Witches Spell for Sunday, March 2 – Spell for Stress and Depression

Witches Spell for Sunday, March 2 – Spell for Stress and Depression

Items needed:
White candle (non-dripless variety)
Kunzite or blue agate
Black marker with wide felt tip
Lemon Balm
Lemon oil (the kind used for furniture polish is fine)
Cloth pouch

Begin by completely coloring the candle black with the marker to symbolize the
depression that presently encases you. Light the candle and say:

Flame cut through depression deep,
Melt it down and make it weep.
Grant me power to re-emerge,
From its grip, I leap and surge.

Watch the candle burn until white wax appears at the flame.
Rub a bit of lemon oil into the flame and say:

Kunzite/agate, stone of mellow hue,
Dissolve this depression, I beg of you.
Take its power and transform its strength
Into positive energy I can use at length.

Lightly rub the stone against your temples and your heart, then place it in front of the candle and sprinkle it with lemon balm. Let the candle burn completely.
Place the stone and herb in the cloth pouch and carry it with you.

When your spirits need a lift, re-anoint the stone and repeat its empowerment chant.

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Spell To Upset the Plans of a Foe


To upset the plans of a foe, buy a thick white candle and carve it into the
rough shape of a human being. Write the name of your enemy on a strip of paper
using red ink, and wrap the paper around the chest of the wax image. Hold it in
place by thrusting a steel pin through the chest of the figure. Think hard of
your enemy as you insert the pin. Tie a length of red thread around the feet of
the image, and suspend it upside down, saying:

“As this image of [enemy’s name] is overturned,
so are the plans of [enemy’s name] overthrown.”

Leave the image suspended. From time to time bat it with your hand to make it
twist and swing, and repeat the charm.


by: Donald Tyson

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Colored Candle Love Spell

Colored Candle Love Spell

Cast this spell to bring you closer to the one you love.

You will need a colored candle, a ballpoint pen and ten drops of rose oil. Choose the color of candle that represents the energy you want to bring into your relationship. Colors are: Green = growth, pink = romance and love, red = passion and sexuality, white = a stronger spiritual bond.

Once you select the colored candle, use the ballpoint pen to inscribe the name of the person in the relationship with you three times on the candle body. Next, write your name three times on top of the three names of the person in the relationship with you. As you rub ten drops of rose oil into the candle, say the following verse:

One drop, two drops, three,

Let the Goddess of love empower me.

Light the candle and imagine looking into the eyes of your lover. Envision the energy of the candle burning like a beacon, lighting a path between you and your lover. Now say:

Divine light of passion

Come brighten my lover and I

With your shimmering light

Tonight and every night

So be it! Blessed Be!

Let the candle burn down safely. In the morning when you wake up, say a heartfelt prayer for the Goddess of Love.

WOTC Spell of the Day for Sept. 11th: Spell for Bravery

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A Spell for Bravery

To boost courage when you need it.

Items You Will Need:

An orange or red candle
A piece of carnelian or tiger’s eye

Candle You Need to Light:

Light a yellow candle for Air
Light a red candle for Fire
Light a blue candle for Water
Light a green candle for Earth
Light a white candle for Spirit.

This is a simple spell and can be said any time you need a boost. Write it down and tuck the paper in a wallet or pocket if you need to, or carry the stone with you.

“Gods, grant me courage
To face what lies ahead
And deal with challenges
In the best way possible.”
“Earth, lend me strength
And make me strong and grounded
Air, blow fear away
And keep my head clear.”
“Fire, burn away doubt
That would sap my will
And water, calm and soothe me
So I might go with the flow.”
“Spirit burn strong within me
That I might be brave
In the face of difficulty
Gods, grant me courage
Gods, grant me courage.”

So Mote It Be.

The Witch's Spell for Thursday, August 28th – Spell to Turn Your Life Around


The Witch’s Spell for Thursday, August 28th

Spell to Turn Your Life Around


Cast this spell at dawn.

