The Air Witch & Smudging Ceremonies

The Air Witch & Smudging Ceremonies


Smudging involves burning herbs and using the herbal smoke to cleanse and bless areas or people. It is a common and sacred practice.

Native Americans make use of three primary herbs for smudging: white sage, cedar, and sweet grass. The sage removes negative influences, the cedar cleanses the area, and the sweet grass calls in positive influences. The prayers said during the ceremony are lifted to the gods upon the smoke.

To smudge, place sand or salt in the bottom of a fireproof dish. If you are using a smudging wand, you can carry this dish beneath it to catch any hot ashes. If you are using a dried, crumbled herbal mixture, light a charcoal tablet and place it in the center of the bed of sand. Sprinkle the herbs over the charcoal as you move clockwise from area to area.

As you moved around the space wafting the smoke, say aloud, “Only love and light may dwell here. All other vibrations must leave this house {person, etc.}.” You may direct the smoke into corners and crevices with a feather, a fan, your breath, or your hand. When you have smudged the whole area, sweep the negative vibrations out the door and call in the positive vibrations that you want. Try something along the lines of, “Be gone, worry, pain, misery, and strife! Welcome, healing comfort, love and light!”


Herb of the Day for August 6 – White Sage

White Sage

Salvia apiana (White sage, bee sage, or sacred sage) is an evergreen perennial shrub that is native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, found mainly in the coastal sage scrub habitat of Southern California and Baja California, on the western edges of the Mojave and Sonoran deserts.


S. apiana is a shrub that reaches 1.3 to 1.5 metres (4.3 to 4.9 ft) tall and 1.3 metres (4.3 ft) wide. The whitish evergreen leaves have oils and resins that release a strong aroma when rubbed. The flowers are very attractive to bees, which is described by the specific epithet, apiana. Several 1 to 1.3 metres (3.3 to 4.3 ft) flower stalks, sometimes pinkish colored, grow above the foliage in the spring. Flowers are white to pale lavender.

Distribution and habitat

White sage is a common plant that requires well-drained dry soil, full sun, and little water. The plant occurs on dry slopes in coastal sage scrub, chaparral, and yellow-pine forests of Southern California to Baja California at less than 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) elevation.


S. apiana is widely used by Native American groups on the Pacific coast of the United States. The seed was a main ingredient of pinole, a staple food. The Cahuilla harvested large quantities of the seed that was mixed with wheat flour and sugar for gruel or biscuits. The leaves and stems were eaten by the Chumash and other tribes. Several tribes used the seed for removing foreign objects from the eye, similar to the way that Clary sage seeds were used in Europe. A tea from the roots was used by the Cahuilla women for healing and strength after childbirth. The leaves are also burnt by many native American tribes, with the smoke used in different purification rituals.

Spring Cleaning Party (Hare Moon)

Spring Cleaning Party

(Hare Moon)

Cast this spell to rid your space of negativity.

You will need a drum, a bell, and a sage and cedar smudge stick.

During the waning moon, gather your family and friends together for a Spring Cleaning Party. At dusk, smudge the area with the smoke of the sage and cedar smudge stick. Thoroughly extinguish the smudge stick. Draw a magick circle around the area you want to cleanse. Invite in any divine energies that you want to help in your cleaning process.

Beginning at the north point, walk clockwise around the parameter of the area (north, east, south and west) while beating on the drum and have everyone chant together:

All unwanted and negative energy

Be gone from this place,

In our Lady’s name, so be it!

Repeat the exercise by again circling the area, only this time while ringing the bell and chanting together:

All unwanted and negative energy

Be gone from this place

In our Lady’s name, so be it!

Now set the tone of each room of your home by standing in the center of each moon and repeating this affirmation together:

May the bright and loving, divine power of the Goddess and God fill this space, now and forevermore. So Be It!



