Worksheet for Spells and Formulas

Worksheet for Spells and Formulas



Type of Spell or Formula: __________________________________________________


Date and Time made: ______________________________________________________


Reference: ______________________________________________________________


Astrological Phases: _______________________________________________________


Specific Purposes_________________________________________________________


List of Ingredients and or Supplies needed: ____________________________________




Specific Location required: _________________________________________________



Date, Time, and Astrological phase when used: _________________________________


Results (Include if spell or formula worked, how long it took to manifest, time limit. of formula, any specific results, etc.): ___________________________________________



Deities invoked during preparation and/or use: __________________________________



Step by step instructions for preparation and/or use: ______________________________





January…. Garnet is known as the stone of health. Use this stone to ensure stability and encourage success.


February…. Amethyst is known as the happy stone. Wearing this stone will bring you peace and harmony.


March…. Aquamarine was originally given to sailors to ensure a safe voyage at sea. This stone brings courage to the wearer.


April…. The Diamond represents life, joy and innocence. Wearing this stone enhances confidence, trust, and love.


May…. Emerald is known as the nature stone. This stone brings serenity and peace of mind.


June…. The Pearl represents youth. Wear pearls for truth.


July…. The Ruby represents wealth. It is said the wearer of the ruby will never have to want for money & will always be content.


August…. Peridot is the stone of Understanding. This stone will help shed light on a situation. Wearing this stone will help keep you ‘right on track.’


September…. Sapphire is the stone of purity. Wearing this stone will help balance the physical and emotional parts of your life.


October…. Tourmaline is the stone of Truth. Wear this stone to dispel fear and to enhance insights.


November…. Topaz is the stone of goodness & faith. This stone increases creativity and feelings of joy. To inspire bright ideas, wearing the Topaz would be perfect.


December…. Turquoise is known as the “magical stone” for the stone changes color over a period of time. This stone brings hope and victory to the wearer.