Sometimes referred to as ‘middle’ or ‘middle path’ magick, it is basically the use of negative energy for good purpose. For instance…using a love or money spell to help another in dire need. Grey magick is performed with the hope for good intended results. Sometimes grey magick is the the use of both black and white magick- a practioner of the Craft who uses both aspects of magick (black and white) to achieve desired results. Some people within the Craft use grey Magick, as they personally believe that this balances the natural order of things…it balances Karma.

Chakra Refreshing Spell


Chakra Refreshing Spell

This helps eliminates negative energy from your chakras and your body. It also refreshes and recharges your chakras.

Items you will need:

An ability to control your chakras


Visualize the root chakra, see all the dark spots as negative energy, relax, let it be seen but not analyzed. Then visualize it glowing and clearing the negative energy. And when it is finished, you will see a flash of glowing light and feel a small spasm of rejuvenation.

Continue on with your other chakras.

Removing Hexes or Curses

Removing Hexes or Curses


Items You Need:

Old cooking pot

Black candle



The Spell:

Get yourself an old cooking pot, place a black candle in the center, fill the pot with water until it is 2” below the wick of the candle. Light the candle and say:

“If truly hexed or cursed I am, let it break with quench of flame.”

Then stare into the flame and see all the negative energy being drawn into it. When the candle burns down to the water level, and the flame sputters out, say:

“So Mote It Be!”

Dig a hole and empty the water into it. Now bury the candle. It is done.

How Powerful Is The Mind?

How Powerful Is The Mind?

You don’t need to set up an altar with half a dozen bat’s feet and thirteen black candles on it in order to curse someone. A simple thought of hatred toward another person can have the same effect. When we think a thought with feeling, we are in fact hurling an energy ball into the ether. Scientists have not yet fully explored the mysteries of this power, but just as we can do damage with our bodies, we can also cause injuries with our minds. A mental hex–called the “evil eve” in many cultures across the world–is widely feared.

By targeting an individual and sending fiendish thoughts their way, we can create a negative energy that hovers like a black cloud over them and sometimes their loved ones too. Life for them becomes stressful and difficult and often spirals out of control. Illness may befall them, financial hardship may hit, they may lose their jobs, or other terrible things may happen to them. . Only strong minded people with a little bit of magickal know how recognize this negativity and know how to stop it from reaching them. Although you can protect yourself with pentacles, salt, prayers of protection from your Book of Shadows that you have used in the pass, and other methods, these techniques only work if you have the strength of mind to believe that the curse will not reach you because negativity thrives on fear. I haven’t made many enemies in my life, but on the very few occasions that I have, I’ve noticed a certain level of chaos building up in my everyday life. This can be anything from the roof needing repairs to a pet getting sick to catching a very bad cold. It’s at times like these that I block destructive thoughts which deflects them straight back to the sender.

It’s not always easy to be pure of heart, because we are human beings and we were born to be emotional People often make us furious, and it’s one of our basic instincts to seek revenge if someone does us a wrong. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself despising or loathing someone, you have to rise above those natural instincts and be the better man or woman.

The best way is to avoid mixing with individuals who hinder your soul and to remove those people from your life completely if you can. It’s important that the people around you connect perfectly with your own energy, complementing it rather than disrupting it. If this isn’t possible–say, you have to see your ex-partner every weekend when he or she visits the kids–try your utmost to be civil and courteous and keep telling yourself that you are the better person. Self-control is a wonderful thing, and although you may not feel very godly at the time, you will feel better once you realize you have not increased your negative karmic load. By being the very best you can be, you redress the imbalance in the situation. It shows great strength of character and acts as a way to further your spiritual development. Your guides commend this type of behavior and often throw in a little reward to follow, be it a bit of extra cash or just a wonderful day out.

Excerpt from:

“A Modern Day White Witch’s Guide”


by Shawn Robbins

& Leanna Greenway

Today’s Feng Shui Tip for July 8 – ‘SCUD Day!’

Today is ‘SCUD (Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama) Day!’ One of the easiest ways to lift your mood and bring a smile to someone else’s face is to bring a smile to your own. According to a recent smile survey, smiling with intention will almost immediately bring a big boost to your disposition and humor and can also send out signals that suggest that you are trustworthy, generous and genuine. Other research suggests that smiling is the best way to reduce the distress that can be caused by being involved in upsetting situations. Even forcing a smile can make you feel a whole lot better. For today, forget about everyone else’s dramas and smile, baby, smile. Remember, smile and the whole world smiles with you but get involved with drama and you’re on your own!

By Ellen Whitehurst for