Let's Talk Witch – Pins and Needles


*I know Mystie posted a lot of information on Poppets. But I do not believe she ever gave you information on how to use the pins and needles. Pins and needles are commonly associated with Poppets. And if you are going to use them, you can’t just jab them here and there. Below you will find a simple guide as to where to place the pins and needles. I hope it helps!”

Pins and Needles

When poppets are used, in most cases, you will use pins and needles inserted in conjunction with the part of the victim’s body. Of course, if the intent is to cause illness, locating the proper insertion point is just a matter of common sense. However, other key insertion points are often overlooked. And it’s to that end that a brief list follows below for your convenience.

Mouth:  To keep someone from spreading lies, speaking ill of you, or to hold gossip at bay, insert nine pins in the mouth.

Buttocks:  To keep someone from taking your job, place three pins each buttock cheek.

Hands:  Insert pins here to keep the victim from stealing from you–this could include preventing the theft of your lover–and to sentence him or her to a life of poverty.

Head: Pins inserted in the area can cause confusion, disorientation, and depression.

Eyes:  These are excellent inssertion points when the intent involves making the victim oblivious to your action.

Nose:  Insert two pins in each nostril to stop nosy neighbors, or keep the target from interfering in your business.

Excerpts from:

Utterly Wicked
Curses, Hexes or Other Unsavory Notion
Dorothy Morrison

Forget Me Not Spell

Forget Me Not Spell

Items You Will Need:

A sewing needle

One (or more) of your hairs

A garment your lover wears often

Best Time To Cast:

During the Waxing Moon

When the Sun or Moon is in Taurus or Libra

On Fridays

The Spell:

1.  Thread your hair through the needle’s eye.

2.  Carefully sew your hair into your beloved’s garment, and with each stitch, repeat the following:

“Forget me not, for I am near
Every day of every year.
My love abides within this hair
Carry it with you everywhere.”

3.  Stitch as many hairs into as many garments as you wish. When you’ve finished, return your lover’s clothing to him/her.

Car Protection Sachet

Car Protection Sachet

2 parts Rosemary
2 parts Juniper
1 part Mugwort
1 part Comfrey
1 part Caraway
1 small Quartz Crystal point

Tie up in red cloth. Secret somewhere in the car where it won’t be found. And drive safely-this sachet won’t guard against the driver’s mistakes. After a few months, take the sachet apart, save and cleanse the crystal and use again in the new sachet.

Spell To Cool The Heels Of A Cheating Lover

By casting this spell, you bind your beloved to you and vice versa, so be certain that is what you really want before proceeding.

Items You Will Need:

  • Thread
  • A needle
  • Your lover’s underpants

Best Time To Cast:

  • On a Saturday when the sun or moon is in Taurus

The Spell

Collect the ingredients listed above – ideally, you’ll need all your lover’s undies. This spell could take some time so you might opt to perform it in stages. Cast a circle. Thread your needle and sew a stitch into the waistband of the first pair of underpants (try to do this so it doesn’t show). Tie a knot and say or think this affirmation: “(Name)” is faithful to me only, and we are very happy together.” Make another stitch, tie a knot, and repeat the affirmation.

Continue in this manner until you’ve sewn a complete circle around the waistband of his or her underpants, with lots of little knots tied along the way. The string of knots sometimes called a “witch’s ladder” holds your intention firmly in place and ties the two of you together in an exclusive partnership. When you’ve finished sewing as many garments as you feel up to working on, say aloud: “This spell is done in harmony with Divine Will, our own true wills and for the good of all, harming none.” This disclaimer invites a higher power to take it from here and neutralizes the manipulative aspect of the spell. If, the relationship isn’t in your best interests, you’re giving Divine Will license to act in your behalf to release you from the spell.

Open the circle. Repeat the spell as many times as necessary until you’ve stitched your intention into ever pair of our lover’s underpants.

Good Sunday Morning to all my lovely friends!

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Today’s Affirmation for March 4th

I live in the spirit, at ease with body and mind, with nature in it infinite richness, with others in spiritual kinship.


Today’s Thought for March 4th

The Spirit flashes, like a salmon leaping. Although a salmon may be caught on a hook, the fisherman has no way to capture its beauty.

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Meditation for March 4th

The Five-Pointed Star

The pentacle is a symbol of cosmic union, comprised of two interlocking triangles. The narrow triangle pointing upward indicates the masculine heaven principle; the wider, central triangle pointing downward, the feminine earth principle. Meditating on the pentacle aligns you with the cosmos, harmonizing the complementary energies of masculine and feminine within your nature.