Daily Love & Romance Horoscopes for June 8


While there is a heavy focus on both your relationships and communication at the moment, in just a few weeks time your romantic situation will get the first real boost of the year. While you can’t make this happen any sooner than it’s scheduled for, you can make sure that you’re ready by working now to make your life as love friendly as possible.


The way to make the most of Mars’ final weeks in your romantic sector is not to approach love with fearfulness or hesitancy, but with a bold and fearless approach. You’ve reached a point where your greatest fear should no longer be getting it wrong but living to regret not having taken more risks.


With Venus, planet of love in retrograde motion in your sign and Saturn in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, on the romantic front the focus is on the past and the door to second chances and to old feelings. Yet on the relationship front the focus is on the future and where a lunar eclipse earlier in the week may have shaken things up, it was a reminder that it’s time to move on.


As the Moon leaves your relationship sector he’s likely to leave some strong emotional responses in his wake, after a visit that is likely to have stirred things up and pushed buttons to a much stronger degree this time around. Yet this is an advantage, for it’s into this energy that Mercury has returned to your sign, giving you a voice.


After an extraordinary few days on the romantic front the Moon returns to your relationship sector today, giving you a chance to not only give your relationships some much needed attention, but to channel some real magic into your relationships. Focus less on relationship issues and more on how you can spice things up.


With Neptune in retrograde motion in your relationship sector and Pluto in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, the only planet influencing things on the personal front that is still in direct motion is Chiron, planet of healing. But with Chiron turning retrograde in just 4 days time it seems there is no escaping the past or its old ghosts.


The Moon’s return to your romantic sector today offers light relief, just as relationship pressure is starting to take hold. This also gives you a chance to keep things in perspective, with an intuitive read on your heart and its emotional responses giving you a better idea on what any pressure or tension is trying to tell you.


A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Jupiter first returned to your relationship sector last June and since things first began moving on the relationship front last April. Now in the final days of summing things up it’s more about the path you want your relationships to take and about where to from here.


While a Venus eclipse in your relationship sector 2 days ago is magical, it was also very raw and having revealed what you really want and need from your relationships, the gap between that and reality may be hard to face. Yet there is a need to trust that the love gods are on your side and closing that gap is a lot easier than you might think.


Mercury’s return to your relationship sector has brought the first planetary activity for the year, giving you a chance to kick things off with communication and words. Mercury is only here for 19 days, but as the planet of communication he’s here to ensure that things start off the way they can continue.


While Mercury has left your romantic sector, his position here over the last 2 weeks and over the last few days in particular has allowed you to put heart and mind on the same page and wear both on your sleeve. As you move into some very game changing romantic times work to ensure your heart retains that voice, now that Mercury has moved on.


Mercury’s return to your romantic sector since Mars is in his final and most urgent weeks in your relationship sector might create some competition, but both will benefit from activity in the other. Mars and your relationships will benefit from the spirit of romance Mercury is now bringing into play and the voice this is able to give your heart.