Protect Yourself from Rumors

Protect Yourself from Rumors

In complete darkness and privacy, light a pink candle and hold it in your hands. Take a deep breath and stand as tall as you can. Facing east, raise the candle high above your head for a moment. Bring the candle down to eye level and hold it there while you slowly turn in a clockwise direction 3 times, concentrating on the blue part of the flame. Raising the candle high again, invoke the powers of nature by whispering:

“I bind myself this day,
The swiftness of the wind,
The power of the sea,
The strength of the fire,
The endurance of the earth.”

As you stand still for a moment, imagine a white light surrounding your body like a cocoon. Then take another deep breath and blow out the candle. This spell erects a barrier around you so no ill will affect your well-being. Never again will you feel hurt or depressed by people spreading gossip about you.