Jealous Lover Spell

This magick spell helps dispel envy and sweetens the situation.

Items You Will Need:

  • A ballpoint pen
  • A small pink pillar candle – not a dripless one
  • Jasmine essential oil
  • A heat-resistant glass, ceramic or metal plate
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Dried white rose petals
  • Dried nettle

Best Time To Cast:

  • During the waning moon, preferably on a Friday, or when the sun and/or moon is in Libra

The Spell

Collect the ingredients need for this spell. Cast a circle around the area where you will do your spell. With the ballpoint pen, inscribe our lover’s name on the candle, the candle represent him or her Pour a little jasmine essential oil in your hand and dress the candle with it.

Set the candle on the plate and light it. Gaze at the candle an imagine you are looking at your partner. Explain your feelings and tell hm/her how much you care, how important the relationship is to you. Reassure this person that you are trustworthy. Think only positive thought. Allow the candle to burn down completely.

While the melted wax is still warm, crumble the rose petals and the dried nettle. Sprinkle the herbs on the wax. Then form the soft wax into the shape of a heart. Open the circle and give the wax heart to your lover as a token of your affection.