‘THINK on THESE THINGS’ for November 27th


By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

It doesn’t seem that a simple thing like going fishing could have such excellent results when the world suddenly seems too much. It is a very difficult thing to worry about when your mind is fixed intently on a little red and white plastic float bobbing in the water.

Just taking one’s mind off the general routine of living even for a short time is like a much needed and appreciated vacation. We seldom recognize the need for getting away from the monotony of following each day with another day exactly like it. We lose the value of the hours and minutes and lump them all together and plod along expecting miracles to come someday and save us.

The effort we have to give is in releasing the problem and concentrating on something beautifully simple and uncomplicated. Living doesn’t seem so ominous when we can go fishing for a little peace and quiet, and sidetrack the things that weigh so heavily on our minds.

Good health is such a blessing. We don’t all realize how much we aid or harm our own health. In fact, we give much more thought to being careful not to get wet than being careful not to get angry. And it is said that anger can lower resistance to colds much quicker than getting wet.

It is a proven fact that to feel love builds a resistance to illnesses while resentment and hate can destroy both mind and body.

Longfellow once wrote that joy, temperance, and repose would slam the door on the doctor’s nose. There’s no doubt but that most doctors’ noses are safe. But they, too, would be glad if more patients would exercise their abilities to lift themselves out of mush of their ill health by knowing some measure of joy rather than self-pity, some healthy thoughts and less thoughts of self.

We lower our resistance to ill health in many ways, but none works against us as surely as worry, anxiety, and care, plus our inability to recognize the fact that we are our own greatest enemy.


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Elder’s Meditation of the Day
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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 27

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 27

“The Natural Law is a spiritual law. Its powers are both light and dark.”

–Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman Traditional Circle of Elders

There are some characteristics that are evident in the system which the Creator made. He made balance, harmony and polarity. In other words, every (+) plus has a (-) minus. Every positive has a negative; every up has a down; every problem has a solution. The Spiritual Law is the same-it has light and dark. Both are good, so both need to be honored. Lessons can be learned on both sides.

Great Spirit, teach me the powers of the Natural Laws.

November 27 – Daily Feast

November 27 – Daily Feast

Those who have always been self-sufficient find it going against the grain to accept help from someone else. They have become the caretakers and giving over that responsibility is clearly unacceptable. But they can come to realize that leaning on someone else can be a sign of strength. Not everyone can do it – not everyone is willing. It takes a special strength to ask for help. But who knows what part this plays in the healing process. A time can come to show kindness and to be cooperative and to make it easy on someone else. This may be the proving time – the time that gives us a new understanding and compassion.

~ My brothers, a power which I cannot resist crowds me down the ground. I need help. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Daily Motivator for Nov. 27th – Pay the price

Pay the price

Success has a price, and today you have the golden opportunity to pay that  price. Choose to do so, and valuable, unique, new fulfilling success is yours. 

Though the price you must pay for success is significant, it is never a  burden. Willingly, joyfully and enthusiastically pay that price, and true  success will fill your life.

To pay the price of success, you must engage your effort, your creativity,  your resourcefulness and a whole lot of other strengths, skills and abilities.  What’s truly beautiful is that when you pay the price of success, it actually  ends up paying you back many, many times over.

If you’re trying to avoid paying the price of success, you’re running away  from your best possibilities. Stop, turn around, step up, do what must be done,  and taste the sweet fulfillment that’s waiting for you.

Success has a very steep price, and one of life’s greatest joys is the  experience of paying that price. Don’t ever cheat yourself out of the  opportunity to feel that joy.

Success has many benefits, and one big benefit is in the price you must pay.  Pay that price, every chance you get, and enjoy the immense rewards of doing so. 

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

The Daily OM for Nov. 27th – Taking Our Turn To Give

Taking Our Turn To Give
People In Need


When we see a person in need, we may want to give them something as a way of helping them, but if we give without taking the time to see who they really are, honoring that most of all, our gift is nowhere near as powerful as it could be. We may want to give a homeless person a sandwich, for example, but if we give it without also taking a moment to look the person in the eye, making authentic contact, we rob them of the experience of being human.

