Living As The Witch: The Magic of Speaking Out

Petitions and Incantations: The Magic of Speaking Out

Sounds have powerful effect on the human psyche, stimulating strong mental, emotional, and instinctual responses. Gentle running water can produce an experience of calm, a heart beat sound is commonly used to comfort babies and young animals, and the deep rumbling sound of thunder often evokes fear. Of all the sounds we know, perhaps the most powerful is the sound of the human voice. The human voice can affect all who hear it, produce feelings of love and security, provide direction and purpose, and instill order.

The voice is also a powerful tool. Even when we are alone, feeling powerless and weak, and think we are without defense, we can use our voice to break the bonds of silence, and speak our truth.

The vibration or resonance of voice can uplift the spirit, focus intention, change consciousness, and shape reality. Whether use if for speaking, whispering, shouting, or singing; or employ it in a purposeful and productive manner through incantation, enchantment, petition, charm or mantra, the voice can be used to work magick.

Following the Universal Laws of Nature that describe how energy behaves and the patterns it moves in, we know that sound vibration has an energy signature, and that it affects the objects and subject that it touches, influencing them and changing their vibration. Quite literally, sound has the power to change the energy of a person, interaction, thought or feeling.

A power magical tool, be sure to learn how best to use your voice. Words have always been used to cast spells and state intentions. They have been chanted, recited, and written down, engaging the vibration of the voice and its transformative power in the working of magic.


Excerpt from:

Petitions and Incantations: The Magic of Speaking Out
By Dallas Jennifer Cobb
Llewellyn’s 2012 Magical Almanac,
Practical Magic for Everyday Living

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  1. One of the first lessons I learned, so many years ago. How time and circumstances can wear one down, and one forgets.


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