Wishing You A Very Happy & Blessed Thursday, dear brothers & sisters!

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Good Morning WOTC! Well it is almost lunch time, so what’s for lunch? Something good, I am on my way. I wanted to apologize for no daily posts today. We started out with the intentions of doing them as usual. But good intentions occasionally go down the toilet, as ours did today.

I always listen to the News every morning as everyone knows. Our local forecast calls for some severe storms forming right over the top of us today. Said some of the storms could contain tornadoes. We also live in tornado alley, so please keep us in your prayers today. Since listening to the weather, I decided I would get up early and go get some of my prescriptions. I called them in. About fifteen minutes later, the pharmacy was calling me back. Problem with the insurance. I straightened that out which took about 15 minutes. Still had time to run to town. Got ready, went outside to start the truck and let it warm up. While the truck was warming up, dumbass me decides to pick up some garbage the wind had blew over here. I made the fatal mistake of stepping in the wrong spot. Before I knew it, my left leg had sunk down to my knee in mud. I could not pull my leg out to save me. The bad thing was it was still sinking and by that time I was screaming. Thank goodness, my neighbor heard me and came running. I grabbed a hold of the foundation to stop sinking. My neighbor carefully weaved his way through the mud. He finally got to me and he started sinking too. The next thing I knew he had grabbed a hold of me and ripped me out of the mud and over his head. I landed on the walkway and he grabbed my hand a I helped him out. He wanted to know what the hell I was doing in the mud. I told him I didn’t know it was mud till I stepped there. I guess I could have really been an ungrateful ass hole and told him, “I was picking up your garbage.” But I didn’t. He saved me from quick mud (get it, instead of quicksand, we have quick mud, not funny, it stinks worse than a skunk!).

It was amazing though, I didn’t change clothes or nothing. I just sit down on the steps and wiped my shoe and sock off. My pants did not get a lick of mud on them. As I was going down, my pants leg was pushed up by the ground. My leg was muddy but with the pants leg down, you couldn’t tell anything had happened. Weird, I know. So now I am wiped off and getting in the truck. Well guess what’s sunk next? Yes, you guessed it, the truck. By this time, I am going, “Goddess what have I done today?” The truck was marred up to the middle bolt on both back tires. I gentle eased up enough to get some traction. Then I put the truck in four-wheel drive and put her in reverse, off we went. Needless to say, it looks like I have been mudding in my yard. Oh, what fun! NOT!

After all that adventure at the house, Kiki and I were off. I should mention she hates it when I put the truck in four-wheel drive. Why I don’t know, she just does. So she finally calmed down from that. But before she did, she was sitting in my lap fogging up the window. I would wipe and she would fog it up again. I finally said the heck with it and rolled the window down a little were I could see. We made it to town and got everything done we had to do. The funny thing, it sprinkled all the way to town and back. Now it is not doing a darn thing. That figures doesn’t.

I forgot something totally hilarious. I think everyone knows we are located about 5 miles from an uranium enrichment plant. They are in the process of closing it down. Eventually it will be totally empty. We found out the other day, they aren’t leaving any guards there at all. That is just peachy! No telling what kind of crap will be left there. Anyway, in the mail today, we got a letter from USEC that is the plant I am talking about. I had to do a double take on that one. I opened it and I know I shouldn’t have, but I just started laughing my ass off. I guess it was just the topper on the kind of morning I had had.  I scanned over the letter real quick. It informed us of no security for the plant but rest assured the security system will still be operational. OK! Now on the next piece of paper was what to do if the sirens go off. That’s it we are all going to die. They have sirens all over the place. But if the place blows, we won’t be able to take a step. We  will be dead. The kill radius on this plant is huge. We first moved out here, my son and I would go fishing at the game reserve which is on part of the plant property. We didn’t eat anything we caught, rumor had it they all glowed in the dark, lol! Anyway, my son saw one of those signs and asked me, “what should we do if they sounded?” I have always been honest with my children. I told him, “kiss your ass good-bye.” I know we could move but we would have near as much fun as we are now.

