Wishing You A Very Happy & Healthy Saturday!

I hope everyone is having a great day. I have been up since 2 this morning with a sick stomach. I took a brief nap thought I might feel better when I got up, HA! It was only worse. I don’t believe I can do any posting while sitting on the toilet, sorry.

But I am either going back to bed or the bathroom, one or the other. I hate to let you down but hopefully it is just a 24 hour bug. If you can’t find enough around here to get into, run over to our Pinterest account. Check out what Mystie is putting on there. We haven’t figured out yet how to connect two or three people to the same board. So she uses my account till we get it figured out. Anyway she is over there. I am in the bathroom. If I don’t flush myself (a little bathroom humor, ha, ha), I will see you tomorrow.

Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

It’s A Blessed Monday, My Friends! Welcome & Merry Meet!

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Good Monday morning, dear friends! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. All rested up and ready to get back to the old grindstone, lol! I shouldn’t say that some of us are very fortunate to have the job we love. Which I will admit, they are a lucky Witch, for sure. I had a job working at our family’s business as office manager. It started out perfect. Then it just when to poop! Double poop! Yeah, that bad! It got to the point were I was suppose to work for free. HA! There is only one thing I do for free and I don’t see “The WOTC” stamped on your forehead, lmao! Going to pay everyone else except me because I was family. No way, my time is worth money. So I packed my stuff up and came home. And been here ever since.

Enough about that! I know you were hanging on every word, lmao! But you know to much of a good thing will spoil you! I was thinking over the weekend about all the tragedies in the world these days.  Now would be a good time to leave you with an old Gaelic blessing for awhile. I hope you don’t mind. I love them (of course, I am Irish, lol!). I hope you enjoy them as I do.

Have a super terrific day, my dear, precious friends!

Whenever there is happiness

Hope you’ll be there too,

Wherever there are friendly smiles

Hope they’ll smile on you,

Whenever there is sunshine,

Hope it shine especially

For you to make each day for you

As bright as it can be.

~Magickal Graphics~

Hey Ya’ll, It’s Saturday! Relax & Enjoy!

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Hello, my dear friends! How is everyone doing today? I hope super fine. My early morning wake up calls is killing me. I had Kiki (Pom pup) jumping up and down on me this morning at 4 a.m. She decided I needed to get out of the floor and go to bed, HA! I think I fell asleep around 11:00 and she waits till 4 to get me up. Great timing, all I can say. I have been up ever since. I thought about going back to sleep. But after I put the cookies up, washed dishes, straightened up the living room, cleaned the bathroom, well heck, the sun was up. I do more things while most people are asleep than your average joe does all day.

Well enough with my boring routine. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. If the weather is pretty where you are at, get outside and enjoy it for me some too. It is cloudy, miserable and suppose to snow. I am ready for Spring!!!

Anyway, have a great one, my dears!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A