Secret Fantasy Sex Magick

Secret Fantasy Sex Magick

Gather together your lover, a red candle, two pieces of paper with pens to write, three  drops of honeysuckle oil, and a half cup of olive oil. Your should do this spell with your love as a way for both of you to become closer in your  relationship.
After dark, begin with your lover by lighting the candle and dedicating it to the fire of your love:

Glowing flame burning bright

Be the fire of love tonight.

Now it’s time for each of you to write down your fantasies about each other. Let your  imagination run wild. The idea is to bring the ideal and real together into not only one glorious and magnificent night, but a lifetime of  them.

Add the honeysuckle oil to the olive oil. As you do so, say:

Sweet flower of divine love

Empower this oil with your passion.

As you and your lover rub the oil all over each other’s bodies, describe your most wild  fantasies as you wrote them out on the pieces of paper. It’s up to you and your lover as to whether you want to act on them. Allow the candle to safely  burn down.

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Finger Painting Magick

Finger Painting Magick

 You will need your lover, one ounce of olive oil, nine drops of vanilla scented oil and three drops of jasmine-scented  oil.
Just before you make love, take a warm bath with your beloved. Decide what you both want to direct your sexual and orgasmic  energy toward. Keep it simple and be specific. Next, mix the oils together, and paint words of endearment on your lover’s naked skin. Finger-paint one  word on your lover’s skin, then ask your lover to paint a word of love on your skin. After you paint each word, use your fingers and your imagination to  rub the oil gently and sensuously into your lover’s skin. See how many words you spell before you fall passionately into the throws of lovemaking. Direct  your lovemaking energies toward a shared goal or dream.

Calendar of the Sun for September 11

Calendar of the Sun

11 Halegmonath


Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: In the center of the altar should be a fire laid and waiting to be lit in a pot, and around it trays of small honey-cakes (crusta mellei), jugs of old and new wine, a cup of water, a sprig of rosemary, a bowl of salted spelt flour (mola salsa), incense of myrrh, and lanterns.
Offerings: Cakes,
Daily Meal: Honey-cakes, salted spelt flour bread with rosemary and olive oil, wine, lentils.

Meditrinalia Invocation

Caller: Incendio! (One steps forward and lights the fire and lanterns.) So doth the lively flame thrive, whether a little earthen bowl feed the thirsty linen wick, or pinewood that lends its pitch. Accept, Divine One, we pray, the light which we offer you.
Response: Vivax flamma viget, seu cava testula sucum linteolo suggerit ebrio, seu pinus piceam fert alimoniam. Lumen quod vobis offero, suscipe, precor, dive.
Caller: O Father Liber, grant us your favour! We who are come to your sacred rite in your service now open our lips. (One takes the mola salsa and passes it around to be tasted.)
Response: Liber Pater, fave! Quia tibi nunc operata resolvimus ora, quae ad sacrae tuae adsummus.
Caller: Purificatio! (One steps forward and sprinkles the remaining mola salsa.) Ab illos benedicaris, in cuius honore friaris. (One steps forward and asperges each with rosemary and water.) Ab illos benedicaris, in cuius honore spargaris. (One steps forward and censes each in turn.) Ab illos benedicaris, in cuius cremaberis.
Caller: Before thee, Liber, the altars were without offerings and grass grew on the cold hearths.
Response: Ante tuos ortus arae sine honore fuerunt, Liber, et in gelidis herba reperta focis.
(Two step forward and mix the old and new wine together with water, and pass them about.)
Caller: As I drink of this wine old and new, so of all ills old and new may I be healed.
Response: Vinum vetum novumque bibo, de morbo veto novoque medeor
Caller: Liber enjoys honey, and it is right that we give its discoverer honey cakes.
Response: Melle Liber fruitur, liboque infusa calenti iure repertori candida mella damus
(One steps forward to place four cakes on the fire, and pass the rest about to be eaten.)
Caller: So may the fruits of Autumn be sweet to us!
Response: Sicut nobis dulces fruges autumni.
Caller: Ambulatio! (All approach the altar and lay the garlands on it.)
Caller: Sacrificio! Sacred spirit of the spring, be honoured.
Response: Vina dat Liber, fert sibi quisque coronam, miscendas large rivus agit aquas. Anima sacra fontis, macte coronae vinoque crustoque quod inferimus.
Caller: So may all the waters of the earth be sacred to us. So may it be!”
Response: Sic sacrae nobis omnia aquae terrae. Ita sit! (Silence for a moment, then all exit.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Feng Shui Tip for August 25 – 'Kiss and Make Up Day!'

