Working With The Four Elements

Working With The Four Elements

In all magick and most powerfully in Natural Magick the four ancient elements of Earth, Air, Fire  and Water form the building blocks of magical power and can be used formally and informally in spells to endow a symbol with power and to build up that  power.

The combination of the four elements creates a fifth element, Ether or Akasha, or quintessence, pure  Spirit, the energy and also the substance that transforms thoughts and desires to actuality.

We all contain these four elements within our personalities in different proportions. The  psychotherapist Jung talked about earth equating with sensations (practical functioning), air with thought (logic), fire with intuition (inspiration) and  water with feelings (empathy and emotions). We can call upon these strengths as contained within elemental substances and in nature both in spells and in our  lives to bring their powers into play.

The inner powers of the elements, for example the practical stability of earth or the inspiration of  fire, can be brought into the actual world for the fulfillment of your spell. This happens first when you visualize the elements, for example a beautiful  golden ploughed field for earth or a tall bonfire for fire, and then in the words you use when calling the power of the element, for example by making a  chant about all the different ways you imagine the earth. This transfers the powers of the elements into your mind. Then, on the physical level, you work  with, say, salt for earth and a candle flame for fire, and this together with your visualization and words joins the powers of the elements on the thought  and actual levels. The energy created is key to successful spell casting as the intangible thoughts and the actual substances come  together.

Sometimes you will put the emphasis on one or two particular elements, for example earth, and air to  speed up a house sale and/or purchase.

In this case you could choose a setting for example a woodland on a windy day or the rough grass on  a hill top. You would use a combination of earth – and air – related symbols, for example a feather tied to a white stone to represent your new home (you  could draw a house on the stone). You could then release the feather at the end of the spell.

In a pure water ritual, for example to send healing to a particularly polluted body of water where  your children would like to swim or to ask for clean drinking water for those who do not have it, you could light blue candles at each of the four quarters  and perhaps have a cauldron or dish of water in the center. You could symbolically purify this water with a few drops of flower essence such as Dr.  Bach’s Five Flower Rescue Remedy or pour one of your own magical waters into the earth.

Of course, the other elements would be present. Incense(air) would empower, activate and help the  need to be communicated to those who can help resolve it. Fire(candle) would inspire and give the necessary force to make actions and not just words happen  in the real world. Earth(salt) would sort out the practicalities such as who will pay for clean water. Then you can create the necessary magical rocket of  power in the fusion of the four elements. When these four meet, they become a fifth element called Quintessence, Ether or Akasha. This collective energy  fills the physical symbols with the psychically generated power.