Daily Cosmic Calendar for Monday, April 7th

While Sagittarius Moon usually stimulates goodwill, a happy-go-lucky disposition and the urge for adventure in the great outdoors, these dynamics are present and yet somewhat muted because of the approach of two, highly-charged, challenging sky patterns. Jupiter in Taurus and Uranus in Aries reach a provocative, 45-degree liaison (7:10PM PDT) while Mars makes a contentious, off-kilter 150-degree contact with radical-change agent Uranus (11:46PM PDT). Since these two aspects are far-and-away, the major alignments affecting everyone on Planet Earth today, the early hours may not seem so intense. However, as the hours unfold, unsettled affairs can become more iffy, pressure-filled and volatile. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a low profile across the board for this 24-hour time-period. Have fun in exploring literary and educational pursuits – via the lunar presence in upbeat, goal-oriented Sagittarius – but don’t push a personal agenda with such determination and ego-investment that you wind up alienating colleagues, friends and dear ones during the second half of the day, and especially during the evening hours. If at all possible, avoid everything associated with legal matters, key signings and long-range commitments. At the same time, be as sensitive and nurturing as you can with loved ones on the ropes who need your kindness and support.


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