Items Needed:

One white candle *for purity & strength* in the middle.

One pink candle *for spiritual help* at the right.

One blue candle *for cleansing of the self* at the left.

As you light them starting from the middle, then right, then the left say..

This is the turning point in my life.

I am erasing the past. The future is mine to choose.

Right this moment I am making my tomorrows.

I forgive myself for all past mistakes.

I start over with a clean slate.

I choose for myself only that which I desire to experience.

I choose….(You name it: health, wealth, companionship, happiness, etc.)

As I have said, SO MOTE IT BE!!!

Spell for Controlling a Situation


Items You Need:

A brown candle

Controlling oil

Parchment paper

A black pen.

Write down your situation on the paper, underneath it write the outcome. Anoint the candle with controlling oil. Put the paper under the candle, then light the candle.

Visualize your problem and it being solved (meditate on it for awhile). Let the candle burn itself out.

Crystal and Candle Spell


Items needed:

Basic altar set-up
bowl of water
candle in color symbolic of need

Shield, ground, and center. Cast circle

Charge of the Goddess/God.

Cleanse crystal by sprinkling with water, then with salt. Say the following:

“This crystal is hereby cleansed
and dedicated to the workings
of the Goddess and God.”       

With tip of crystal, scratch image, symbolic of need, on candle (i.e., a heart for love, a dollar sign for money, a fist for strength.

As candle is scratched, visualize your need with crystal clarity as if it had already been manifested.

Chant to raise power. Place candle in candleholder, set crystal near it, and light candle.

Watch the burning flame and again strongly visualize and chant &/or drum.
Allow the candle to burn down.

Candle Magick for Rocky Times

Candle Magick for Rocky Times


You will need:

Pink Candle

The Spell:

A love candle with oils and herbs hidden in a secret place instills confidence in our power to be good lovers. It is a secret source of inspiration when times are hard and you need to work through problems that arise in your relationship.

Hold a pink candle and charge it for future spells, by visualizing you and your lover in a happy loving embrace. Put the energy from this vision into the candle. The say out loud:

“We will always love each other.
May the Goddess and God grant this.
for the good of all.”

When problems arise in your relationship or you need self-confidence, take out the candle on a Friday during a waxing moon and anoint it with love oil using this procedure: Put some oil on your index finger, and beginning in the middle of the candle, run your finger to the wick end. Then repeat, rubbing the oil down to the bottom of the candle. Light the candle and let it burn down completely and go out.

Black Candle Banishing Spell

Black Candle Banishing Spell



Black candle, banishing oil


This is a simple spell and can be used for a variety of banishing purposes. Charge a black candle by holding it with both hands and visualize your desired outcome. Apply banishing oil to the candle and light it, allowing it to burn completely, thereby releasing its energy in the Universe.


By Ghost Writer

The Witches Magickal Spell for November 30th – A Spell for just a Little Nudge


A Spell for just a Little Nudge


Items You Will Need:


Pink Candle

Musk Oil



Little pink or red pouch

Metal or glass place


The Spell

On the pink or red cloth write the words:

“dream of me, be with me.”

On the other side of the cloth, write:

“just a little nudge.”

Cast the circle, call the quarters, the usual.

Dim the lights, leave a candle if you wish. Take the pink candle and anoint it with musk oil while thinking ot the intended. Scratch the name of the person on one side of the candle with the pin and the word love on the other. Place the cloth in the plate with the “just a little nudge” facing down. Light the candle and affix the cloth to the plate by letting hot wax drip on the corners of the cloth.

While visualizing your desire, use the wax dripping to form the shape of a heart in the middle of the cloth. Drip some wax in the center of it and place the candle there. With the candle burning, empower a pinch of marjoram by pinching it tightly between your fingers and feeling your energy flow into it.

Sprinkle the marjoram on the place touching the heart and candle. Let the candle burn down. Crinkle the hard pool of wax as much as you can while thinking of your desire. Take the remains of the wax, marjoram and the cloth and put them in the small pouch.

