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I believe everyone knows I am Irish by now. Really an Irish Hillbilly, lol! But I wanted to let you know what I was going to do today. I ran across some old Irish curses and superstitions. None of them are long they are just short, like some you would utter under your breath. I thought I would post some of the mild ones. I don’t know about you but I like to see how our Ancestors operated. From what I have studied so far, they operated very simply. I believe simple will get the job done just as well as some elaborate spell or ritual. Perhaps you disagree with me but I think you will enjoy these “ye olde, simple, one-liners!”

Happy & Blessed Wednesday To All My Dear Friends!

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A Irish Blessing For You & Yours,

Whenever there is happiness Hope you’ll be there too,

Wherever there are friendly smiles Hope they’ll smile on you,

Whenever there is sunshine,  Hope it shine especially For you

 to make each day for you As bright as it can be.

May you have a bright & blessed day, my good friends!

Lady A

Thank The Goddess It Is Finally Friday! Blessings To You & Yours On This Fabulous Day!

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When the first light of sun-
Bless you.
When the long day is done-
Bless you.
In your smiles and your tears-
Bless you.
Through each day of your years-
Bless you.

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