Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign






Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

Stephanie Dempsey

Good Morning, Sunshines! How Ya’ll Doing This Super Sunday!

I hope better than me. It is raining, dreary and just down right nasty here. But we need the rain, desperately. We have been in an extreme drought situation here.

Well since I am running late (as usual, sorry!), I am going to get right down to it.

Have a Super Sunday!

Lady A

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5 Handmade Memorial Day Items

By Lo Lankford

Memorial Day brings all kinds of relaxation and reflection, as many of us take the day off and sometimes even have a little BBQ fun. Get into the spirit with these five DIY tips that will have you decorating and dressing in style.

Planning a shindig? Want to make a little party picnic for the family? Look no further than this Memorial Day set of printables. On sale for $10 (for a limited time) from Anders Ruff, this pack includes 1 sheet of party logos, 1 sheet of drink wraps, 1 sheet of blank party labels and an 8″ circular banner. Party on!

Got a wee one joining in on the festivities? Why not dress her out in her USA best with this $20 Memorial Day elastic wrap skirt from Auroras Chic Boutique. This handmade “scrap skirt” (that you could easily make yourself) is “pinked” to prevent fraying and features both fabric and tulle.

Skirts not your thing but still want something cute for your little girl? Why not try your hand at making one of these DIY Memorial Day headbands from Connor KJ. For the craft lovers with less time on their hands, order this original design for only $5.

If it’s boy stuff you’re after, how about one of these DIY berry baskets for holding food, plants or anything your little imagination can think up! From the aptly named Cute Kids Food Box, the boxes come as a set of six for $12. Just like at the local farmers market, only upcycled to holiday perfection.

Into adorning your door? Try your hand at a DIY holiday wreath, like the Memorial Day one pictured here from Land G Designs. If you’d rather buy the real thing, 16″ wreath is $32 and was made from original vintage stock.

Sending Tons Of Love To All My Dear Friends! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear friends!

I have a lot to chat about but I am running late. So I will save our little talk for another day. I know that is a huge relief for you, lol! I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day and spend it with the one you love.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Good News, I survived the day and ain’t in jail,lol!

I am sorry about no posts this morning. It started out a good morning. I got up around 7:00, fixed coffee, laid down in the floor to watch TV till the coffee got ready. The next thing I knew it was 11:14. Oh, crap, I had to take a shower, put on my makeup, grab a bit to eat and get a cup of coffee. I have long, red, curly hair and to keep the fuzz down. I put in leave in conditioner and then let it air dry. Probably why I have been sick so much this winter. Then not to mention I still had to wrap the gifts and we had to leave an hour earlier than the party. Remember they live 90 miles away for us. Then after that here comes my biggest baby of all, my hubby. There are times, men make me sick (sorry fellas). I mean it takes me an hour or two to get ready. How long does it take him 30 minutes if that long. I had been running around like a chicken with her head chopped off. And he casually gets up, climbs in the shower, gets out, shaves and puts on his clothes and he is ready to go (if only I was that lucky 😦 ). Anyway we get on our way to the birthday party. It was at McDonald’s, I didn’t even know they had birthday parties. My son told me that his mother-in-law’s sister won it at a local telethon last fall. We pulled up and apparently we were running early or else everyone else was running late. It was a nice Birthday Party. McDonald’s gives them hats and they get free happy meals and they also provide a cake. I skipped the cake and went for a Strawberry Milkshake. Boy, are those things good and fatten I would imagine. Blows my exercising all to heck. But things went better than expected. Of course, his mother-in-law aren’t speaking, which she isn’t worth wasting the breath on. We got ready to leave, grandma on the other side of the family came over to give me a hug and grabbed my necklace and commented how pretty it was. I think she was looking for little witches on brooms or little horny devils on it. Fooled her, lol! But your own kids can embarrass you more than anything. My daughter wasn’t suppose to be there, she is on call the weekend. But she decided to show up. Which I was glad to see her and her husband. We all sit together and I had on this long, black, shimmery ring, It has a very gorgeous figree pattern on it. The first thing my daughter does is to tell me she wants it. I said ok. Well she just has to ask at the top of her voice, “Is it cursed.” Why would I be wearing something cursed. Well you know what I mean? She ended up giving me the ring back it hurt her finger. My mother-in-law use to say, “If she knew then what she knows now, she would have had puppies.” I am beginning to see her point of view. But all in all, it was a good day.  I came home and passed out in the floor. I wasn’t planning on doing that. I have found a book with some sensuous romantic spells. If they don’t get your blood boiling, then you aren’t human, my friend. Well I am off to do some posting. Thank you for understanding about this morning and I hope you enjoy the spells.