Calendar of the Moon for May 7

Calendar of the Moon
5, 7, 9 Saille/Mounukhion


Colors: Black and grey
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of black and grey set a bowl of beans, nine black candles, a brazier with incense of agrimony and rue, a bottle of good wine, a bowl of clean spring water, a knotted rope, a bowl of asafoetida, and a skull.
Offerings: None. This is a banishing. All carry cymbals, drums, or noisemakers.
Daily Meal: Goat meat. Beans.

Lemuria Invocation

(First the one who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual stands forth, takes the knotted rope from the altar, and unknots it, and throws it into the brazier.)

Call: Shades of those who have gone before us!
Ghosts and demons, inside us and outside,
Hear us!
Response: We cast you out! We drive you before us!
Call: Begone from house and hearth,
Begone from mind and heart,
Begone from roost and stall,
Begone from field and garden,
Begone from path and road,
Begone from all places
Where you might harry us!
We scatter you before us on the wind!
Response: We cast you out! We drive you before us!

(The officiant makes the sign of the ficus towards the west, and all follow in turn. Then the officiant washes their hands in the clear spring water, and brings the bowl to all, who wash in turn. The water is poured out in the libation well. Then the beans are passed around, and all take a handful or a mouthful. Each spits or throws the beans in a different direction.)

Call: Hace ego mitto, his redime meque meosque fabis!
Response: Manes exite paterni! Manes exite paterni! Manes exite paterni!

(All walk through the house and around the boundaries of the property, clashing cymbals and beating drums and making noise to drive away all evil spirits. This ritual repeats for three days, only on odd-numbered days, which are luckier than even-numbered days.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for May 7th

Calendar of the Sun
7 Thrimilchimonath

Frigga’s Blot

Color: White and blue
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of white and blue set twelve white candles, one sky-blue candle, a great jug of mead, and a drop spindle full of handspun yarn. Throughout the next twelve days, the altar stays the same, and one more candle is lit. On this day, light only the blue one.
Offering: Learn to spin. Bring harmony to some place that needs it. Do things correctly.
Daily Meal: Soup or stew. Bread with cheese, meat, or jam.

Invocation to Frigga

We call you, Frigga, from your misty halls at Fensalir,
All-knowing Queen, norn-wise,
Odhinn’s loved companion, splendid queen of tribes,
Blessed in triumph, binding folk together.
Lover of your people, lady bright-minded,
Bridler of kin-strife, bourne of kin-mindfulness.
Protector and peaceweaver, friendly goddess:
Your blessings give to us, to babies and brave ones,
Great-hearted queen, holding secret counsel
With god-loving soothsayers; to the wise-minded
Giving rede and wisdom, discretion and prudence.
Key-keeper mighty, in your starry cape,
You know there is no tongue in which to tell
Of all that is and that shall be;
To sort the spinning strands of possibility
Into a span of words,
Yet with your spindle and your well-strung loom
You weave the airy clouds
And send the winds to shape them,
Writing your wordless wisdom-runes
In the ever-changing valleys of the sky.
(Adapted from Winifred Hodge)

Cloth of honor from the thread of truth
Weave your heart into all you offer

(The drop spindle of yarn is passed around from person to person, and each speaks of how they intend to bring frith – order, harmony, and correctness – to some aspect of their lives. Then some mead is poured out as a libation to Frigga, saying, “Hail, Lady of Frith!” The rest is placed back on the altar for tomorrow’s ritual.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Current Moon Phase for May 7th – Full Moon (Waning)

Moon Phases: Full Moon

(waning/180-135 degrees)

by Jan Spiller

A veil of self-absorption is lifted and suddenly you gain access to an unbiased view of others. This is a rare moment when you can see yourself objectively and become aware of whether or not what you want in your heart is actually beginning to manifest in your life. Traditionally, the Full Moon phase stirs emotion, and this is because when you “see” what is happening, you may become upset if you’re experiencing the “same ole, same ole” — rather than the things you would like. If the Full Moon phase is a disappointment, on the next New Moon it’s time to take creative action in the direction of your dreams.

The Law

We are of the Old Ways, among those who walk with the
Goddess and God and receive Their love.

Keep the Sabbats and Esbats to the best of your
abilities, for to do otherwise is to lessen your connection
with the Goddess and God.

Harm none. This, the oldest law, is not open to
interpretation or change.

Shed not blood in ritual; the Goddess and God need not
blood to be duly worshipped.

Those of our ways are kind to all creatures, for hurtful
thoughts are quiet draining and aren’t worth the loss of

Misery is self-created; so, too, is joy, so create joy and
disdain misery and unhappiness. And this is within your
power. So harm not.

Teach only what you know, to the best of your ability, to
those students who you choose, but teach not to those
who would use your instructions for destruction or
control. Also, teach not to boost pride, forever
remember: She who teaches out of love shall be enfolded
in the arms of the Goddess and God.

Ever remember that if you would be of our way, keep the
law close to your heart, for it is the nature of the Wicca
to keep the Law.

If ever the need arises, any law may be changed or
discarded, and new laws written to replace them, so long
as the new laws don’t break the oldest law of all: Harm

Blessings of the Goddess and God on us all.

Scott Cunningham

The Law of the Power






The Power shall not be used to bring harm, to injure or
control others. But if the need rises, the Power shall be
used to protect your life or the lives of others.

The Power is used only as need dictates.

The Power can be used for your own gain, as long as by
doing so you harm none.

It is unwise to accept money for use of the Power, for it
quickly controls its taker. Be not as those of other

Use not the Power for prideful gain, for such cheapens
the mysteries of Wicca and magick.

Ever remember that the Power is the sacred gift of the
Goddess and God, and should never be misused or abused.

And this is the law of the Power.

Scott Cunningham

Daily Cosmic Calendar for Monday, April 7th

While Sagittarius Moon usually stimulates goodwill, a happy-go-lucky disposition and the urge for adventure in the great outdoors, these dynamics are present and yet somewhat muted because of the approach of two, highly-charged, challenging sky patterns. Jupiter in Taurus and Uranus in Aries reach a provocative, 45-degree liaison (7:10PM PDT) while Mars makes a contentious, off-kilter 150-degree contact with radical-change agent Uranus (11:46PM PDT). Since these two aspects are far-and-away, the major alignments affecting everyone on Planet Earth today, the early hours may not seem so intense. However, as the hours unfold, unsettled affairs can become more iffy, pressure-filled and volatile. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a low profile across the board for this 24-hour time-period. Have fun in exploring literary and educational pursuits – via the lunar presence in upbeat, goal-oriented Sagittarius – but don’t push a personal agenda with such determination and ego-investment that you wind up alienating colleagues, friends and dear ones during the second half of the day, and especially during the evening hours. If at all possible, avoid everything associated with legal matters, key signings and long-range commitments. At the same time, be as sensitive and nurturing as you can with loved ones on the ropes who need your kindness and support.

Happy, Happy, Happy Monday, dear friends!

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