The Witches Spell for October 23 – ‘White Light Ritual’




Best time to do this spell:

In the early morning-to make the spell even stronger – do it as the sunshine’s on you!

As the sun rises in the morning – get somewhere it can shine on you (even laying in bed is okay for this one!) as you feel the warmth of the sun shining on you – see in your mind’s eye a bright light – pure and white surrounding you and outlining your body -leaving NO openings = completely surrounding you in light and warmth (you will FEEL it too) as you surround yourself in this warm and wonderful light say to yourself out loud or merely in your head

“May the white light surround me

and protect me from all harm

this is my WILL so MOTE it be.”


Then simply go about your day – you can also send white light to others by simply surrounding them with white light in your mind’s eye and substituting the person’s name for me in the incantation above. you will notice immediately a change – as you walk past – people will try to catch your eye and smile – try it – it works!  You may do this as often as you like !