Well back to the site, Mystie is going to be posting some spells later on (if we don’t get blowed away). I am going to check out some stuff Word Press has give us. They gave us thousands of plug-ins to use on this site. They did that Monday and I saved the link but haven’t had time to check out what we now have access too. I do know one is a radio player and there is also a news ticker that runs all the time. Might be some pretty cool stuff who knows? I am also going to do some Pinning on Pinterest. Pinterest has a widget that you can put on your web site. It lets your friends see what you are pinning. But we can’t use it, it is javascript. Word Press won’t let you use Java because they say it is so each to be hacked. I was sort of disappointed because it was a cool widget. Oh, well, life goes on……

I guess I need to start updating ya’ll every day. That way I would talk your ears off. Who am I kidding, I still would, lol! I was very serious about you keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. Before anything was built on this property a tornado came right straight through here. The people around here told us if we had been here we would have probably been killed. It tore this area up pretty good. And all the bad weather we have had around here recently it does make me nervous. So please, not only keep us in your prayers but our area also. We have all seen enough disaster and destruction, we don’t need any more.

Well now you are officially caught up, Mystie will here later on. I am checking out our new toys from Word Press and then doing a little Pinning. I don’t know if I told you I keep the Pinning going because we get new members from there. It is an excellent source of advertisement for us. Now I am going to hush and get busy. I hope everyone has a very blessed and happy Thursday. We will see you tomorrow. Till then…….

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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Surprise, Surprise It’s Saturday Morning! Have A Blessed One!

I hope everyone is having a super Saturday. I just wanted to drop in and let you know this morning, I will be out promoting our site. Saturday is one of Pinterest’s hottest days. So I plan on covering their front page without nothing expect Pins for the WOTC. Pinterest has a huge following and that is how we end up with new members. They see our Pins, get curious and come over and visit. Right now, this is a fantastic advertising site for us. And besides there are so many people on here right now, I don’t want to interrupt their enjoyment of the site. It is great to see you all here this morning. Read, enjoy, look around, stay as long as you like. (It seems like when I show up to do the postings, everyone disappears, I don’t bite, I swear, Witches’ Honor!)

Anyway I am off to promote, I will be back in bit to start our new herb section and also put on some more strange forms of divination. I hope you have a fantastic day!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Wishing You A Very Happy & Healthy Saturday!

I hope everyone is having a great day. I have been up since 2 this morning with a sick stomach. I took a brief nap thought I might feel better when I got up, HA! It was only worse. I don’t believe I can do any posting while sitting on the toilet, sorry.

But I am either going back to bed or the bathroom, one or the other. I hate to let you down but hopefully it is just a 24 hour bug. If you can’t find enough around here to get into, run over to our Pinterest account. Check out what Mystie is putting on there. We haven’t figured out yet how to connect two or three people to the same board. So she uses my account till we get it figured out. Anyway she is over there. I am in the bathroom. If I don’t flush myself (a little bathroom humor, ha, ha), I will see you tomorrow.

Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Wishing You A Very Blessed & Prosperous Mabon Season, dear brothers & sisters!

I hope everyone is having a great day especially since it is Friday! I don’t know if any of you have heard the term “Mabon Season.” I know I hadn’t, it is a term I just made up. Some people start celebrating Mabon today while others celebrate it on the 23rd.  So I just figured “Mabon Season” would work because it is celebrated at some many different dates. It is very appropriate for this bunch around here. They start celebrating the morning of Sept. 20th and don’t quit to midnight Sept. 23rd. Seriously, party animals. Mystie is really cutting the rug in the photo I took of her, isn’t she, lol! I should be nice to her. I was really scared to look at the poll she did about me. No telling what that woman can come up with, scary even thinking about it. But she did pretty good on the first one, I just can’t wait to the second or third one :s .

