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Feed Your Moon


Feed Your Moon

A starving Moon can plummet your emotions


Astrologically, at the root of depression, I believe, is a starving Moon. If your natal lunar needs are not being met then the rest of your horoscope has a difficult time functioning. I have always said this to my clients and have found it to be true over and over again. The Moon is our instinctive feeling nature. It’s where we feel safest, most nourished, and nurtured. The Moon represents the deepest needs we have as individuals.

Stifle someone’s Moon and you’re stifling their emotional well-being. PERIOD.

I’m going through a mild postpartum depression episode these days, my friends. No, I didn’t just have a baby. I did, however, recently take home a three month old puppy. Unless you’ve been through postpartum depression, you may not relate to the feelings of sadness that accompany what is supposed to be such an incredibly joyful event. I did suffer through postpartum depression with the birth of my first child, almost sixteen years ago. It was one of the darkest times of my life and I don’t ever want to go there again.

At the root of my depressive episodes is always a starving Moon. I was born with the Moon in Sagittarius, in the 8th House of Depth and Transformation. My Moon is closely conjunct Neptune, square my 12th house Jupiter in Pisces, and trine my 12th house Venus in Aries.

In English? With the Moon in Sagittarius my overwhelming need is to have freedom of movement to expand my horizons, pursue the deeper meaning of life, and experience adventures. I also need to spread my wisdom on deep psychological (8th house) and metaphysical matters (Sagittarius) so that I might heal (8th house) and inspire others (Sagittarius). The Moon next to Neptune and square Jupiter in Pisces in the 12th house speaks to my deep, over-exaggerated need for alone time and privacy; for peace. And the trine to Venus helps me experience pockets of joy in those moments of helping to heal the suffering of others.

Making space

With the birth of my son I was suddenly put in this prison that is otherwise known as motherhood. I realize it’s a dramatic statement for some to read but please, understand my needs and my visceral reaction. I felt that all of my freedom was suddenly gone. That I would never again have the time or peace and quiet or personal space to pursue the interests that fed my soul.

It had nothing to do with loving my son. I loved him with all of my soul. But it had everything to do with not being able to blend my new life of chaotic motherhood with getting my lunar needs met. I would nurse my son and look at him so peaceful and I would cry. I would cry because I felt very much at the time that making sure he had all of his needs met came at the sacrifice of my own needs.

It took time but after about eight months the depression went away. I adjusted to motherhood and I found ways to feed my Moon in little ways. What really helped me was that my ex-mother-in-law would watch my son for me for a few hours each week so I could have my “alone time” and do whatever I needed to in order to nourish my soul. My Moon. Having the freedom to go out without the shackles of baby stuff was really all I needed at the time.

Nourish yourself

And here I am now, with this little adorable puppy, feeling a lot like I felt all those years ago. The difference? Now I know Astrology and I know exactly what I need to do in order to make sure the depression doesn’t get worse.

For the puppy, for my children and most importantly, for myself I have to feed my Moon. Are you a caregiver?  Then remember to put your oxygen mask on first. Otherwise, how can you take care of anyone else?

What is your Moon sign? What house does it live in your horoscope? And what are the aspects that the Moon makes to the rest of your chart? Learn more about this and you’ll make sure that you never starve. Happy Moon equals happy life. is a Daily Insight Group Site

Witches Spell for Sunday, March 2 – Spell for Stress and Depression

Witches Spell for Sunday, March 2 – Spell for Stress and Depression

Items needed:
White candle (non-dripless variety)
Kunzite or blue agate
Black marker with wide felt tip
Lemon Balm
Lemon oil (the kind used for furniture polish is fine)
Cloth pouch

Begin by completely coloring the candle black with the marker to symbolize the
depression that presently encases you. Light the candle and say:

Flame cut through depression deep,
Melt it down and make it weep.
Grant me power to re-emerge,
From its grip, I leap and surge.

Watch the candle burn until white wax appears at the flame.
Rub a bit of lemon oil into the flame and say:

Kunzite/agate, stone of mellow hue,
Dissolve this depression, I beg of you.
Take its power and transform its strength
Into positive energy I can use at length.

Lightly rub the stone against your temples and your heart, then place it in front of the candle and sprinkle it with lemon balm. Let the candle burn completely.
Place the stone and herb in the cloth pouch and carry it with you.

When your spirits need a lift, re-anoint the stone and repeat its empowerment chant.

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Meditation for Daily Living: Releasing Despair

Meditation for Daily Living: Releasing Despair

At times it is important to do a daily meditation by focusing on things we don’t necessarily like to dwell on. Despair in metaphysics has a much less  forgiving definition than in most other contexts. Despair is the assumption that life has nothing good to offer. In metaphysics, this is a crime. Since the  basic principle is that we attract circumstances in life based upon the tendency of our thoughts, despair will attract extremely negative outcomes. Despair  is considered a sin in some belief systems and from this perspective, it’s easy to understand why.