ALFALFA- prosperity, attraction of money, burn or place in the kitchen

ANGELICA- Protection, Healing, inreases life energy bringing warmth of Fire element, Exorcism

ANISE, STAR PODS- Protection, Purification, Winter Solstice

ASTRAGALUS- Fortification, Strength

BAY- Healing, Protection, Psychic Powers, Strength

BLACKBERRY LEAF- Healing, Money, Protection

BLACK COHOSH ROOT- Courage, Love, Potency, Protection

BLADDERWRACK- This sea governed plant makes a wonderful water or sea ritual herb, Money, Protection, Psychic Clarity, Wind Rituals

BLESSED THISTLE- Abundance, Flow

BLUE COHOSH ROOT- Courage, Balance, Protection

BURDOCK ROOT- Healing, Protection, Clears space & holds the space safe, spirit of North

CALENDULA- Opening to the 3rd Chakra, helps energy move outward from center of body extending in all directions

CATNIP- Beauty, Happiness, Love

CHAMOMILE- Love, Money, Sleep, Purification, Child’s Annointing

CHAPPARAL- Fire element rituals, Protection, Spirit of South

CEDAR LEAF TIPS- Healing, Protection, Purification of body, aura field, & space

CELANDINE- Escape, Happiness, Legal Matters, Protection

CHICORY ROOT, ROASTED- To inspire Frugality, Invisibility,Removing Obstacles, Favors-annoint body to obtain

CLOVES- Exorcism, Love, Money, Protection

CINNAMON, GROUND- Healing, Love, Personal Empowerment, Protection, Spirituality, Success

COMFREY LEAF- Money, Safe Journeys (Worldly or through Meditation)

COMFREY ROOT- Money, Safe Journeys (Worldy or through Meditation), Winter Solstice

COPAL RESIN- Love, Purification, Earth Element, Sets Sacred Space,Allows Guides and Guidance to come in

CORNSILK- Water Element, Stimulates Flow

DAMIANA- Love, Visions, Opens Door Between Worlds

DANDELION LEAF- Calling Spirits, Divination, Wishes

DANDELION ROOT- Calling Spirits, Divination, Wishes

DONG QUAI, SLICES- Health, Vitality, Fire Element Rituals

DRAGON’S BLOOD RESIN- Exorcism, Love, Protection,
Stimulates action of other herbs in incense blend,
Stimulates movement of energy

ECHINACEA- Strength Wards off negativity or undesireable energies

ELDER BERRIES- Ancient Wisdom, Contact with Elementals, Healing, Invoke Majic, Protection

EUCALYPTUS LEAF- Healing, Air Element Rituals, Protection

EYEBRIGHT- Mental Ability & Clarity, Psychic Ability, Visions

False Unicorn Root- Connection to Majical Realm, Contains Energy & Intention

FENNEL SEED- Healing, Protection, Purification, Stimulates Movement

FENUGREEK- Clearing, Money

FLAX SEED- Beauty, Healing, Initiates Flow, Money, Psychic Openness

FRANKINCENSE TEAR RESIN- Consecration, Exorcism, Protection, Purification, Sets Sacred Space, Sets Safe Space for Guides to come in,Spirit of East or North

Geranium- Abundance, Fertility, Health, Love, Protection

GINGER ROOT POWDER- Fire Element Rituals, Brings into Existance, Bringer of the Manifestation, Love, Money, 3rd Chakra Vitality,Inner Strength, Success, Stimulates flow of Energy, Spirit of South

GINSENG, SIBERIAN- Encourages a long lasting affect, Health, Strength

HAWTHORNE BERRIES- Fertility, 4th Chakra Strength & Vitality, Love, Contentment

HIBISCUS FLOWERS, WHOLE- Divination, Love, 5th Chakra

HOPS- Sleep, Opens the Channel In & Out of the body in
relationship with the Universe

HOREHOUND- Exorcism, Mental Ability, Protection, Opens Air Element within body & in the world, Opens Channel for Clear Communication

IRISH MOSS FLAKES- Luck, Opens Throat, Opens Channel for Clear Communication

JUNIPER BERRIES- Exorcism, Health, Protection, Sets Sacred Space, Spirit of North

KAVA KAVA ROOT- Luck, Visions, Opens one to receiving guidence and guides,Protection

KELP GRANULES- Connection to Divine Source through the Physical & Spiritual, Unity, Life-Force Strengthening Spirit of Center

Lady’s Mantle- Love, Self Control

LAVENDER FLOWERS- Happiness, Love, Sleep, Purification, Peace

LEMON PEEL- Friendship, Love, Purification

LEMON VERBENA- Love, Happiness, Purification, Peace, Mental & Emotional Balance, Summer Solstice

LICORICE ROOT- Fidelity, Love, Meditation, Harmony

MANDRAKE ROOT- Protection, Protection in the Subconscious, Unconscious, & Underworld, Fertility, Money, Health, Love

