Working by the Sun

Working by the Sun

As the alter ego of the moon, the sun offers a significant source of energy for natural magick, and  solar energies often offer power for more instant magickal results.

Dawn is best for new opportunities, beginnings and people entering your life; noon for a burst of  instant power, energy, success and prosperity. Dusk is for reconciliation or letting go. Midnight assists healing magick, psychic protection and in accepting  what cannot be changed.

You can combine lunar and solar energies for a quick solar fix and the slower continuous lunar  consolidation of the initial solar results in your life. Noon spells on the day of the full moon will get things off the starting block and keep up the  impetus through the month. Often the moon and sun are in the sky at the same time (check your moon diary or weather section of the newspaper, or just look)  and combine the energies accordingly.