November: The Wheel of the Year begins anew once more.

December The Holly-King dies, and the Oak-King is born.

January: Bid the past farewell, and receive the year that Web of Days has just
been born.

February: Welcome Spring! Now is the time for banishing Winter.

March: Feel the shift of balance from darkness to light growing stronger.

April: The time of fertility and growth is upon us.

May: The time of the Sacred Marriage of the God and Goddess.

June: Here comes the Sun! The Holly-King replaces the Oak-King.

 July: The first harvests begin ; time to give thanks and celebrate.

August: John Barleycorn must die. The harvest begins in earnest.

September: The cycle of growth draws nears its end.

October: The Horned One steps forward bringing darkness, and the end of the year.

November: Snow Moon; the snowy brightness and coolness of Her light is upon us.

December: Cold Moon ; the Sun is at its lowest point, and Lunar Nights the Moon is a little colder.

January: Wolf Moon ; gather close to the hearth, for wolves draw closer now.
February: Ice Moon ; beneath a blanket of snow and ice, Nature rests.
March: Storm Moon ; the boisterous storms of the light half of the year begin.
April: Growing Moon ; seeds are ready to be planted, and growth begins.
May: Hare Moon ; rabbits leap and play in their mating games, and fertility
June: Mead Moon ; as in days of old, honey is gathered for fermentation into
July: Hay Moon ; a potent moon, as tides of psychic energy flow freely.
August: Corn Moon ; a time to contemplate the eternalness of life.
September: Harvest Moon ; time to collect the harvest and seed for new
October: Blood Moon ; spirits of the departed join the sacred dance.

Spells to Cast Once in a Blue Moon

Spells to Cast Once in a Blue Moon

Just what is a Blue Moon? There are two definitions for a Blue Moon. According to the more recent definition, a Blue Moon is the second Full Moon in a calendar month. For a Blue Moon to occur, the first of the Full Moon must appear at or near the beginning of the month so that the second will fall within the same month (the average span between two moons is 28 days). That second one is called a Blue Moon.

An older definition for the Blue Moon is recorded in early issues of the Maine Farmer’s Almanac. Between 1932 and 1957, instead of the calendar year running from January 1 through December 31, the almanac relied on the tropical year, defined as extending from one winter solstice (“Yule”) to the next. Most tropical years contain 12 Full Moons-3 each in winter, spring, summer and fall-and as in the previous chart, each is named for an activity appropriate to the time of year. But occasionally a tropical year contains 13 Full Moons so that one season has 4 Moons rather than the usual 3. That fourth Moon of the season is the Blue Moon.

Many practitioners regard a Blue Moon as a special gift from the Goddess and look upon it as a good time to set new goals for themselves. Write your goals on a piece of paper, fold the paper in half, and place it the light of the Full Moon. Ask the Goddess for the strength and endurance to work toward your goals successfully. In the morning, burn the paper in the flame of a candle you have anointed with an oil you especially enjoy. The smoke will help carry your goals to the ears of the Goddess. Your resolve to get started on them will amaze you.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Your geographic location can make a difference to your experience of a Blue Moon. Depending on your longitude you may go through a date change prior to other locations which means the full moon is at the first of your new month and falls at the end of the preceding month somewhere else. The “blue” one is always the 2nd full moon in the same month. The regular full moons of each month all have their own individual names as follows: Moon after Yule, Wolf Moon, Lenten Moon, Egg Moon, Milk Moon, Flower Moon, Hay Moon, Grain Moon, Fruit Moon, Harvest Moon, Hunters’ Moon and Moon Before Yule.

Historically the Blue Moon was considered unlucky and a real nuisance when it occurred at various times of the year and upset scheduling of church festivals. In love songs the Blue Moon is often a symbol of sadness and loneliness.

The first appearance in print of this expression goes back to the time of Shakespeare, when some folks felt that sometimes the moon visually appeared blue in the sky. Although the expression dates all that way back, it has only recently come to mean the second Full Moon in one month. Blue Moon seems to be a truly modern piece of folklore, old folklore it is not, but real folklore it is.