Being in a position of need leaves a lot of people feeling vulnerable and full of self-doubt. The greatest gift we can give is to meet people in need without judgment and with the awareness that we are not superior to them simply because we are not currently in their position. If we take the long view, we can see that we all began life in need of a lot of care and attention, and many of us end life in the same way. Giving and receiving are companion energies that take turns throughout our lives, and we all get a chance to be on both sides of the exchange from time to time.


It’s important to be aware of our own tendency to give from a desire to feel good about ourselves, rather than from an acknowledgement of our connection to all people. Letting go of our self-importance allows us to see that, regardless of appearances, we are all givers and receivers. When we are in the position of the giver, we honor those we are helping when we remember the many people who have helped us. Then we can look the person we are helping in the eye, aware that we are making contact with a human being who is our equal.


The Daily OM

Twilight Love Notes Box

Twilight Love Notes Box

You will need a decorative box. If you like, decorate a shoe box, yourself so your box is original. Label your box, Love Box.

For the next month, every night at twilight, write down one loving thought or feeling about your love and put it in the box. Fold the paper three times. With each fold, repeat:

Blessed be my heart’s desire!

At the end of the month, give the box with the folded love notes to your love. When you hand him or her the box, repeat:

Blessed by my heart’s desire!

Sweet and Strong Love Potion

Sweet and Strong Love Potion

Makes two servings.

Eight ounces of chilled papaya juice, two apricots, peeled, pits removed, one-quarter cup of nonfat milk, one cup of vanilla ice cream, one cup of orange sherbet, and one banana.

Add all the ingredients to the blender. With each ingredient you add, repeat:

Our love is sweet, our love is strong, Blessed Be!

Blend until the mixture is smooth and creamy. As you sip the potion with your beloved, repeat:

Our love is sweet, our love is strong,

Blessed Be!

Lovers’ Moon Sachet

Lovers’ Moon Sachet

You will need one-half cup of dried lavender flowers, one-quarter cup of dried rose petals, and one-quarter cup of dried jasmine flowers.

At 9:00 p.m., tie the herbs up in a red drawstring bag. Hold the bag of herbs in your hands, merge with the divine, and say:

With these power, fragrant flowers

Love, joy and pleasure fill my every hour

The love of Lady and Lord surrounds me

The love of the Lady and Lord enfolds me

The love of the Lady and Lord empowers me

The love of the Lady and Lord centers me

The love of the Lady and Lord inspires me

May the Lady and Lord watch over and guide me

Wherever I am, Goddess and God are!

In the names of the Lady and Lord, Blessed Be!

Put the sachet in your dresser drawer to infuse your clothes with the scent of love power and draw more pleasure and joy into your love life.

Finger Painting Magick

Finger Painting Magick

 You will need your lover, one ounce of olive oil, nine drops of vanilla scented oil and three drops of jasmine-scented  oil.
Just before you make love, take a warm bath with your beloved. Decide what you both want to direct your sexual and orgasmic  energy toward. Keep it simple and be specific. Next, mix the oils together, and paint words of endearment on your lover’s naked skin. Finger-paint one  word on your lover’s skin, then ask your lover to paint a word of love on your skin. After you paint each word, use your fingers and your imagination to  rub the oil gently and sensuously into your lover’s skin. See how many words you spell before you fall passionately into the throws of lovemaking. Direct  your lovemaking energies toward a shared goal or dream.

Opening The Door Magick

Open The Door Magick

In the sacred marriage ceremony of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, she comes forth like a moonbeam to the Shepherd God Dumuzi, through the open door. By meeting him at the door, she completely accepts him as her mate. He looks at her, rejoices and takes her in his arms and kisses her.

For this spell, you will need your lover, a doorway and amber-scented oil. You are going to reenact this ancient ceremony with your beloved. And be sure to dress in something oh so sexy for this sex magick spell. Meet your lover skyclad at the open door to your bedroom. Slowly and sensuously anoint each other with the scented oil. Look at your mate and rejoice. Take him or her into your arms and kiss passionately, then do what comes naturally.

A Lovers’ Moon Potion

A Lovers’ Moon Potion

When the nights are cold, it’s nice to have a warm body next to you to hold and love. This potion is best done with the one you love on a cold evening when the two of you want to set the night on fire.

To perform this spell, you will need two candles, one red and one green, chamomile and jasmine tea, and a teaspoon of honey.

