Spell To Cool The Heels Of A Cheating Lover

By casting this spell, you bind your beloved to you and vice versa, so be certain that is what you really want before proceeding.

Items You Will Need:

  • Thread
  • A needle
  • Your lover’s underpants

Best Time To Cast:

  • On a Saturday when the sun or moon is in Taurus

The Spell

Collect the ingredients listed above – ideally, you’ll need all your lover’s undies. This spell could take some time so you might opt to perform it in stages. Cast a circle. Thread your needle and sew a stitch into the waistband of the first pair of underpants (try to do this so it doesn’t show). Tie a knot and say or think this affirmation: “(Name)” is faithful to me only, and we are very happy together.” Make another stitch, tie a knot, and repeat the affirmation.

Continue in this manner until you’ve sewn a complete circle around the waistband of his or her underpants, with lots of little knots tied along the way. The string of knots sometimes called a “witch’s ladder” holds your intention firmly in place and ties the two of you together in an exclusive partnership. When you’ve finished sewing as many garments as you feel up to working on, say aloud: “This spell is done in harmony with Divine Will, our own true wills and for the good of all, harming none.” This disclaimer invites a higher power to take it from here and neutralizes the manipulative aspect of the spell. If, the relationship isn’t in your best interests, you’re giving Divine Will license to act in your behalf to release you from the spell.

Open the circle. Repeat the spell as many times as necessary until you’ve stitched your intention into ever pair of our lover’s underpants.