leery of humans and who can blame him. But here is his beautiful face.

This was taken while he was still under the influence of the sedatives. He had woke up just a minute and I had the camera in my back pocket. I snapped it very quickly. Then he went back to sleep. He is in a fairly good side inclosure. If he decides he wants to try to get up and walk and move, he can. I don’t believe in keeping animals in little crates or cages. All of the places I have for the animals to stay are quite large. It gives them a little freedom but they are still enclosed and safe. I might add they are also well protected and guarded.

The food bill I incur every month is huge, not to mention anything unexpected that might come up. I also always give the vets money for their supplies they use. I have received several donations towards these expenses. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate them too. No amount is too small. It all adds up and it is put to good use. You can see for yourself who and what benefits from the donations, the animals. Then on top of the bill for the upkeep and care of the animals, I also have a server that I have to pay each month also. So my funds get stretched to the max, to say the least. I want you to know that I appreciate ever donation that I get. If you would like to help keep the work I am doing with the animals going by making a donation. There is a PayPal button to the side here.

Remember no amount is too small, it all adds up. And most of all it is greatly appreciated. Thank you my friends, from the bottom of my heart. Because I truly love doing what I do.