One More Thing

I forgot we extended the raffle to the 29th of this month. So you still have time to get those tickets, if you want!

Wishing You A Very Happy & Healthy Saturday!

I hope everyone is having a great day. I have been up since 2 this morning with a sick stomach. I took a brief nap thought I might feel better when I got up, HA! It was only worse. I don’t believe I can do any posting while sitting on the toilet, sorry.

But I am either going back to bed or the bathroom, one or the other. I hate to let you down but hopefully it is just a 24 hour bug. If you can’t find enough around here to get into, run over to our Pinterest account. Check out what Mystie is putting on there. We haven’t figured out yet how to connect two or three people to the same board. So she uses my account till we get it figured out. Anyway she is over there. I am in the bathroom. If I don’t flush myself (a little bathroom humor, ha, ha), I will see you tomorrow.

Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A