Ocean Mother

Ocean Mother

Ocean Mother healing
She is the healer of the Earth
Ocean Mother crying She is the mourner of the Earth
Ocean Mother laughing
She is the brightness of the Earth
Ocean Mother birthing
She is the cradle of the Earth

(c)1990 Inanna Arthen

Daily Feng Shui Tip for June 8 – “Name Your Poison Day!”

Today’s ‘Name Your Poison Day’ has me thinking of holistic remedies that can be embraced if your poison is ivy or sumac or oak. At least one of these poisonous weeds grows in every U.S. state, and as many as 10 million Americans are affected by these plants annually. Contact with them can cause irritating blisters, itching and a discharge. Should that happen, immediately wash the affected area with cold water — you have about two minutes to rinse off the urushiol oil that carries the plant’s ‘poison.’ However, if you’re lacking water and you develop a rash, you can bring quick relief by dabbing the area with a mix of equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. You can also rub slices of fresh lemon on the affected area to stop the itch and heal the rash. Of course, gel from a fresh aloe plant offers the same healing relief. Be aware that these remedies are not applicable if the skin has been broken. In that event, proper medical intervention may be necessary. This way the next time someone asks you ‘what’s your poison,’ it won’t be ivy, sumac or oak!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Today’s Runes for June 8th is Ger

Today’s Runes

Gold Runes are most commonly used for questions about business, career, and property. Ger is one of the runes that touches on the cycles of the year, in this case the fall harvest. These cycles are eternal, which is represented in the rune by the fact that it is unchanged by reversal. Ger can represent pregnancy or other forms of fruitfulness, and is especially indicative of the cycles of providence and karma – that which has been sown is now being reaped. This rune can also represent the cycles of wealth, for crops were frequently a sign of wealth.

Today’s Tarot Card for June 8 is Triumph


This Tarot Deck: Lovers Path

General Meaning:

What has traditionally been known as the World card points to the presiding intelligence, called “Sophia,” or Wisdom, which upholds life on this and all worlds. A more precise title for this card might be “the Soul of the World,” also applicable as a symbol of personal empowerment and freedom. In most Tarot decks it is a female figure that has become our standard World image. She originates in Hebrew, Gnostic and Alchemical lore, and stands between heaven and earth as the Cosmic Mother of Souls, the Wife of God and our protector from the karmic forces we have set loose upon the Earth in our immaturity and ignorance.

Where the Empress energy secures and fertilizes our terrestrial lives, the goddess of The World invites us into cosmic citizenship — once we come to realize our soul’s potential for it. Just as the Chariot stands for success in achieving a separate Self, and Temperance represents achievement of mental and moral health, the World card announces the awakening of the soul’s Immortal Being, accomplished without the necessity of dying.

This card, like the Sun, is reputed to have no negative meaning no matter where or how it appears. If the Hermetic axiom is “Know Thyself”, this image represents what becomes known when the true nature of Self is followed to creative freedom and its ultimate realization

Daily General Horoscopes for June 8


As Mercury, planet of communication spends his first full day in your home and family sector he’s giving you a chance to begin the process of opening the communication lines on the home front. This is the first planetary activity you’ve had on the home front this year and it comes just as you’re moving into some defining and busy weeks on the work front. From the get go, do what you can to ensure you have the right work/life balance.


The money gods have been hard at work in your chart over the last few days, with just the second lunar eclipse in your financial sector in a decade and the second and last Venus eclipse in your income sector, in your lifetime, falling within 2 days of each other. This has put all your cards on the table and on the income front in particular has created a new sense of resolve and despite any pressure or intensity, a new sense of confidence.


Both the lunar eclipse in your relationship sector earlier in the week and the Venus eclipse 2 days ago all involved the Sun and have already shaped the coming year, whether you realise it or not. You will always be confronted by a Full Moon during your birthday month, making sure that you’re not asleep at the wheel and the Sun and Venus will often align in your sign, giving you a clear sense of what you want from the future. What was different this year, was the strength of the message and the wake up calls.


