Good Tuesday Afternoon, dear friends! Once Again, Please Forgive Me!

Good Tuesday afternoon, my dearies! I am feel I owe you an apology. I am very sorry for yesterday and especially today. Yesterday at the doctor’s office, we spent all day there. The doctor had an emergency, so we sat and sat. We didn’t see the doctor till almost 3:00. I was upset, angry and pissed off. Our appointment was for 10:00. They wanted to know if we wanted to reschedule but it take months and months to get in to see the doctor and hubby said no. Which I wanted to kick him, but…..he knows how he feels and I went along with it. I believe I read every magazine in the waiting room. Then when we did get  to see the doctor, he wanted to run in and out. And it was like, “I don’t think so!” We sit out there for almost 5 hours waiting on you and you are going to sit down and listen to hubby. So the doctor actually slowed down and took time to sit down and listen to him. It amazes me, when we checked in, the first thing I got hit with was, “Well, you don’t have insurance and we need $187.00 upfront before you can see the doctor!”  That was like a slap in the face. I mean really, what has happened to the medical profession. If you don’t have a dollar are they going to let you die? The medical profession has turned into a business instead of a caring profession. Well, I wrote them a check and I ain’t guaranteeing it is going to clear but anyway.

You have to understand why I was so pissed. I have been going to this doctor for 14 years. I have never, ever owed them a dime. When the insurance didn’t pay the full amount on hubby, I paid them promptly. Now they want $187.00 upfront! Thinking about it makes me so mad, I can’t put on here what I really want to say. I ask the lady at the front desk, if they could take payments and she said no. They didn’t take payments from anyone anymore because they weren’t getting paid. That is when I showed my ass. I reminded her that I had been going there for all those years and never owed them anything. I was a prompt pay, a good patient and I had brought my husband to them because I thought he was a good doctor. Well, there are other doctors in town and that will be our last visit to him. I even told the doctor that. He left the room and came back in and handed me my check back. He called me by my first name and told me to make payments to him and pay it when I could. He would take care of the woman upfront. Well, I got over having to wait for him for 5 hours and wanted to hug him. Truth be told, I have been going to him for so long I feel like we are friends instead of patient, doctor. So I would really have hated to switch doctor’s. But after all that, we went to the pharmacy, got something to eat and we finally got home around 5:30 yesterday.

Today, I thought it was going to be normal, HA! I went out to feed all the critters and check on them. I didn’t take time to play with them yesterday, so I forgot the time. About 11:00, I got a phone call from a local vet. He wanted to know if I had room for 4 baby bobcats. A hunter had shot their mother and they weren’t weaned yet. Oh, brother! How could I say no. So I went to the vet and picked them up. I have them on the porch in a box. They are so little and need feeding every two hours. A lot of sleepless nights ahead, lol! but it will be worth it. They are beautiful. My husband told me, don’t get attached, we already have one bobcat we don’t need another one. And Razzy knows they are here. She has walked the floor growling and doing her loud cry that she does. She doesn’t want to play mother, she wants to kill them. She has no motherly instincts at all. When I came back home, she pounced me and smelled me from one end to the other. And then she rubbed all over me and marked me with her scent. She is fixed so she doesn’t know she isn’t marking me. But she still pretends too. So the baby bobcats are here and I have sit up their feed schedule. I have already feed them once and they take the bottle good. So there is a good outlook for them. I just hate getting the ones that won’t take the bottle, you know what is going to happen and you do everything in the world to prevent it. I have a few finger tips that have been gnawed off but the baby lived. So I feel like a few missed finger tips is worth it. I am a huge animal lover and besides my finger tips always grow back, just a little shorter each time, lol!

Well I wanted to explain to you what has been and is going on. I do have good news though. Through it all the store is moving right along. I am in the process of adding merchandise to it right now. At least some is going right, lol! I am going to run for now and get busy.

I hope you understand and have a great Tuesday,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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Burning Bright – The Element of Fire

Burning Bright

The Element of Fire
In the Wiccan tradition, Fire is the Element of the South and is usually represented on an altar by a candle or a wand. Fire can light a Fourth of July sparkler in celebration or burn a city to the ground. A highly volatile and powerful Element, Fire is treated with the utmost respect by Natural Practitioners. Ritual bonfires are a staple in almost all nature-based religions. Candles can light our way, send a wish to the Goddess, and focus our attention during a spell. In Nature, Fire can be related to volcanoes, comets and, well, forest fires.