Wishing You A Very Blessed & Prosperous Mabon Season, dear brothers & sisters!

I hope everyone is having a great day especially since it is Friday! I don’t know if any of you have heard the term “Mabon Season.” I know I hadn’t, it is a term I just made up. Some people start celebrating Mabon today while others celebrate it on the 23rd.  So I just figured “Mabon Season” would work because it is celebrated at some many different dates. It is very appropriate for this bunch around here. They start celebrating the morning of Sept. 20th and don’t quit to midnight Sept. 23rd. Seriously, party animals. Mystie is really cutting the rug in the photo I took of her, isn’t she, lol! I should be nice to her. I was really scared to look at the poll she did about me. No telling what that woman can come up with, scary even thinking about it. But she did pretty good on the first one, I just can’t wait to the second or third one :s .

I wanted to give you a heads up. Yesterday while I was working on our Pinterest account. I found out something very interesting. They will now let you have a business on there. They will let you advertise your merchandise for nothing. The only thing is that you have to pull the merchandise from your own site. Well to solve that problem, I am going to have a page called “Featured Merchandise for the Day,” pop up every now and then. That way I will be able to pull the item from here and the individual will come back here to buy it or something else. We will still have the raffles once a month.  And having the merchandise is in no way going to interfere with our mission.  We will still provide all the same services you are use too. And perhaps an item you have been looking for will pop up some where, who knows? But we will not post the merchandise till we are through with the daily postings. Beside Pinterest has been a great way of just advertising our site. I don’t know how many members have come over from there. Maybe we have the same luck with the items. Oh, I almost forgot, I was able to change the name of our account finally over to Witches Of The Craft. So if you have any graphics or interesting things you might want to share, you can now do so. It is your Pinterest about after all.

The reason I am doing this is because I am tired of bumming off my family, YOU! There are other ways we can stay afloat and I am going to give them a try. All I ask is that you have patience with me. I am a very proud witch and every time I have to post about needing money, it takes a bite out of me. I don’t like it. So this is what is going on. Besides if you need anything, let us know. We have hooked up with a very reasonable wholesaler and have access to almost anything you want. Hey this might turn out to be a good thing! You get the info, the spells, the rituals, plus anything you need to work the spells/rituals. Damn I’m a genius, lmao! But we are going to give it a try for a bit. If it works, fine. If it don’t, we will try something else.

So much for the news……..Now let’s get on with the daily’s what do you say!

I wish everyone of you a very prosperous and blessed Mabon Season!

May the Goddess Bless You & Yours,


Lady A

Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 15 – ‘St. Swithin’s Day’

Today’s ‘St. Swithin’s Day’ is named after a British bishop who is associated with a famous rhyme that maintains that whatever the weather is like today, so it will be for the next forty days, especially if the forecast is for rain. A little ditty that tags along with this forecast goes like this: ‘St. Swithin’s Day if it does rain, Full forty days it will remain, St. Swithin’s Day, if it be fair, For forty days ’twill rain no more.’ Just in case this weather report holds true and it rains today, let’s use a different way to part the clouds. Eastern European customs says the smoke produced from burning the herb mugwort in your fireplace will disperse the storm as it enters the atmosphere. So if you find yourself in the midst of one summer storm after another, courtesy of a prediction made by a bishop who might have been all wet anyway, burn some mugwort in your fireplace. It’s time to bring some sun back to your beautiful summer days, no matter what St. Swithin says!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com