While the internal focus and a sense of nostalgia will remain Mercury, planet of communication has had enough of that. Mercury has returned to your sign bringing the first planetary activity for the year and while your new solar year and birthday month won’t begin for another 13 days, this gives you a head start. Expect the mental fog to clear from today, giving you a lot more mental clarity.


Your one real escape from life’s pressures and realities is a growing sense of camaraderie in your chart. With the laws of attraction and synchronicity in play, it’s a sense of togetherness that is making being a team player more important than ever. On both the personal and professional fronts, it’s when you’re linking up with others that you’ll feel the most support and you’re more likely to find your wings.


Life has become a lot more professionally focused over recent weeks and this is only going to continue, making it important to hold onto the balance between work and play that you’ve worked hard to achieve. It’s Mercury’s return to a social and serendipitous part of your chart that has helped put things into perspective, ensuring that the communication lines are open when it comes to personal and professional networking.


Just 3 days after Neptune turned retrograde in your work sector, bringing an active phase on the work front to an end and beginning the review phase, Mercury has returned to open new doors on the career front. While Mercury himself is only here for 2 weeks, with the Sun returning before he leaves and then Venus in early August, this is when new doors start to open. Mercury’s intellectual savvy gives you a chance to review your options.


After a financially dominated week to date and even more financial forces building, there is a chance for some light relief and a different perspective today, as Mercury settles into a more adventurous part of your chart. Mercury is only here for a few weeks, but creates a chance to open your mind to things in life that are free or to the options across all the currencies of your life. At what is a highly charged time for money matters Mercury is here to remind you that it’s not all about the money.


The Moon leaves your income sector today, just hours after Mercury returned to your financial sector, keeping the focus on your money game but bringing a shift in dynamics. Yet if you can hold onto the financial instincts and the nose for money the Moon leaves you with and the smart head for money Mercury is now bringing into play, this will give you a real edge. The first planetary activity in your financial sector for the year gives you a chance to bring things up to speed.


Mercury, planet of communication has broken free from the forces on the work front, returning to your relationship sector just 4 days before Jupiter, planet of luck is due to leave your romantic sector. You’ve reached a point of no return, with the professional focus only intensifying over the coming weeks, but you have a chance today to counter this with equal focus on your personal life. It starts with a chance to open the communication lines.


Mercury’s return to your work sector has been a small step by a small planet but a giant leap as far as your professional year is concerned. You’ve had no planetary activity in either of your professional houses since the Sun left your career sector last November and while Mercury is only here for 2 weeks this smart and intellectually savvy energy kicks off a professional phase that won’t run its course until 2015.


Mercury’s return to your romantic and creative sector is destined to have a big impact over the coming months, even though he’s only here for 2 weeks. At what is an important time on the relationship front this creates a chance to bring a sense of romance back into play, as well as a chance to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page. All of a sudden simply going through the motions is no longer enough.

Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for June 8 – 10

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

 by Jeff Jawer


From Head to Heart

June 8 – 10

There’s a journey from head to heart this weekend, starting on Friday with the brainy Aquarius Moon providing the distance needed to see beyond emotions to gain a more objective picture of relationships. Happily, an imaginative little Mercury-Neptune trine adds creativity to communication and spurs romantic dreams.
There’s a shift in the lunar winds with the Moon’s entry into supersensitive Pisces on Saturday afternoon. This emotionally enveloping sign is most comfortable in the realms of dreams, intuition and spirituality. The Moon’s conjunction with surreal Neptune makes the night perfect for indulging fantasies. Escaping reality may limit good judgment and common sense, but who cares about practicalities when we’re dancing with abandon and loving without limits. However, skin is thinner than usual now, increasing vulnerability and, for some, uncertainty. But this is not the time to worry about tomorrow or even the realities of the moment. Compassion, connection and communion are more important now than whatever the future might bring.
Sunday continues this sweet trend of flowing with feelings. It doesn’t matter who we’re with or what we do as long as we are kind and forgiving. There are no scores to settle or any serious issues to address at this time. Tenderly accompanying someone in his or her moment of need dissolves boundaries and invites intimacy without expectation. There’s no finer gift than the one we receive when we open our hearts to others.