Protection Against Malicious Uses Of Magick

Protection Against Malicious Uses Of Magick


This is meant as a temporary aid to those in need.


This is a non-invasive spell of protection, which you can cast around anyone without bringing harm to them or effecting them directly in anyway. A courtesy and moral imperative is to inform the person you are going to offer protection and seek their approval. If they are uncomfortable with it in any way then do not do it. Because doing it against their will may cause psychological issues and paranoia and defeat the purpose of it altogether.

This spell creates a spherical field around the recipient, composed of energy in the blue to purple spectrum. The prevalent texture to this field is one of thorns and thistles. The thorns and thistles act as a filtering mechanism used to pick off aggressive energies directed toward the recipient.


This spell will last until the moon reaches the corresponding phase in which the spell was cast. It feeds off of the aggressive negative energy that it encounters so it will last past the particular moon phase if it is still being fed. The will of the recipient can additionally dissipate the field at anytime should the need arise.


It is important to note that this field feeds off negative energy but maybe enforced by the recipient by merely focusing any negative feelings or vibes they might have at the field itself. It is totally a defensive spell so it does not attack anyone. It is a form of relief in that aspect and helps to restore harmony from the turmoil caused by such attacks. So though negative energy is involved it is used in a way to restore harmonic balance.

It is also important to realize that this field only protects you from aggressive attacks, passive negative energy will get by so there is no fear of loosing your balance and going into some manic state.

Lastly this is not a spell cast on any individual, it is cast about them, it is the receiptients responsibility to acknowledge it’s existance or it will not work.


Typical circle components. Red Rose Thorn. Natural Hemp. Thistle from brush. Cauldron. Tea Light. Substitute a Censer for the Cauldron and Tea Light if necessary.


Cast your circle and light your candles. Place the Tea Light in the Cauldron and light it as well.


With these thistles, thorns and hemp I construct
A field about (recipient’s name) that will not destruct.

With bindings from (specific emotion of your choice) I do adhere
these components to my need.

Thistles please take your place and bring the strands of magick in place.
(place the thistle in the tea light or censer to burn).
Thorns please take your place and bring the strands of magick in place.
(place the thorn in the tea light or censer to burn).
Hemp I ask of the to perform the magick of binding my field to form.
(place the hemp in the tea light or censer to burn).

With your mighty Thistles and Thorns you will feed
on the harm directed towards the one in need.

If no harm is evident by the full cycle of this moon
Dissipate on that day
Or by the following quarter moon.

If (recipient’s name) feels the need
Then you must obey and dissipate indeed.

End your circle.

Spell to Break a Love Spell

Spell to Break a Love Spell

With Ritual – You will need a picture of both parties together or you can write their names on a piece of paper. You will also need a cauldron, which must be fireproof. Holding the photo or paper state:
“I wish to sever the unnatural ties between these two,
they were brought together by magic, and that shouldn’t be
Now I seek to right the wrong, break the bonds and set them free.
I ask the God and Goddess to break the bonds between (names).
(Cut paper) As I cut their tie let the bond between them be broken.
(Burn halves in cauldron) As I burn the tie let the bond be forever severed.
So Mote it be!

At last, bury or scatter the ashes.

Returning A Hex

Returning A Hex

You will need:
3 black candles and a mirror

This spell should be performed during the full moon, near a window, preferably one facing the home of the person who hexed you, if you know who they are.

Light the three candles, which should be placed in a triangle so that one is on either side of the mirror, and one is behind it (facing you). Place the mirror between you and the window, so the mirror surface is toward the window. Place your palms down flat on the table. Hold your back straight, and, with closed eyes, imagine a blue stream of energy coming from the moon, through the window, into your body. Hold the energy in you until you can feel it in your fingertips and toes. Then open your eyes quickly and release the energy seeing
it flow rapidly out of you and into the mirror.

“All evil sent to me
Reflected now will be
Three times three
So mote it be!”

See the energy flowing to fill the mirror. Visualize any negativity coming in the window bounding off and returning to the sender.

Protect Yourself from Rumors

Protect Yourself from Rumors

In complete darkness and privacy, light a pink candle and hold it in your hands. Take a deep breath and stand as tall as you can. Facing east, raise the candle high above your head for a moment. Bring the candle down to eye level and hold it there while you slowly turn in a clockwise direction 3 times, concentrating on the blue part of the flame. Raising the candle high again, invoke the powers of nature by whispering:

“I bind myself this day,
The swiftness of the wind,
The power of the sea,
The strength of the fire,
The endurance of the earth.”

As you stand still for a moment, imagine a white light surrounding your body like a cocoon. Then take another deep breath and blow out the candle. This spell erects a barrier around you so no ill will affect your well-being. Never again will you feel hurt or depressed by people spreading gossip about you.