Draw the circle and call in the elements. Set the two candles in holders. You light the green one and have your beloved light the red one. In unison call out the following verse:

Goddess and God of Love,

Grace our lovemaking with your fire,

So that our souls might be warm,

While gliding higher and higher;

Toward pure ecstasy!

Ayea! So Mote It Be!

In two cups of warm water, brew the chamomile and jasmine tea. Stir in a half teaspoon of honey into each potion cup. As the potion cools, sip it while looking in each other’s eyes. Imagine loving your partner completely. Let your imagination run wild. Allow the candles to safely burn down. Then take your beloved to bed and make passionate love. When drifting to sleep, give yourself the suggestion to have dreams that drive you to awaken in the morning and make love again.

Pull up the circle and say farewell to the elements in the morning after you make love again. Be sure to thank the Goddess and God for their divine blessings.

Dream Journey To Manifest Your Desires

 Dream Journey To Manifest Your Desires

Use this journey to help you manifest an important personal goal.

Just before you go to sleep, lay back skyclad and get as comfortable as you can. Shift your body slightly to get even more comfortable. Take a few deep breaths to center your awareness. Now, imagine you are a star of white light in the night sky. Merge into the starlight and become the head and limbs of a five-pointed star. Transform into a luminous star body and a disk of brillant light. Direct your starlight toward one person goal. Use your intention and breath to focus your awareness completely on that goal. Allow your feeling and energy to move your goal to its desired outcome. Move into the future for a moment and actually imagine successfully manifesting the results you desire. Merge with that desired outcome as deeply as you can for at least fifteen minutes. When you are done, drift to sleep.

Lipstick Magick

Lipstick Magick

This seductive spell will leave a lasting impression on the one you love.

You will need red lipstick or lip balm such as chapstick (for men), your love and a thornless red rose.

After dark, write I LOVE YOU! On your bathroom mirror with the lipstick or chapstick. Also kiss the mirror a few times, each time applying new lipstick or chapstick. Draw a couple of stars and hearts and other magickal symbols. Now pull your lover into the bedroom. Greet him or her with a red rose (minus the thorns). Draw the rose softly along his or her cheek and then stroke your lover’s neck and throat with the soft petals and say:

“Your eyes are the stars in my skies

Your lips are the strawberries of my soul

Your kisses are the candy that I crave.”

Now tuck the rose in the front of your lover’s shirt or top, and kiss him or her with intense passion so that you can feel the spark and fire run through your body and your lover’s body. Continue to make love and have a blissful evening of love. Leave the message on the mirror for a moon cycle. You and your lover will enjoy reading the message and remembering your night of blissful love.

Colored Candle Love Spell

Colored Candle Love Spell

Cast this spell to bring you closer to the one you love.

You will need a colored candle, a ballpoint pen and ten drops of rose oil. Choose the color of candle that represents the energy you want to bring into your relationship. Colors are: Green = growth, pink = romance and love, red = passion and sexuality, white = a stronger spiritual bond.

Once you select the colored candle, use the ballpoint pen to inscribe the name of the person in the relationship with you three times on the candle body. Next, write your name three times on top of the three names of the person in the relationship with you. As you rub ten drops of rose oil into the candle, say the following verse:

One drop, two drops, three,

Let the Goddess of love empower me.

Light the candle and imagine looking into the eyes of your lover. Envision the energy of the candle burning like a beacon, lighting a path between you and your lover. Now say:

Divine light of passion

Come brighten my lover and I

With your shimmering light

Tonight and every night

So be it! Blessed Be!

Let the candle burn down safely. In the morning when you wake up, say a heartfelt prayer for the Goddess of Love.

Let The Love Flow Shower

Let The Love Flow Shower

This is a shower best taken by two people.

You will need a cup of fine mud and a cosmetic mud mask.

Begin by standing in the bathtub and applying the mud to one another. Rub the mud all over your partner’s body, taking delight in the way it feels. Press your bodies together, exchanging mud in slippery skin movements. The Earth Goddess and God merging together as One. In unison call out:

Goddess and God of the sacred earth
Mother and father of creation
Let the light be our guide
And love our mantra
So be it! Blessed Be!

Step into the warm shower and wash the mud from each of your bodies while whispering loving thoughts to one another. Tell your lover how much you love them. End the shower by toweling each other dry.