Sleep with the pouch under your pillow and by using dream direction, allow yourself to dream of the intended (even if in the morning you don’t remember the dream, don’t fret, you probably dream of the person). Sleep like this for as long as needed until the day comes when you are going to meet the person.

Then take the pouch with you. When you see that person, wait until the time is right. Close your eyes and touch the pouch. Feel it’s power. Open your eyes and glance straight at your intended. Now it is time for Fate to run its course.



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Spell To Upset The Plans of A Foe


To upset the plans of a foe, buy a thick white candle and carve it into the rough shape of a human being. Write the name of your enemy on a strip of paper using red ink, and wrap the paper around the chest of the wax image. Hold it in place by thrusting a steel pin through the chest of the figure. Think hard of your enemy as you insert the pin. Tie a length of red thread around the feet of the image, and suspend it upside down, saying:


“As this image of [enemy’s name] is overturned,
so are the plans of [enemy’s name] overthrown.”

Leave the image suspended. From time to time bat it with your hand to make it twist and swing, and repeat the charm.

by: Donald Tyson

Removing Hexes or Curses

Removing Hexes or Curses


Items You Need:

Old cooking pot

Black candle



The Spell:

Get yourself an old cooking pot, place a black candle in the center, fill the pot with water until it is 2” below the wick of the candle. Light the candle and say:

“If truly hexed or cursed I am, let it break with quench of flame.”

Then stare into the flame and see all the negative energy being drawn into it. When the candle burns down to the water level, and the flame sputters out, say:

“So Mote It Be!”

Dig a hole and empty the water into it. Now bury the candle. It is done.

Candle Spell for Well Being

Candle Spell for Well Being

This is a simple spell that can be used whenever you feel ill or “out of sorts”.  You Will Need:

  • A Blue candle of any type

The Spell:  Sit quietly in a comfortable spot, and place the candle in front of you.

Concentrate on the wish for yourself, and meditate on the way you wish things to turn out.

When ready, light the candle and recite the following:

“I light this candle for myself to help bring peace and well-being. As the candle burns, so mote it be.”  

Continue to meditate on your wish as the candle burns down.

Protect Yourself from Rumors

Protect Yourself from Rumors

In complete darkness and privacy, light a pink candle and hold it in your hands. Take a deep breath and stand as tall as you can. Facing east, raise the candle high above your head for a moment. Bring the candle down to eye level and hold it there while you slowly turn in a clockwise direction 3 times, concentrating on the blue part of the flame. Raising the candle high again, invoke the powers of nature by whispering:

“I bind myself this day,
The swiftness of the wind,
The power of the sea,
The strength of the fire,
The endurance of the earth.”

As you stand still for a moment, imagine a white light surrounding your body like a cocoon. Then take another deep breath and blow out the candle. This spell erects a barrier around you so no ill will affect your well-being. Never again will you feel hurt or depressed by people spreading gossip about you.

A Spell to Break The Powers of a Spell

If you believe that a spell has been cast against you, place a large black candle in a cauldron (or a large black bowl). The candle must be tall enough to extend a few inched above the cauldron’s rim. Affix the candle to the bottom of the cauldron with warmed beeswax or the drippings of another black candle so that it will not tip over.

Fill the cauldron to the rim with fresh water,without wetting the candle’s wick. An inch or two of the candle should remain above the water. Deep breathe, meditate, clear your mind, and light the candle. Visualize the suspected spell’s power as residing within the candle’s flame. Sit in quiet contemplation of the candle and visualize the power flowing and growing with the candle’s flame (yes the power against you). As the candle burns down, its flame will eventually sputter and go out as it contacts the water. As soon as the flame has been extinguished by the water, the spell will be dispersed.

Break your visualization of the spell’s power; see it explode into dust, becoming impotent.

Pour the water into a hole in the ground, a lake or stream. Bury the candle. It is done.