February, the Second Month of the Year of our Goddess, 2018

“Blessings are the things we take for granted.
Each holiday we notice what we see.
Most know the Earth is utterly enchanted
Yet walk through life and love mechanically.
Valuing one’s gifts takes resolution
After days and nights of fantasy.
Love brings the sweet relief of absolution,
Enveloping our hesitance in need.
No touch inspires so swift a revolution,
Transforming all the hieroglyphs we read.
In your love is the charity of spring,
Nor self-obsessed nor blinded by some creed,
Embracing the grey dawns that blessings bring.”

– Cornelius Lyons

February – Snow Moon

February is the second month of the Gregorian calendar, and the year’s shortest month. It is named for Februa, an ancient purification festival, and its astrological sign is Aquarius, the water-bearer (January 20 – February 18) a fixed air sign rued by Uranus. In February,  Mother Earth begins to stir, daylight lasts a little longer, and the first crocuses begin to peek through the snow. the major holiday of the month, Imbolc or Candlemas, celebrates the strengthening Sun. This is a day of purification and banishment, candles are lit and Yuletide greenery is burned in a ritual fire to illuminate the waning darkness of winter. Corn dollies, called Corn Maidens, are dressed in scraps of white lace and ribbons. The maiden is placed in a basket, called the Bride’s Bed, with a small ribbon entwined wand representing the God. Romance is celebrated on Valentine’s Day February 14. Magickal activities include love divinations of all types and of course, treating your romantic partner to chocolates is a common custom . Long ago, February’s Full Moon was called the Snow Moon and the month is still known for powerful snow storms. Still, nature begins to sense the turning of the year. House finches begin looking for nesting sites, and in the still frozen woodland foxes begin searching for a mate.

Some Foreign names reveal more about the month of February. In Old English, February was called Solmonath, which means “mud month,” or Kale-monoath which refers to cabbage. The Slovene name Svecan invokes Candlemas. The Finnish name Helmikuu means “month of the pearl, in which melting snow forms pearly drops of ice on the trees. In Polish this is Luty, the “month of ice,” and in Czech it’s Unor, when the river ice submerges. Native American names include Wolf Moon, Snow Moon and Wind Moon.

This month is said to foreshadow the weather in the warm season. A wet February suggests a pleasant and fruitful summer. a dry, clear month hints at trouble to come. You can see echoes of this in Groundhog Day where again foul weather predicts fair.

February honors Aradia, Brigid, and Juno Februa. It also features the Maiden Goddess and the consort God as Youth or Rogue.


—Excerpt from LLewellyn’s 2017 Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac
Article Entitled “February” by Elizabeth Barrette


February’s Correspondences

Festival: Imbolc.

Symbols include candles, the Brighid cross, lambs, bulbs, and milk.

Moon name: Hunger Moon, due to the lack of food at this time of year. Other names include Snow Moon, Trappers’ Moon, Storm Moon, and Moon of Ice.

Astrological signs: Aquarius, January 21– February 20; Pisces, February 21– March 20.

Birthstones: Amethyst and rose quartz.

Nature spirits: All air spirits and young earth Fae.

Animals: Moles, badgers, and sheep.

Birds: Owls and herons.

Trees: Willow and hazel.

Flowers: Snowdrop, crocus, violet, and aconite.

Herbs: Rosemary and sage.

Scents: Pine, sage, and violet.

Colors: White, green, and silver.

Goddess: Brighid.

Powers: The stirrings of new beginnings; new energy and focus.

Other: Candlemas, St. Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day), Leap Year (every four years).

—Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year
Mandy Mitchell


Symbols for the Month of February

February’s Festivals: Candlemas, St. Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day), Leap Year (every four years)


February’s Sign of the Zodiac
Aquarius (January 21 – February 20)
Pisces (February 21 – March 20)


February’s Celtic Tree Astrology
Luis(Rowan) (January 21 – February 17)
Nuin(Ash) (February 18 – March 17)


February’s Runic Half Months
Elhaz (January 28 – February 11)
Sigel (February 12 – February 26)
Tyr (February 27 – March 13)


February’s Birthstone


February’s Birth Flower


February’s Goddess


Other: Candlemas, St. Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday, Leap Year


February Folklore

“When the cat lies in the sun in February, she will creep behind the stove in March.”

“Of all the months of the year, curse a fair February.”

“If it thunders in February, it will frost in April.”

“If February gives much snow, a fine summer it doth foreshow!”


Folklore Courtesy – Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year
Mandy Mitchell


Calendar of Events for February

  • 2: Imbolc, the celebration of the goddess Brighid.
  • 2: Lammas or Lughnasadh (Southern Hemisphere), marking the grain harvest at the end of summer.
  • 12: Death of Gerald Gardner, founder of modern Wicca, in 1964.
  • 13–21: Roman Festival of Parentalia, a time of quiet, personal reflection, in which the ancestors were honored.
  • 14: Valentine’s Day
  • 15: Lupercalia, celebrating fertility and the coming of spring.
  • 17: Celtic Tree Month of Rowan ends
  • 18: Celtic Tree Month of Ash begins
  • 21: Birthday of author Patricia Telesco
  • 22: Birthday of author Sybil Leek

Patti Wigington
Published on ThoughtCo

Home and Hearth

For many areas of the Northern Hemisphere, the month of February is often the coldest time of the year. It conjures cozy visions of snowy days spent with friends and family, of hot cup of tea and coffee, or perhaps of curling up with a good book in the safety of one’s hearth and home. It simply feels to be the right time to do some hearth magick.

