Wishing You & Yours A Very Happy & Relaxing Labor Day!


For all those working Witches, Wiccans & any other Traditions that may be joining us today. This Is Your Day!

You get up every morning. Go to work and work your rump off. Come home eat supper, take a bath and go to bed. You occasionally stop to think no one appreciates you. Boy, are you wrong! The States have put a day aside to acknowledge you and the hard work you do every day. You know why?

Because You Make this Country Great! You are our Backbone! We appreciate everything you do and we want to take this day to acknowledge you. And to say “Thank You!”

9 Ways to Cancer-Proof Your Next Barbecue

9 Ways to Cancer-Proof Your Next Barbecue

by Michelle Schoffro Cook

There is a link between barbecued foods and an increased risk of  cancer. Basically, when foods like meat or oils are heated over high  temperatures or come in contact with flames, certain compounds can form.   These compounds are called: Heterocyclic Amines (HCA) and Polycyclic Aromatic  Hydrocarbons (PAH).  These compounds are known carcinogens.  But, you  don’t need to remember their names to lessen your risk of exposure to  them.  Here are some simple ways to lessen your cancer risk and still enjoy  your next barbecue.

1. Choose foods that are low in fat like vegetables, lean cuts of  meat, poultry or fish.  Heterocyclic amines and polycyclic  aromatic hydrocarbons are primarily formed when fats are heated to high  temperatures or fall into the flames and create smoke.  By choosing lean  cuts of meat and of course vegetables which are naturally low in fat, you reduce  the chance of these compounds forming at all.

2. Trim excess fat from meat prior to cooking it.

3. Pay attention while you’re barbecuing. This helps to  lessen the likelihood of flare-ups, intense smoking, and charring, thereby  resulting in healthier meals.

4. Avoid charring food excessively and, of course, avoid  eating burnt parts of food as much as possible.

Keep reading to discover the marinades that reduce cancer-causing compounds  by up to 99 percent…

5. Marinate foods like meat in olive oil and lemon juice-based  marinades.  Research shows that these two items can reduce the  formation of the cancer-causing compounds by up to 99 percent while  cooking.  Not to mention that they tenderize the meat, add great flavor,  and help keep it moist during cooking.

6. Use fresh herbs for your next barbecue.  Scientists  at the Food Safety Consortium project at Kansas State University have discovered  that herbs in a particular family used in marinades drastically reduce the  formation of heterocyclic amines.  These herbs include:  basil, mint,  rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sage.  Simply use one or more of these herbs,  preferably fresh, in a marinade prior to and during cooking.  Fortunately,  they add tremendous flavor so most people won’t even know you’re making they’re  barbecued food healthier.

7. One of the easiest ways to make barbecuing healthier is to add as  many vegetables as possible.  Making kebabs is a great way to do  this. By alternating lean meat and vegetables, the veggies will not only add  flavor, they’ll also help to keep the meat moist and add fiber and  nutrients.

8. Avoid overcooking vegetables. Their natural antioxidants  help destroy free radicals that may be caused from barbecuing. The longer they  cook the more certain vitamins like vitamin C and B-complex vitamins break down.  So don’t overcook them.

9. Keep your grill clean prior to every use.  Not only  is it more appetizing to eat food that’s been cooked on a clean grill, but  you’ll be lessening the amount of char that you’ll be eating.

Adapted from the book Cancer-Proof by Michelle Schoffro  Cook. Subscribe to my free e-newsletter World’s Healthiest News to receive monthly health news,  tips, recipes and more.  Follow me on Twitter @mschoffrocook and Facebook.


Turn Up The Heat

Turn Up The Heat

If you feel your romance or relationship has lost the fire/passion that it use to have. Then this spell is for you.