MARSHMALLOW ROOT- Boundaries, Love, Protection, Strength, Emotional Balance

MEADOWSWEET- Divination, Harmony, Peace, Love, 3rd Chakra

MILK THISTLE- Creativity, Protection, Dispell, Transformation

MOTHERWORT- Balances Within, Self Empowerment, 2nd Chakra

MUGWORT- Purification, Clearing, Sleep, Visions, Opens one to the teachings of the Subconscious & Unconscious Self, Dream Clarity & Rememberance, 6th & 7th Chakras

MULLEIN LEAF- Courage, Health, Opens Life Energy flow through the body

MYRRH GUM POWDER & RESIN TEARS- Protection, Purification,
Sets Sacred Space, Ancient Wisdom

NETTLES- Exorcism, Healing, Protection, Abundance,3rd & 6th Chakra

PAU D\’ARCO- Fertility, Wards off Negativity, Clears

PEPPERMINT- Love, Psychic Ability, Healing, Clears Energy & Space

RASBERRY LEAF- Love, Protection, Spirit of Center, Spring Equinox

RED CLOVER BLOSSEMS- Abundance, Love, Money, Protection, Success, Summer Solstice

RED ROOT- Clears Energy, Dispells

ROSEBUDS- Abundance, Attraction, Healing, Love, Luck, Prosperity

ROSEHIPS- Abundance, Strength, Fall Equinox Ceremony

ROSEMARY- Exorcism, Mental Clarity, Psychic Ability, Healing, Spirit of South, Purification

SAGE, GARDEN- Clears, Healing, Immortality, Inner Guide, Longevity, Protection, Purication, Vision, Wisdom

SAGE, WHITE- Clears, Healing, Immortality, Inner Guide, Longesvity, Protection, Purification, Vision, Wisdom

SARSPARILLA- Inner Strength, Grounding, Purification

SPEARMINT- Clarity, Love, Mental Ability

SWEETGRASS- Bringer of Positive Energy, Clears, Seals In,
burned after White Sage which clears, the sweetgrass is
the Bringer, Spirit of East

TURMERIC- Purification(used with sea salt), Fortification, Strength, Clears Aggression

UVA URSI- Boundaries, Clears blockages, Psychic Workings

VALERIAN ROOT- Protection, Self Esteem, Sleep

WHITE WILLOW- Sacred Earth Connection between human & Earth & Spirit, Healing, Protection, Spirit of East

WILD LETTUCE- Love Divination, Protection, Sleep, Opens to the deeper consciousness, Attunes to Deeper Meanings

WILD YAM- Fortification, Grounding, Release, 1st Chakra

WINTERGREEN- Hex-Breaking, Protection, Good Fortune, Opens Channels

WITCH HAZEL- Healing, Protection

WORMWOOD- Calling Spirits, Psychic Ability, Protection

YARROW- Spirit of South, Courage, Clears, Stimulates Movement

YELLOWDOCK ROOT- Clears stuck energy, Fortification

YERBA SANTA- Clears Channel to Divine Life Force, Healing, Protection, Psychic Ability

Drying The Smudge Sticks

  • Hang your smudge bundles upside down using a knot in the twine so that the air can circulate. Ensure the are you keep them is warm and not damp, and not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Leave the smudge sticks to dry for about two weeks. They are ready when they are dry but not completely moisture free. Watch out for mold.

Making A Smudge Stick – An Alternative Method

  • For this you will need much taller herbs, about three times the length of the finished smudge stick you want to make. You will also need fewer herbs since you are folding them over to three times the original thickness. You will need very pliant herbs that will not snap. Aim for a 6 – 7 inch finished smudge stick.
  • Again work on a flat surface. You will need a large piece of newspaper, fabric or soft leather for this method. Hold the herbs tightly together and turn the top third of the herbs over the middle third, so the herbs are now double over the top part of the stick. Do this carefully so they don’t break. Secure with twine and a firm knot.
  • Now bend the bottom third up so the stick is three times its original thickness, and tie again with a knot to include all three levels. The stick should now be a third of the original height, but very chubby like a cigar.
  • With slightly smaller herbs you can bend the herbs just once.
  • Before binding the stick, roll the newspaper, fabric or soft leather around it at an angle as tightly as possible. Tie the paper very securely and leave for about 8 hours, with the top and bottom of the newspaper just open to let in air.
  • Now unbind the newspaper and tie the compressed herbs tightly with twine. Starting from the stem end, bind them in a criss-cross pattern as before, tying them again very tightly about every 1/2 inch along. Leave the herbs to dry for two or three weeks.

