Lipstick Magick

Lipstick Magick

This seductive spell will leave a lasting impression on the one you love.

You will need red lipstick or lip balm such as chapstick (for men), your love and a thornless red rose.

After dark, write I LOVE YOU! On your bathroom mirror with the lipstick or chapstick. Also kiss the mirror a few times, each time applying new lipstick or chapstick. Draw a couple of stars and hearts and other magickal symbols. Now pull your lover into the bedroom. Greet him or her with a red rose (minus the thorns). Draw the rose softly along his or her cheek and then stroke your lover’s neck and throat with the soft petals and say:

“Your eyes are the stars in my skies

Your lips are the strawberries of my soul

Your kisses are the candy that I crave.”

Now tuck the rose in the front of your lover’s shirt or top, and kiss him or her with intense passion so that you can feel the spark and fire run through your body and your lover’s body. Continue to make love and have a blissful evening of love. Leave the message on the mirror for a moon cycle. You and your lover will enjoy reading the message and remembering your night of blissful love.

To Become Open To New Relationships

Flower GraphicsTo Become Open To New Relationships

Items You Will Need:

Pink candle

Sunflower oil

Rose Quartz

The Spell:

Inscribe a pink candle with your name, then anoint it and the rose quartz with sunflower oil. Light the candle. Hold the stone in your hand, and visualize friendship and romance coming your way and new relationships forming.

Chant three times:

Open mind, and gain new life,

Gone from you, all stress and strife.

Open heart, gain life anew.

Accept all love that’s offered you.

Positive thought and word and deed

Enter now–of bane I’m freed.

Ancients, hear me–grant my plea

To new relationships, open me.

Place the stone by the candle and leave it there until the candle burns all the way down. Carry the stone with you.


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A Balm to Soothe Emotions

A Balm to Soothe Emotions

This spell uses the principle of sympathy for its foundation.
By administering the balm to the instrument of injury, people believed the wound would heal faster.
Find an object that symbolizes the issue central to your anger.
The item should be something that you don’t mind leaving covered with cream.
Also, go to your medicine cabinet and find some first aid ointment or any salve that heals wounds.
Light a white candle (for peace) and place both the cream and the token in front of you.
Slowly consider all the reasons for your anger.
Let that energy pour outward into the chosen symbol until, in your mind’s eye,
it radiates a red light from your fury. By this point you should feel calmer too.
Next take enough cream in both palms to cover the emblem.
As you apply cream to the emblem, say,
“As balm to this figure, so also to my heart.
Where animosity has grown, healing now impart.”
Repeat this thirteen times while massaging the cream into the object.
Place this in a safe place so peace may grow undisturbed.
For dispersing negative tempers, restoring calm and equilibrium, forgiveness. Timing –
Waning moons, dawn. Moon in Gemini or Aries.
The months of February and August. Monday (healing) or Tuesday (to encourage logic).