Items You Will Need:

  • A fireplace, balefire pit, barbecue grill, hibachi or other place where you can light a fire safely
  • Matches
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen that writes red ink
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Mustard Seeds
  • Ginger
  • Jasmine
  • Rosemary
  • Bay Leaves

Best Time To Cast:

During the Waxing Moon, preferably on a Tuesday

The Spell:

Collect the ingredients needed for this spell. Cast a circle around the area where you will do your spell. Build a small fire.

On the paper, write what you find enticing about your partner and what you desire from him/her. Be as descriptive and explicit as you like – no one but you will read what you’ve written. When you’ve finished, draw the Runes Gebo, which looks like an X and Teiwaz, which looks like an arrow pointing up, around the edges of the paper. These two symbols represent love and passion respectively.

Place the spices on the paper and fold it to make a packet that contains them. Visualize you and your love in a passionate embrace. As  you hold this image in your mind, toss the packet of spices into the fire. As it burns, your intention is released into the universe. Open the circle.

Hey Y’all, Happy Fourth of July To Ya’ !!!


How y’all doing on this wonderful Fourth of July? Are you planning on shooting off fireworks tonight? I hope you are some place you can. Around here, it is so dry they have banned fireworks tonight. They even said on the News, you could go to jail for shooting off fireworks. Now I think that is just a little extreme, but that’s me, of course…..

Well l got up early this morning and actually stayed awake for a change. I got on the computer, I had wonderful intentions. They all got shot to hell in a handbag. I was going to put up another slideshow page. Did I? No! Then I was going to work on the Contact Page. Did I? No! If you haven’t visited the Contact Page, please don’t. But I know now you will, lol! You know how all these other sites have a list of rules about contacting them, well ours don’t. All it says is contact us and then a button. I don’t want to put a list of rules on there. To me, that sounds mean and trying to discourage people from contacting them. I mean if you read a list of items and at the end of each one is, “Don’t Contact Us!” Then you get the idea in your head that you really didn’t want to contact these people to start with, lol! I don’t know but I will eventually put some wording there. The button does work and I have received 4 comments so far. What they say? I have no earthly idea. I was trying to edit the form page and saw were we had received 4. So that is the only way I know we received them. I’m awful, I know!

I took a break from all this hard work I have been doing this morning, ha! I went to the kitchen and looked out the window at my big Willow tree. Last night during the Full Moon, I went and place my first set of wind chimes on it. The Willow tree is my tree. It holds very special memories for me from my childhood. It is also one of the most magickal trees I have ever been around. I did a little ritual last night to bless the wind chimes. Then I also said a prayer at my Willow right before I placed the chimes on it. Then afterwards, I placed both of my hands on the bark of the tree, you could feel the life’s blood of the tree. Oh, it was absolutely magickal. To feel the Willow’s life force flowing and throbbing through it. I drew strength and power from it myself. Then this morning, looking at the tree I got swept away. It was like the Willow had reached inside the house and wisped me away. I was at a place where it was just the Willow and myself. I could hear thousands of chimes on the giant tree. I would see its’ long, sweeping branches flowing in the wind. Each time the branches swayed, the chimes would sing. Oh, it was beautiful. Then I was back in the kitchen. The Willow had told me what it wanted. It truly wants to be a very magickal tree for me. Now I know what I must do to make it so. But I love that tree and would do anything to keep it happy and healthy. It is strange how a bond can form between you and nature’s wonders. But after that bond is formed, no telling where you will go, what you will seek, what gifts you will behold. It also teaches us, no matter what it is, a tree, a rock or a piece of sand, it is a creature that the Goddess has created. It has a life form of its own and we are to hold it sacred, care for it and most of all protect it. For this is our calling, as we are children of the Goddess.

Charcoal or Gas: Which is the Best Way to Grill?

Charcoal or Gas: Which is the Best Way to Grill?

by Eric Steinman

In the beginning there was fire, and humans learned to cook on this fire  and…it was good. Some time thereafter there came choices and then, everything  went to hell. The two basic choices were between charcoal and gas, and the  opinions are staunch and fierce. Dubbed “the grate debate,” many BBQ lovers  swear by one or the other (I have never really known anyone whose door swings  both ways on the debate) and will give you a laundry list of reasons why their  preferred method is superior to the other.