I wanted to give you a heads up. Yesterday while I was working on our Pinterest account. I found out something very interesting. They will now let you have a business on there. They will let you advertise your merchandise for nothing. The only thing is that you have to pull the merchandise from your own site. Well to solve that problem, I am going to have a page called “Featured Merchandise for the Day,” pop up every now and then. That way I will be able to pull the item from here and the individual will come back here to buy it or something else. We will still have the raffles once a month.  And having the merchandise is in no way going to interfere with our mission.  We will still provide all the same services you are use too. And perhaps an item you have been looking for will pop up some where, who knows? But we will not post the merchandise till we are through with the daily postings. Beside Pinterest has been a great way of just advertising our site. I don’t know how many members have come over from there. Maybe we have the same luck with the items. Oh, I almost forgot, I was able to change the name of our account finally over to Witches Of The Craft. So if you have any graphics or interesting things you might want to share, you can now do so. It is your Pinterest about after all.

The reason I am doing this is because I am tired of bumming off my family, YOU! There are other ways we can stay afloat and I am going to give them a try. All I ask is that you have patience with me. I am a very proud witch and every time I have to post about needing money, it takes a bite out of me. I don’t like it. So this is what is going on. Besides if you need anything, let us know. We have hooked up with a very reasonable wholesaler and have access to almost anything you want. Hey this might turn out to be a good thing! You get the info, the spells, the rituals, plus anything you need to work the spells/rituals. Damn I’m a genius, lmao! But we are going to give it a try for a bit. If it works, fine. If it don’t, we will try something else.

So much for the news……..Now let’s get on with the daily’s what do you say!

I wish everyone of you a very prosperous and blessed Mabon Season!

May the Goddess Bless You & Yours,


Lady A

Happy & Blessed Tuesday to all my dear family & friends!

How’s everyone doing today? I hope fine. Our morning around here has been busy, busy, busy. I don’t think I have mentioned it but I have changed neurologist. He had me on a fistful of pills. The pills weren’t doing me any good any more. So I told him and he ordered some pain patches. Well he got a wild hair up his butt about something. I never got the pain patches. The woman that I know at his office finally told me what was going on. He was getting rid of some of his older patients and I happened to be one. He could have come right out and told me but he didn’t. I was upset and then again I wasn’t. The medicine wasn’t doing me any good so it was time to move on.

I found a new doctor. He founded the Pain Management Center in Paducah. I got lucky and I actually got the founder and head pain specialist. The first thing he said was, “My God, he has you on way to much medicine.” “You could start your own pharmacy down on the corner.” I laughed and agreed with him because it is the truth. Anyway he has started pulling me off some of the medicine. Also he has ordered some tests (which are later this month). And plus, he has order aqua therapy for me. That was suppose to happen today. Boy, I was looking forward to it too. But instead, they measured my flexibility, ha what flexibility! When she was finished she told me I was stiff as a board. Like I didn’t already know that. But she was super nice. I get to go back later this month and then hopefully get in the pool. I was scared to death to first go to this Center, now I love it. If I had known all this I would have been there sooner.

Since the morning was so screwed up and it is so late, I decided to work on our Pinterest account. We haven’t been over there in a while. You have to pin something occasionally to keep your account active. So we will be cutting it close this time. But we are going to be working over there. If you haven’t seen our Pinterest page, come on over. I love it. I think you will too.  The account is in my name because they didn’t think “Witches Of The Craft” was a real name :S . It’s a real live group and organization why can’t it be a real name then? I said the heck with it, I didn’t want to argue that day. I just used my name instead. But it is the WOTC Pinterest site. There is a button at the side up top so there is no excuse for you not to visit, ya’ hear now, lol!

One more thing before I go, tonight get out and look at the moon. It is suppose to be a blue moon tonight. The reason being (according to our weather man) is because this is the 3rd Full Moon during this Summer. So the 3rd Full Moon during a Summer like this is a Blue Moon. Of course, I don’t know why I am relying on the weather people around here. They have to look out the window to see if it is raining, no lie!

