Thank You for the donations, Please remember the Raffle is still going!

Thank you all that have donated today. Please remember that the Raffle will be going till the 29th of this month. And of course, goofy (me) has her butt in a crack with WordPress over the payment for our domain.

I got to looking for my purse and come to find out I left it out in the truck. It has been in the truck since Saturday. Someone broke into the truck on the driver’s side (that side you can’t see from looking out). And anyway, my entire wallet was stolen. So I am really up a creek without a paddle. I called the bank and they have froze my account. But my PayPal account is still open. Thank the Goddess.

So if you would like to still participate in the Raffle we would deeply appreciate it and definitely now need it before WordPress finds out that the card is going to bounce like a hot potato. Thank goodness it take three days for a notice to come from your bank. I have just had way to much on my mind recently. I hope my life eventually returns to normal. But what is normal?

Thank you for all your help and love. Just remember if you want to get a ticket it is not to late.

Thank you all and I love you so much,

Lady A


2 thoughts on “Thank You for the donations, Please remember the Raffle is still going!

  1. It really sounds to me like you need some good things to come your way. You sound like such a good person, I really hope things get better for you.


    1. Thank you sweetie, you are a dear friend! I have just had way too much on my mind. I have been trying to decide if I want to go to Hollywood or not? I have two offers to do TV shows. And I just finally put it in the hands of the Goddess. It would be a great way to get our message out but they are both reality shows. I have seen some of the reality shows out there and that is why I hesitate. I don’t want our Religion or ourselves made to look like fools. I want people to know that we are a very serious Religion. So that is one of the big things that have had me all screwed up. I figure if it is meant to be, then the Goddess will make it happen.

      I appreciate your concern, sweetie. I hope you have a very blessed day.
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A


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