Pucker up, because today is ‘Kiss and Make Up Day!’ But before pursing those lips you might want to first make them kissably soft. Mix a bit of white and brown sugar and ground coffee (for plumpness) with olive oil and honey. Rub this blend over your lips and scrub with your fingers in a circular motion. Be gentle. Wash off with warm water and then apply a thin coat of vitamin E to your lips. Whether you’re making up or not, once you use this all-natural lip softener you’ll be good and ready to get good and kissed.

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The Witches Spell for July 25th – A Spell to Turn Up the Heat

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A Spell to Turn Up the Heat

Has the spark gone out of your relationship This spell uses spices to add spice to your love life, along with fire to heat up things between you and your partner.


A fireplace, balefire pit, barbecue grill, hibachi, or other place where you can light a fire safely Matches or a lighter

A piece of paper A pen that writes red ink

Cayenne pepper

Mustard seeds




Bay leaves

When: During the waxing moon, preferably on a Tuesday

Safely build a small fire. On the paper, write what you find enticing about your partner and what you desire from him or her. Be as descriptive and explicit as you like— no one but you will read what you’ve written. When you’ve finished, draw the runes Gabon, which looks like an X, and Tiwaz, which looks like an arrow pointing up, around the edges of the paper. These two symbols represent love and passion, respectively.

Place the spices on the piece of paper and fold it to make a packet that contains them. Visualize you and your lover in a passionate embrace. As you hold this image in your mind, toss the packet of spices into the fire. As it burns, your intention is released into the universe.

The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You’ll Ever Need (The Only Book You’ll Ever Need) Singer, Marian; MacGregor, Trish (2012-08-18).

A Little Humor for Your Day – The Caffeinated Cross

The Caffeinated Cross

by Karl Lembke

The following ritual was found in a musty, dusty old fragment of parchment  lodged between the musty old pages of a musty, dusty old book in a musty, dusty  old library whose musty, dusty old dust hadn’t been disturbed by the presence of  man in many a musty, dusty old century. It took a great deal of effort to  translate the original writings. After months of effort and research in language  libraries, it was finally determined that the weird script was not some arcane,  forgotten language, but English, written by someone with a very bad case of  caffeine jitters.

Another fragment indicated that this was once part of a book, entitled “The Mystery of the StarBuck”.




Stand, facing east, holding your coffee cup, filled with the mystical brew,  in your power hand, and assume a posture of wakeful alertness.

Bring your coffee cup to your forehead and intone:



Lower your coffee cup to the vicinity of your navel:



Bring your coffee cup to your left shoulder:



Bring it across to your right shoulder:



Clasp your coffee cup in both hands over your heart chakra:



Extend your arms to the sides, and intone:







Drink the coffee, in communion with the spirits of the Sacred Coffee Bean.  This last step may be usefully repeated as long as you like.

Calendar of the Moon for January 16

Calendar of the Moon

16 Luis/Gamelion

Day of the Sugar Maple

Color: Golden
Element: Earth
Altar: On a cloth of deep gold place a vase of forced and budded branches of the sugar maple, a large pottery bowl of maple sugar, a single golden candle, a pot of soil, seeds, a large bowl of water, and a bell.
Offerings: Plant seeds. Promise to look for sweetness in the natural order of things.
Daily Meal: Vegan. Serve maple sugar and maple syrup.

Invocation to the Green Man of the Sugar Maple

Hail, Green Man of the Winter!
Your secret blood rises
With the first teasing thaw,
Amid the chill winds and snow.
We drink of your blood,
And you give it willingly,
Sacrificing your life force
That we may have sweetness.
For happiness is no luxury,
It is our right and our delight.
You who bleed for our pleasure,
You who give us your innermost gift,
You who flame like a torch in the autumn
And warm our tongues in the spring,
Tree of beauty, tree of nourishment,
Fire of a hundred hills,
Wild turkey who gives of its flesh,
We hail you, sacred sugar maple,
Green Man of the Winter,
On this the time of your rising.

I am flame on the hill
I am love on the tongue
I am words that flow forth
As the winter is sung.

