Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 4 – ‘Happy Fourth of July!’

Happy Fourth of July! On a day devoted to celebrating independence with all sorts of fanfare, including the traditional fireworks, let’s talk about the other ways Feng Shui says you can blast your way to better recognition and career related rewards. But first some Feng Shui firework history. Asian cultures use fireworks to welcome in the New Year and bid farewell to any negativity attached to the old one. They also use fireworks to celebrate weddings, grand openings and to clear the space before enacting sacred rituals. The fireworks are mostly employed to blow away harmful energies and negative spirits. According to this ancient philosophy, they can also be used to symbolically protect a home or to create an ‘explosion’ in the Fame area of your home. For this intention we use the ‘Five Buddha Firecrackers,’ a specific grouping of five faux red and gold foil firecrackers positioned in the Fame area of your home or office in order to promote your career, bring monetary rewards and blast you up the ladder of success. Have a safe and wonderful holiday and may we all enjoy freedom forever!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com