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~Magickal Graphics~

Herbs for Smudging

You can make a smudge stick by combining any tall, firm, full-leafed herbs. Some burn better than others. The following list of herbs are traditionally made into Native North American smudge sticks and others used for both commercial and personally prepared smudge sticks. Smudge sticks are made with fresh herbs and the whole bundle is dried together after formation.

Smudge herbs do tend to be single or dual herbs rather than a mix as in incense and are, on the whole, characterized less by sweetness than earthiness.

If you need to use charcoal, drop just one or two drops of lavender or rose essential oil onto the hot charcoal to add fragrance before you begin to burn the herbs. This is effective, especially if you are smudging indoors.

For homemade smudge, try to choose herbs that grow in your region. Look on the internet for dried varieties to burn in a bowl or ready-prepared less common smudge sticks. Also try to choose organically produced herbs.

  • Bay/Laurel
  • Bergamot
  • Cedar
  • Copal
  • Fennel
  • Juniper
  • Lavender
  • Mugwort
  • Orris root
  • Pine, Fir and Spruce
  • Rosemary
  • Sagebrush/Sage
  • Sweetgrass
  • Wormwort (Tansy)
  • Thyme
  • Yarrow
  • Yerba Santa

Using Smudge

  • Personal spiritual cleansing and empowerment are often art of a smudging ritual. Anticlockwise spirals up and down the body with the smoking smudge stick are used to remove negativity, followed by clockwise smoke spirals to restore energy and bring power. Two people can do this, each with their own smudge stick, by standing and facing each other and moving in rhythm as though dancing. The crown is sealed with a clockwise circle and the feet likewise, followed by a final clockwise crown circle.
  • Mark boundaries around your home against bad neighbors or potential intruders by creating a psychic defense wall with alternate anticlockwise and clockwise spirals of smoke. Chant as you smudge:

May goodness and those with good intent enter her and only peace remain.

  • Purify a home or individual rooms of negativity, whether from a hostile visitor, quarrels or an unfriendly ghost, by using anticlockwise spirals.
  • Purify and empower artifacts, such as items you have bought, been given or inherited, especially jewellery, to make it your own. Pass objects or crystals through the smoke nine times anticlockwise to purify them; followed by nine circle clockwise. The words you speak and the fragrance you use will direct the purpose and attract the appropriate energies.
  • Cleanse and empower magickal tools and your indoor and outdoor altar.
  • Open the four main directions in a ritual. With practice you can make an invoking earth pentagram with the smoke from a small smudge stick.
  • Unite the six directions: East, North, South and West (the order o honoring the universe in smudge rituals), then Earth (downwards) and Sky (upwards).
  • Use for planetary healing or peace rituals.
  • Heal people, animals and places where there has been a human or naturally created disaster. Direct the smoke towards an absent person or animal, or a place or swirl it in huge spirals in all the directions. Chant the purpose continuously until you reach a powerful speed and intensity of words and movement with the smoke. then lower your voice and smudge more slowly until you end with a gentle final thrust and a whispered:

May ___________ be healed.

  • Smudge round the outline of a drawn plan of your workplace, anticlockwise and then clockwise, to bring positivity to the office. (Smudging the office itself might set off smoke alarms.)
  • In wish magick, use  chant to call what it is you desire while writing the wish in the air with a smudge stick. End with three deliberate spirals of smoke directed directly upwards (with hand or fan).
  • Induce a state of meditation or, before divination, use  fragrances like juniper, mugwort, pine, sage, yarrow or sweetgrass to amplify psychic powers.
  • Cleanse and heal the human aura, the rainbow-colored energy field that extends an outstretched arm span all round us in an ellipse. Move anticlockwise to remove impurities and clear blockages in the energy flow and clockwise to fill the aura with light and energy.
  • Create a sacred circle or strengthen one already made with salt and water and/or a candle flame. Casting a smoke circle around you gives protection during magickal work or divination and concentrates power.
  • Use smudge in personal dedication ceremonies when you declare intentions and transform the energies around you to galvanize the transformation.
  • Connect with benign guardian spirits, wise ancestors and angels.
  • Smudge can act as the East/Air element instead of incense in outdoor rituals and on your outdoor altar.

