Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for June 8 – 10

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

 by Jeff Jawer


From Head to Heart

June 8 – 10

There’s a journey from head to heart this weekend, starting on Friday with the brainy Aquarius Moon providing the distance needed to see beyond emotions to gain a more objective picture of relationships. Happily, an imaginative little Mercury-Neptune trine adds creativity to communication and spurs romantic dreams.
There’s a shift in the lunar winds with the Moon’s entry into supersensitive Pisces on Saturday afternoon. This emotionally enveloping sign is most comfortable in the realms of dreams, intuition and spirituality. The Moon’s conjunction with surreal Neptune makes the night perfect for indulging fantasies. Escaping reality may limit good judgment and common sense, but who cares about practicalities when we’re dancing with abandon and loving without limits. However, skin is thinner than usual now, increasing vulnerability and, for some, uncertainty. But this is not the time to worry about tomorrow or even the realities of the moment. Compassion, connection and communion are more important now than whatever the future might bring.
Sunday continues this sweet trend of flowing with feelings. It doesn’t matter who we’re with or what we do as long as we are kind and forgiving. There are no scores to settle or any serious issues to address at this time. Tenderly accompanying someone in his or her moment of need dissolves boundaries and invites intimacy without expectation. There’s no finer gift than the one we receive when we open our hearts to others.