Daily Chinese Horoscopes for June 8


The key to communication today is to keep in mind that no matter how critical someone may seem, they actually have your best interests at heart. So, if someone takes you to task over your diet, exercise patterns or commitment to medical treatments, remember, they love you.


The way you make, save, and invest your money for the future has been undergoing a lot of dramatic changes lately, and you could benefit from finding an established professional or expert advisor. Make sure that you find someone who understands your unique needs.


Open your eyes and close your mouth. You will tend to be temperamental and somewhat anxious, and are vulnerable to saying the wrong thing at the worst moment. Don’t let yourself be goaded into confrontations that you can’t win, especially with relatives and loved ones.


In the morning you will feel lazy, self-indulgent and unfocused, and that feeling could intensify throughout the day. That may be just as well, ironically, because any new initiatives you would start in the afternoon may have to be rethought.


You may find that your energy and the attitude of a friend are at odds right now. You have been through some spiritual changes and they haven’t kept up with the changes in your values. You may find they are asking you a lot of challenging questions today.


You may find yourself at odds with authority figures, possibly those individuals in your family, or the family of your partner, who hold the purse strings or the keys to the big parties you’d like to attend this year. You will not be in the mood to schmooze and may be forced to play the “genteel host or hostess”.


This is not the time to sink a large amount of money into a trip, and it is definitely not a good time to put travel or educational expenses on your credit cards. Resist the impulses coming from your itchy feet and sink that money into savings or paying down debts.


This is your day to make amends for an offense you caused someone recently. You may not quite be ready to say you were wrong, and if you are not sincere, then it may be better that you wait until you feel you truly understand the other person’s point of view.


You may feel impatient with a loved one or partner right now, but it’s not really them that is the problem – there is a meddlesome parent or family member somewhere in the picture. Talking things out could bring up an ideal way to sort out the differences.


You may have to spend money on medications or herbal remedies today. Be sure that you understand how different medications and herbs can react before you start any new treatment schedule. You will feel better if you know more about your own health.


Listen to the children in your life. If you are not a parent, and don’t have nieces or nephews, go borrow a friend’s kids and just pay attention to what they come up with. Cosby and Linkletter observed that kids say the darndest things – they are often a profound source of wisdom, too.


Family members may seem to be determined to be contrary today. Instead of trying to get them to see your point of view, try putting yourself into their shoes. The change in perspective could bring the answers you need to put everyone back into harmony again.