So seeing as July The Fourth is upon us, I thought this was a good time to end  the debate here and now. The absolute best way to grill is…entirely subjective.  Obviously, for anyone that has dabbled in the world of gas, gas grills are more  expensive, but far more convenient than charcoal grills. They start up like a  car (with about 10 minutes to fully heat) and the clean up is minimal. Some  swear that the regulation of temperature is far more precise with gas, whereas  charcoal grilling requires more finesse and technique to maintain heat  regularity. However with the primitive nature of charcoal comes other benefits;  namely the taste. Charcoal enthusiasts swear by the superior flavor of food  coming off the charcoal grill (some say meat tastes better on charcoal, whereas  non-meat items do just fine on gas), and many people do agree. Gas grills, while  providing those cool parallel grill marks, just don’t provide that same smoky  flavor that people demand from charred flesh (coincidentally, that coveted  flavor may also be an indicator of carcinogens). Nevertheless, there is no  accounting for taste, but there is accounting for money. While charcoal grills  cost significantly less than their gas-fueled counterparts, the price of  charcoal is significantly higher than the price of propane, used to fuel gas  grills. For gas grills it breaks down to about $1 per hour of grilling  (depending on the volume of gas you purchase and where you purchase it) whereas  the average price for an hour’s worth of grilling is about double or triple  that. And what about the environmental impact of burning six quarts of charcoal  vs. an hour’s worth of propane? Well, I think you could figure that one out.

Still, the argument will rage on as long as there are things to grill. What  is your feeling about gas vs. charcoal? Is the flavor all that different? Is  charcoal antiquated? Is gas a soulless way to grill? Please weigh in and have a  safe BBQ weekend.

5 Handmade Memorial Day Items

By Lo Lankford

Memorial Day brings all kinds of relaxation and reflection, as many of us take the day off and sometimes even have a little BBQ fun. Get into the spirit with these five DIY tips that will have you decorating and dressing in style.

Planning a shindig? Want to make a little party picnic for the family? Look no further than this Memorial Day set of printables. On sale for $10 (for a limited time) from Anders Ruff, this pack includes 1 sheet of party logos, 1 sheet of drink wraps, 1 sheet of blank party labels and an 8″ circular banner. Party on!

Got a wee one joining in on the festivities? Why not dress her out in her USA best with this $20 Memorial Day elastic wrap skirt from Auroras Chic Boutique. This handmade “scrap skirt” (that you could easily make yourself) is “pinked” to prevent fraying and features both fabric and tulle.

Skirts not your thing but still want something cute for your little girl? Why not try your hand at making one of these DIY Memorial Day headbands from Connor KJ. For the craft lovers with less time on their hands, order this original design for only $5.

If it’s boy stuff you’re after, how about one of these DIY berry baskets for holding food, plants or anything your little imagination can think up! From the aptly named Cute Kids Food Box, the boxes come as a set of six for $12. Just like at the local farmers market, only upcycled to holiday perfection.

Into adorning your door? Try your hand at a DIY holiday wreath, like the Memorial Day one pictured here from Land G Designs. If you’d rather buy the real thing, 16″ wreath is $32 and was made from original vintage stock.

Happy Saturday, my dear friends!

Good Saturday Morning or Afternoon depending on where you be! I got tired of the “Happy Saturday” graphics and looked through some of the inspirational ones. I posted this one to inspire you to get all those items on your “honey-dew” list done. Ain’t I thoughtful, lol!

I hope you have a beautiful weekend and even better tomorrow. 

Love to you,

Lady Abyss

I forgot to mention, I am taking the day off from posting. I am going to revamping the WOTC a little bit. See you tomorrow, my dearies!