This month also contains Imbolc, a sabbat that honors the growing light but also all things hearth, with many celebrations paying homage to the Celtic hearth and fire goddess, Brigid. For many, the term “hearth” conjures visions of fire and of fireplaces or woodstoves with an accompanying brick or stone surround—an elemental juxtaposition yet perfect combination of earth and fire. However, the physical hearth is often not a fireplace; for example, we all have a stove and oven in our kitchens that we prepare meals for ourselves and our loved ones upon. Perhaps your hearth is simply a central altar in your home. One may even consider the dining room table, a common gathering point for fond memories, a form of hearth. However, the hearth is more than a physical location it is a feeling and a spirit.

As magickal persons, we strive to keep the energy of our hearth and home one of feeling safe, loved, nurtured, and cozy. The spirit of the hearth is more important than any physical manifestation of it. If you have the spiritual part taken care of, any physical manifestion of the hearth will radiate with the beautiful spirit you have nurtured. February is a perfect time to gather with close loved ones, nurture yourself, seek cozy experience, and work the magick of hearth and home! I like to do a simple blessing and cleansing spell to get the energetic vibes rolling in the desired direction and to honor the spirit of the home.


Hearth Blessing and Cleansing Ritual

Here is a quick and simple ritual honoring the spirit of the hearth and your home, designed to raise the vibes and fill it with blessings of the season and create a welcoming environment for those you love. Because of the rite’s simplicity, it is easy to personalize and embellish. All you need to gather is a small white candle, a bell or rattle, and a simple offering for the spirits of hearth and home that conjures a cozy feeling, such as fresh-baked cookies, a mug of a favorite drink, or favorite incense. You can perform this alone or gather the other persons in your household at what you consider to be the physical form of the hearth in your home. Light the candle and ring the bell or shake the rattle while focusing on calling on the spirits of hearth and house. Ceremonially place the offering near the candle as a gift to the spirits. Envision the purifying and radiant light of the candle growing. filling and permeating your entire home. Recite,

Spirits of hearth and home, with this light may your presence 

here be grown. We ask you to bless and protect our cozy home,

with this offering our gratitude be known.

Continue to hold the vision of the glowing radiant light bestowing the requested blessings upon your household. When you feel it’s reached its peak, you may ring or rattle again to conclude the simple rite. May your experience all the warmth and coziness of the hearth in this delightfully chilly time of year!

We are Witches
We walk the path of the Old Gods
From this moment forth
We will not walk alone
Together, we will worship
Together, we will practice our Craft
Together, we will learn and grow
We vow to work, from this day forward
In perfect love and perfect trust
According to the free will of all
And for the good of all
Creating only beauty
Singing in harmony
Our song upon the Earth
Love is the law and love is the bond
In the name of the Goddess and the God
So do we vow, and so mote it be.
–Circle, Coven, & Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice
Deborah Blake

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Lighten Up – Top Ten Cheesy Pick-Up Lines For Pagans

Top Ten Cheesy Pick-Up Lines For Pagans

10. Hey babe, what’s your sign? What’s it’s ascendant? What is your planet alignment in Venus during Cancer’s revolving around the Fourth House?

9. Read any good Llewellyn Books lately?

8. Would you like to come over to my place and widdershens?

7. Haven’t I seen you someplace before in another life?

6. Yes, I’m handfasted, but that’s not “technically” marriage.

5. So, do you draw down the moon here often?

4. What’s a nymph Goddess like you doing in a place like this?

3. You have the prettiest third eye I’ve ever seen.

2. You’re feet must be tired because you’ve been Spiral Dancing in my mind “all” night long.

And the Number One Cheesy Pick-Up Line for Pagans to Use at Gatherings is:

1. Is that a May Pole in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Your Daily Feng Shui Tip for June 27

Whether or not today is your birthday, I’m acting as if it is and celebrating you! So here’s a gift that keeps on giving with all my good wishes and love! Buy five helium-filled balloons, one of each of the following colors: red, yellow, white, pink and purple — never use blue, green or black balloons! Tie a tail on each balloon with nine or eighteen inches of red ribbon, string or thread. Use a new black felt-tip marker to write on each balloon one treasured wish that completely describes your heart’s desires. You can have five different wishes or write the same wish on all five balloons. Then take the balloons to an open space and release the ‘wish’ balloons one at a time. Visualize them turning into small golden orbs that are heading into the mouth and belly of the Sky Dragon. In gratitude for filling his tummy, he will then make your wishes come true sometime within the next year. Blow up your birthday and make a wish! This time you can count on it coming true!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com