Ritual Magick: Finding Your Past Lives Through Candle Magic

Finding Your Past Lives Through Candle Magick

Find a nice, quiet, relaxing place were you can obtain peace, quiet and relaxation.

This ritual requires two people. It is a good idea to make sure the second person is a very patient person.

Use a tall candle, one that is dripless or a wide candle on a saucer-like holder (which I personally like to use because this type illuminates more light.)

An audio/video tape recorder can be used to record messages given.

Sit across from the other person in the lotus position, face to face (if possible). If the lotus position is too difficult, then sit on two chairs facing each other.

One person is to hold the candle to the side and front of their face, you will easily determine the distance once you begin.

You must try to not blink too often and remain as still as you can.

There is a tendency, when the other person tells you what they see, to respond emotionally or physically, talk or laugh.

The person not holding the candle will relax, wait and soon see your facial features start to change.

When they change that person may have a message for you about who they are seeing and anything related to that person, thoughts that enter into their minds.

After a while, you will see the person change again and again depending on how long the person can sit still without much flinching.

It is now your turn to hold the candle and allow the other person to view you.

This is very easy, as everyone changes.

You can also do this by yourself standing in front of a mirror, in a dark room, the candle on the side of your face, and then watch yourself sift. You are returning to the source of creation, the light and seeing other aspects of your soul experience.

Talk to that person in your mind, as they have come to you now, through the spiral of time for a reason. Tell them to clear their issues that you seek soul union and something is blocking you here.

With either of these exercises, if you feel discomfort, stop immediately. Something is resisting either emotionally or physically. You can always try later.

There is no time frame for either of these rituals. It is up to you to end them. You know yourself when you are tired or have exhausted all your souls for the evening it is time to quit.

Living As The Witch: The Magic of Speaking Out

Petitions and Incantations: The Magic of Speaking Out

Sounds have powerful effect on the human psyche, stimulating strong mental, emotional, and instinctual responses. Gentle running water can produce an experience of calm, a heart beat sound is commonly used to comfort babies and young animals, and the deep rumbling sound of thunder often evokes fear. Of all the sounds we know, perhaps the most powerful is the sound of the human voice. The human voice can affect all who hear it, produce feelings of love and security, provide direction and purpose, and instill order.

The voice is also a powerful tool. Even when we are alone, feeling powerless and weak, and think we are without defense, we can use our voice to break the bonds of silence, and speak our truth.

The vibration or resonance of voice can uplift the spirit, focus intention, change consciousness, and shape reality. Whether use if for speaking, whispering, shouting, or singing; or employ it in a purposeful and productive manner through incantation, enchantment, petition, charm or mantra, the voice can be used to work magick.

Following the Universal Laws of Nature that describe how energy behaves and the patterns it moves in, we know that sound vibration has an energy signature, and that it affects the objects and subject that it touches, influencing them and changing their vibration. Quite literally, sound has the power to change the energy of a person, interaction, thought or feeling.

A power magical tool, be sure to learn how best to use your voice. Words have always been used to cast spells and state intentions. They have been chanted, recited, and written down, engaging the vibration of the voice and its transformative power in the working of magic.


Excerpt from:

Petitions and Incantations: The Magic of Speaking Out
By Dallas Jennifer Cobb
Llewellyn’s 2012 Magical Almanac,
Practical Magic for Everyday Living

Calendar of the Moon for August 16

Calendar of the Moon

Hazel Tree Month

Colors: Iron-grey, red, and dark green.
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon cloth of dark grey set many sprigs of holly, real or created, four red candles, a spear and a sword.
Offerings: Honor your inner warrior, including examining the areas where s/he overreacts.
Daily Meal: Red food. Meat of any kind.