Despair is an emotional condition in which we choose to believe that there is something within us that is less than worthy of a desirable life. This is a false assumption, and is frequently a “comfort zone” of belief in which nothing else may be expected of us. I know that this may sound harsh, but close examination will prove this out. It is easier to give up than it is to persevere. This is what the emotion of despair is designed to do, to give us an “out” from difficult circumstances.

But how comfortable is despair really? When we are in the throes of it, we need expect nothing of ourselves, yet we continue to attract negativity. That is work. The cascade effect of a continued negative perspective on life, batters us and creates increasing tension. This isn’t comfortable. It becomes necessary at some point to pick ourselves up and carry on. What can be difficult is overcoming the inertia we have built up from allowing the motionlessness of despair to overcome our personal energy.

By meditating you will find yourself spotting the core belief involved which can make this process much easier. Despair comes from the belief that we are unworthy of our good in some way and that good must be withheld from us. Simply denying this belief can make a massive difference. When we see or feel this concept arising, that we cannot receive our good, just say, “That isn’t true. It’s a lie”. These simple statements to oneself and the refusal to be argued out of them by habitual mental patterns gives the process of overcoming inertia a jump-start. The reason is that despair is a created condition, not a natural one. It is a way of explaining the challenges that we experience in life, and is simply not accurate. It makes as much sense as the parent who answers a child with “Because”. As an answer, it doesn’t have much merit. Refuse to accept such simplistic answers and let these negative explanations fall away.

Take the time for a daily meditation to help release any conscious or unconscious dispair. You daily life might get a whole lot lighter!

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The Witches Spell for October 23 – ‘White Light Ritual’




Best time to do this spell:

In the early morning-to make the spell even stronger – do it as the sunshine’s on you!

As the sun rises in the morning – get somewhere it can shine on you (even laying in bed is okay for this one!) as you feel the warmth of the sun shining on you – see in your mind’s eye a bright light – pure and white surrounding you and outlining your body -leaving NO openings = completely surrounding you in light and warmth (you will FEEL it too) as you surround yourself in this warm and wonderful light say to yourself out loud or merely in your head

“May the white light surround me

and protect me from all harm

this is my WILL so MOTE it be.”


Then simply go about your day – you can also send white light to others by simply surrounding them with white light in your mind’s eye and substituting the person’s name for me in the incantation above. you will notice immediately a change – as you walk past – people will try to catch your eye and smile – try it – it works!  You may do this as often as you like !

Today’s I Ching Hexagram is February 17th is 35: Easy Progress

35: Easy Progress

Sunday, Feb 17th, 2013




The general situation is one of easy, natural progress. That which had been weak is now steadily rising up, and by gaining a prominent position, becomes a stronger force. The image is the light of the rising sun, which at first appears dimly through the mists. But this relatively weak light later radiates with powerful clarity once the sun has reached a high position in the sky.

Progress is made when those in subordinate positions create harmony with those above, and in so doing create a natural means for their collective talents and abilities to blossom. It is by recognizing and riding with the natural course of events — by hitching our wagon to the rising sun, as it were — that we advance our position and earn respect.

Goodness in human nature is like the dim but beautiful early morning light. It can easily be obscured — by greed, hatred and other forms of self-absorption — just as the morning light can be swallowed by fog. Be reminded that progress is achieved most effortlessly when right action is taken without concern for immediate reward, and when the path of the weaker elements aligns with the strong.




Living Life As The Witch – Even Witches Get The Blues

Witchy Comments~Magickal Graphics~

The Blues

Everybody gets the blues. A feeling of low energy, listlessness, and disinterest, a touch of sadness., betrayal, or even a broken heart can make us feel like retreating from life a little. It’s not just emotional situations that can cause the blues, but physical, mental spiritual and environmental situations.

Physical reason for feeling blue can include minor illnesses or imbalance, overindulgence in alcohol drugs or candy, a lack of sleep or downtime and extreme physical wear and tear caused by over.

Mentally periods of low self-esteem, social isolation, worry and indecision can cause the blues. Over thinking, over analyzing and over eating can all send us spiraling down,

Spirituality, a crisis of faith, feeling disconnected from the Sprit or higher power, and even deep-rooted questions about good and evil in the universe create chaos. Blues that come from spiritual sources can shake on to our roots.

Almost everyone experience the blues with the change of seasons, we say goodbye to summer friends, return to school or work and change out hobbies, activities and routines. Seasonal change is a well-known environmental factor affecting mood, especially the shift from  summer to winter when we feel the effect of dwindling daylight. It causes low energy, a reticence to go outdoors and sometimes a desire to stay curled up on the couch. Environmentally induced blues are not to be confused with SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a profound medical depression associated with the lack of light.

Other environmental blues could included the heaviness that comes  from working in a poor lit conditions with little ventilation of fresh air, around a lot of electromagnetic energy, or even being around a bunch of people who are themselves very negative and heavy.


Excerpt from “Banishing the Blues”

By Dallas Jennifer Cobb

Llewellyn’s 2013 Magical Almanac