Smudging: How to do it — how not to do it

Smudging: How to do it — how not to do it

Michelle Chihacou White Puma Klein-Hass

I came across a very interesting article from “Shaman’s Drum” which was reprinted for Vision Quest Bookstore. I will attempt to convey the gist of it, along with my views, as a student of the Ways of the Teneh, about it. Smudging is a way of using the smoke from burning herbs as a way to cleanse the body, an object, or a given area of negative influences. I myself use smudging to “cleanse” crystals before using them in jewelry projects I may do, and for protecting my home from some recent “bad vibe”-producing events. (landlord troubles!) I imagine that the skillful use of the proper herbs could help in warding and banishing ceremonies as well, if used properly and with reverence. The three most used plant material for smudging are sage of all types, cedar and sweetgrass.

There are two major genii and several varieties of each genus of Sage that are used for smudging. Salvia, or the herb sage used for cooking, comes in two major varieties: S. officinalis, commonly known as Garden Sage, and S. apiana, commonly known as White Sage. Salvia varieties have long been acknowledged as healing herbs, reflected in the fact that its genus name comes from the Latin root word salvare, which is the verb “to heal” or “to save.” Artemisia is the genus commonly considered “Sagebrush”, and is more common in the wilds out here in California. There are two major varieties to the Artemisia genus: A. californica or Common Sagebrush, and A. vulgaris or Mugwort. There are many other varieties of both Salvia and Artemisia, and all are effective in smudging. Sage is burned in smudging ceremonies to drive out evil spirits, negative thoughts and feelings, and to keep Gan’n (negative entities) away from areas where ceremonials take place. In the Plains Sweatlodge, the floor of the structure is strewn with sage leaves for the participants to rub on their bodies during the sweat. Sage is also used in keeping sacred objects like pipes or Peyote wands safe from negative influence. In the Sioux nation, the Sacred Pipe is kept in a bundle with sage boughs. I would think special crystals could be so protected this way as well.

True cedar is of the Thuja and Libocedrus genii. Some Junipers (Juniperus genus) are also called “cedar”, thus complicating things some. Some Juniper varieties are cleansing herbs, especially J. monosperma, or Desert White Cedar. But for smudging, the best is Western Red Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) and California Incense Cedar (Libocedrus descurrens). Cedar is burnt while praying to the Great Spirit (Usen’, the Source — also known to Plains nations as Wakan Tanka) in meditation, and also to bless a house before moving in as is the tradition in the Northwest and Western Canada. It works both as a purifier and as a way to attract good energy in your direction. It is usually available in herb stores in chipped form, which must be sprinkled over a charcoal in a brazier. I like a piece of charcoaled mesquite for this purpose, rather than the commercial charcoal cake.

Very important to the Sioux and Cherokee nations, its botanical name is Hierochloë odorata. In these tribes, the sweetgrass is braided like hair braids. It could be burnt by lighting the end of it, or (more economically) by shaving little bits of it onto charcoal in a brazier. Again, use charcoaled Mesquite (I believe it comes packaged for barbecue use under the brand name “Red Arrow”) to burn it, not pressed charcoal tablets. Sweetgrass is burnt after smudging with sage, to welcome in good influences after the bad had been driven out. Sweetgrass is very rare today, and traditional Plains people have been attempting to protect the last of it. Myself, I believe that Cedar, which is not endangered, can safely be used this way. Also Piñon pine needles (used more frequently by the Southwest Teneh, like the Navajo and Apache as well as the Pueblo people and the Zuni) and Copal (used by the Yaqui and in ancient times by the Azteca and the Maya) have similar effect. The three mentioned here are readily available either through gathering yourself or, in the case of copal resin, from any good herb shop.

Using Smudging
Burn clippings of the herb in a brazier… not a shell as some “new age” shamanic circles do… it is an insult to White Painted Woman (The Goddess) to do this, especially with the abalone shell which is especially sacred to Her. If the herb is bundled in a “wand”, you can also light the end of the wand that isn’t woody and use that. I like the latter way. Direct the smoke with your hands or with a Peyote (feather) wand over the person or thing you wish to smudge. If you can see auras, look for discolored places in the aura and direct the healing smoke towards those places on the patient’s body. For cleansing a house, first offer cedar smoke to the four directions outside the house. Then, take a sage bough and go throughout the inside of the house, making sure the smoke penetrates every nook and cranny of the house. It might help also, if you have a power animal, to visualize your animal doing these things, to also dance your animal, and if you have a power song, to sing that too. Then finally, run through the house with a white candle that is well protected, to “light up” the house. Careful not to burn it down when you do it!!!