Tinne Invocation

Call: Hail the month of the Holly King!
Response: Hail the King of the waning year!
Call: Hail, sharp leaves and sharper eye!
Response: Hail, white flowers that give way to blood-red berries!
Call: Hail the month of the starling’s flock!
Response: For the starlings move together as one!
Call: Like them, we defend what is dear to us!
Response: Like them, we do not let each other stand alone against opposition!
Call: Hail the color of cold iron!
Response: Hail the sword and the spear!
Call: For our sword is Reason….
Response: And our spear is the death of Illusion!
Call: Hail the color of cold iron!
Response: Hail the armor and the shield!
Call: For our armor is Hope….
Response: And our shield is Love.
Call: The Oak King gives way to the Holly King…
Response: For all things have a time of increase, and a time of decrease.
Call: For all things wax and wane.
Response: For all things rise and fall.
Call: This is the moment just beyond the year’s apex!
Response: This is the time of the beginning of the end!
Call: May we take courage with every passing morning!
Response: May courage fill us with every breath!

Spear of truth, find me,
I open myself to you.
Chains of honor, bind me,
Bound, I am free to hold true.

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Current Moon Phase for Aug. 16: Waning Crescent

Crescent Moon

(waning /6% illumination)

This is a time to rest, reevaluate and reflect, pulling back into yourself to reconnect with inner sources of strength. Now is not a time to initiate anything new. It’s a phase suited to spending time with friends and getting in touch with the “big picture.” A window of opportunity exists for seeing your life objectively and becoming aware of what is important to you. At this point, what are your dreams and aspirations? What larger goals can you aspire to that will bring vitality and excitement into your life? This is a time for resting and gaining inner strength to prepare for a new cycle.

Lighten Up – LIfe is Tuff when your Stupid

LIfe is Tuff when your Stupid

I was in a car dealership a while ago, when a large motor home was towed into the garage. 

The front of the vehicle was in dire need of repair and the whole thing generally looked like an extra in ” Twister.”

I asked the manager what had happened. He told me that the
driver had set the “cruise control” and then went in the back to make a sandwich.

Believe it or not.. True ! Scary anit it ?

Your Charm for August 16: The Utchat

Your Charm for Today

The Utchat

Today’s Meaning:  You must take steps to make this aspect safe. There are issues you may not be aware of that may cause harm or injury.

General Description:  Much importance was attached to this lucky talisman in Egypt, the Utchat, or Eye. The word Utchat means primarily strength, and was, at the summer solstice (about June 22nd), applied to the Sun at that time when at its greatest strength and power on earth. The Eye of Horus was supposed to bring strength, vigour, safety, good health, and protectionn to the wearer. Many of these charms were engraved by the Egyptians with the 140th chapter of their Book of the Dead. This was considered to endow the Utchat with particularly strong and effective magical powers.

Your Animal Spirit for August 16th: The Crow

Your Animal Spirit for Today
August 16, 2012

The Crow

Crow is always on the alert for trouble—and their loud caws! warn each other of  impending danger, Very little escapes Crow’s keen vision—which is why many cultures associate Crow with the keeper of knowledge. Crow has flapped his way into your life today to bring a message of watchfulness—have you built your nest high enough to really understand what’s going on around you?

Your Deck of Ancient Symbols Card for Aug. 16: The Unicorn

Your Deck of Ancient Symbols Card for Today

The Unicorn

The Unicorn indicates uniqueness and reminds us of the ability for magic we possess. Although gentle, the unicorn nonetheless is able to defend itself, not only through horn-to-horn face-off but also through swift flight or even by disappearing into a mystical mist. The unicorn also represents purity, strength, and for a mentor or a nurturing family member. When the Unicorn appears, extraordinary events are possible in the near future.

As a daily card The Unicorn indicates a short period in which amazing happenings are possible. The Unicorn also suggests that it is crucial to maintain a high ethical standard during this span, and to remember kindness begets kindness.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for August 16th

Today I’m thinking of all-natural herbal supplements. Of course, always consult your health-care professional before taking herbs or supplements, but keep a bottle of andrographis at hand if you need something that stimulates immunity. Andrographis has long been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine traditions for treating colds, sinus issues and other more concerning airborne illnesses. It contains a number of bitter constituents that embrace both anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating properties. Recent research have found that andrographis may even help to reduce symptoms of influenza, which might explain why the Swedes have used this supplement as a primary herb to ward off common winter ailments.

By Ellen Whitehurst for