Anyway I have wrote you a book to read. You know where we are in case you need us. We will see you tomorrow bright and early, hmm!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friends & Family! May The Goddess Bless Your Day!

Good Morning, my dears! How are you doing this morning? Me, I have been relaxing by watching the fish swim around in the aquarium. I have a 50 gallon aquarium and I love to sit and just watch the fish swim. It is so relaxing and soothing. I feel like a new person after watching them swim for a bit. The only problem is Razzy has learned what I am watching. I expect to hear her screaming one day because she has decided to go fishing. Then she realizes all cats hate water, lol! It is like the funny farm around here at times. If it ain’t the critters, it’s the people.

I felt so relaxed this morning that I looked at some graphics then when over to the Pinterest page. You know at first Pinterest made no sense to me whatsoever. I first heard about it on our local News Station. But now that I have got use to doing it, I have become an addict. I have found it is much easier to get your message across in photos than in words. But I truly enjoying doing it. I hope some of you have been over there to check it out. I love the photos I have uploaded of the animals we have took in here at the refuge. There is a picture of little baby barn owls. They are so ugly when they are first born and for about 4 weeks later. They have a face only a mother could love. But I have learned something from them. No matter how ugly the situation or person, there is beauty just waiting to blossom. All you have to do is have patience and nurture it, the beauty will eventually emerge.

Thinking about those little owls and the lesson I have learned from them. It gives me hope for tomorrow. I know no matter how ugly the world might get, there is still beauty left in it. All we have to do is look for it. When we find it, nurture it and care for it, then let others see it. Let the beauty in the world become a chain reaction, let it shine on the world. Let us take time today to see the Goddess’ beauty and love and then let it shine on the world. Spreading peace and love throughout.

I will leave you this Celtic blessing. Good day, my family!


If there is righteousness in the heart,
there will be beauty in the character.
If there is beauty in the character,
there will be harmony in the home.
If there is harmony in the home,
there will be order in the nation.
If there is order in the nation,
there will be peace in the world.
So let it be

Just To Let You Know…….

Before I forget, I don’t know if you have checked out our Pinterest page or not. But there is a section on there that has to do with “Furry Creatures.” That’s not the entire title but you see that you will know where to go. I found my camera and I am going to start taking photos of the animals we take in and care for at the refuge there. I already have my three on there but I look at them as if they are the “animal wardens,” lol!

But anyway, check that section out. In the future when I ask very politely for help with the critters, you will be able to see what your money is going to help.

Anyway, got to run. Get a moment check it out, Pinterest button in the right hand corner.

Love ya!




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It Is A Blessed Blue Moon Friday! Goddess Blessings To All My Dear Friends!

 Ok, I am a sentimental sap today, lol! But we don’t tell you often enough, how much we appreciate you. Your caring, love and support means the world to all of us. You are a part of our family.

Through it all, you have been with us. To stand beside us and lend us a helping hand when we needed it. You are indeed the best bunch of people on the net and we are honored to call you friends and family.

Thank you & We Love You,

Goddess Bless You Always,

WOTC Management

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Daily Motivator for March 9th – Amazingly able

Amazingly able

Progress is made by those who do what they are afraid to do. Progress is made by those who do what they did not previously know they could do.

You cannot push the world forward by staying safe and comfortable. You cannot make great advances by holding tightly to the tired excuses and outdated assumptions.

It is energizing and liberating to turn down a road you have not traveled before. To reach toward what you cannot yet touch brings new passion and strength to your life.

You are amazingly able to do not only what you have already done, but also what you cannot yet do. Your capacity for learning and improvement has no limit.

Beyond where you are comfortable is where you will grow and improve and achieve. Nudge yourself away from what you already know, and discover how very much more you can be.

Give yourself the priceless gifts of new experiences, new skills, new knowledge and the confidence of knowing how quickly you can grow. Expand your horizons, again and again, and discover that every limit is there to be transcended.

— Ralph Marston

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