Final Thoughts
Smudging should be done with care, with reverence, and in an attitude of LOVE. Show your respect and honor to the plants that Usen’ has given us for our healing, and they will return the favor by keeping us well and free from disease and negative energy. Aloe Vera plants, though not to be burnt, are good for the cleansing angle as well. Keep one or more potted Aloe Veras in the house (modern varieties are too tender to plant in anything but full shade outside) in organic (wood or ceramic, never plastic or metal) pots. To honor the plant when you transplant it, sprinkle the roots with corn meal and smudge it with cedar once it is transplanted. The spirit of Aloe Vera is a good protective spirit, and if you burn yourself, can also be used to heal your skin. Be sure to ask the plant’s permission before cutting part of the leaf off for the healing juice. If you don’t, the protective power of the plant will cease, and you will be left with but an inert houseplant… and perhaps some bad karma to boot.

Hi-dicho, it is finished…. ENJU!

Censing and Smudging

Censing and Smudging

When a circle is cast, it is generally cast then purified and then filled. The process of filling the circle is called Censing or Smudging. This is also the time to invite the Ancestors to come to the circle to be with us. Before the circle is cast, light a small brick of charcoal and place it into a censer or insulated bowl to let it get hot.
After the circle is purified, place a small amount of incense onto the charcoal and bless it saying “Blessed be, Child of Fire and Air, that you may make this space sacred.” Carry the censer around the circle slowly, letting the smoke drift around the edges. As you walk, invite the Ancestors to be present in the circle. After people have been brought into the circle, cense each of them as well.
Smudging is the same process but uses a bundle of herbs that are burnt slowly rather than loose herbs.

Desert Sage Bundles

Desert sage also clears energy but in a different way. While white sage purifies by lifting vibrations and dissolving negativity, desert sage moves the vibrations around in a happy way so that bad vibes just naturally don’t feel like hanging out. For this reason, it has been used as a magickal “road-opener.” If you’ve been feeling stuck in your life, and you’d like to clear the way for new opportunities and unexpected avenues, burning desert sage in your home and around your aura is a good idea. Concentrate especially at thresholds and doors, in order to open new doors in your life. Its smoke has a very sweet personality and can create feelings of safety, coziness, and playfulness. Desert sage is good to burn in a new place to help you feel relaxed and at ease in the new environment, and to help make it your own. It can also call spirits of ancestors and deceased loved ones into your space.

White Sage Bundles

If you only have one magickal housekeeping tool or ingredient, a white sage bundle should be it. This is because burning white sage lifts vibrations, releases stuck energy protects from negativity, and creates sacred space. If any sort of negative events takes place in your space, you can burn white sage to quickly and effectively purify the residual energy from the event. It is also just a good practice to burn it periodically for general purification. After you burn it, you’ll definitely notice a positive difference in the feeling and atmosphere of a room.

To burn it, just light the bundle and carefully shake it over a dish or the sink until the flame goes out but it is still smoking. Carry the a dish under the burning up tip to catch any falling ash, and move around the perimeter of each room you’d like to purify, taking as much time with each area as your intuition guides you to. You can also burn it around your body to purify your energetic body and aura.

Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are tied-up or braided bundles of dried herbs that care carried and burned like incense around a room or area in order to create energetic shifts with the magickal power of the smoke.

You can purchase smudge stick online or at many health and metaphysical stores,  or you can make your own. To make your own sage smudge stick simply cut fresh sage and tie firmly into a wand like bundle with hemp twine or  cotton . Then  hang it up to dry. For sweetgrass braids you’re on your own–I’ve never made on of the ssweetgrass braids, but I would imagine it’s pretty easy if you know where and how to find fresh sweetgrass.

Personal note: I prefer to use sage. I know most spells that use sage call for the use of white sage. But I have found that every type of sage works. I planted a garden full of sage. In my opinion, you can never have enough sage. You use it to cleanse and you also use it in your spells. So the more sage you have, the better off you are.