(Each comes forward and plants a seed in the pot of soil, saying, “Hail Green Man of the Earth!” Water is poured onto the pot, and then the rest is poured out as a libation. Maple sugar is passed around and shared. Ring bell and dismiss.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

The Witches Spell for January 7th – Mary Caliendo’s Potato Chip Hex

Mary Caliendo’s Potato Chip Hex

This is so easy, you can perform it right at the office. Don’t let its simplicity fool you though. It’s powerful enough to get rid of even the nastiest boss or co-worker.


You will need:

2 bags potato chips (get them from the vending machine in your building if possible)

3 packets black pepper

1 sticky note

Black pen



The Spell:

Open both bags to let the air out. Write your enemy’s name on the sticky note in black ink, place it in one of the bags, and add the pepper. Sit on one bag to crush the chips. (Move around a little to make sure all the chips are in small little crumbs). Retrieve the bag, fold the top three times, and staple several times to secure. Place the bag in your purse, and toss it in a public garbage receptacle after work.

Now, eat the other bag of chips. You certainly wouldn’t want to appear to be doing anything suspicious at work, now would you?


Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions
By Dorothy Morrison
WillowTree Press

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Louisiana Van Van Oil

Louisiana Van Van Oil

Use this oil to anoint candles, doorways and amulets for extra power.

¼ cup extra Virgin Olive oil

1 oz. Lemon Grass

Pinch of Salt

Place in a jar, cover and steep in dark place for 3 weeks. Shake the jar daily, and visualize power pouring into the oil. Strain out the herb, add fresh herbs and repeat till the oil is strongly scented. When the you believe the oil is strong enough for use (by smell), strain out the herbs, bottle and store in a dark place.

Four Thieves Vinegar

Four Thieves Vinegar

Four Thieves Vinegar is used as a hexing agent. The name of the person you wish to curse is written on a piece of paper. The paper is soaked in Four Thieves Vinegar. The paper is allowed to dry and then is burned. It is the ashes of this paper you use in your ritual. Four Thieves Vinegar can be sprinkled on an enemy’s door step to break up their home.

To a gallon of strong cider vinegar add a handful of the following: rosemary, wormwood, lavender, rue, sage and mint. Add 1 ounce of powdered camphor gum. Tightly close the container with the cider  vinegar and herbs in it. Place this container in a pan of water and heat until the water begins to boil. Always shake this mixture before heating. Heat daily for four days. Strain the herbs from the liquid, bottle and keep tightly closed.

Herb of the Day for November 7th – VALERIAN


Valerian is one of the most beneficial herbs known to man. It has incredible sedative properties and is very close to valium without chemical dependency or side effects. Although it smells a little like dirty feet, it has a pleasant taste with just a little sugar. It also cures insomnia without causing a drugging effect. Valerian is useful for tension, hysteria, nerves, headaches, insomnia and as a relaxant.

Lotions, Potions & Other Useful Notions

Louisiana Van Van Oil

(use to anoint candles, doorways, amulets for extra power)

1/4 c extra virgin olive oil

1 oz. lemon grass pinch of salt.

Place in a jar, cover and steep in dark place for 3 weeks.

Shake the jar daily, and visualize power pouring into the oil. Strain out the herb, add more herb and repeat till the oil is strongly scented of the herb.. When it is to your liking, strain out the herb, bottle and store in dark place.

Wild Cherry Cough Syrup

Wild Cherry Cough Syrup

2 cups water
2 cups sugar
1/2 tsp cream of tartar (scant)
1 tsp wild cherry bark
1 1/2 to 2 1/2 tsp chopped dried marshmallow root

Make a decoction of the cherry bark and marshmallow root. (Boil in water for about 4 minutes. Steep the mixture with the cover on the pot for a few minutes.) Slowly stir in the sugar and cream of tartar, simmer until the mixture becomes thick and sugar granules completely dissolve. Transfer to a container and allow to cool before covering tightly.

Feng Shui Tip for Oct. 12 – ‘World Egg Day’

Since today is ‘World Egg Day’ I thought I would offer a magically delicious egg recipe. Eggs have long been associated with mysticism and they have been revered as a receptacle that holds the essence of life. In fact, eggs have been intimately linked to the spiritual and the divine. According to one ancient belief, eggs are actually considered the perfect symbol of all creation as they not only produce life itself, but the shell represents the element of earth. This belief goes on to say that the membrane of the egg represents air while the yolk symbolizes fire and white water. Possessing all of these elements allows the egg to contain the potential of manifestation. So if you want to become a manifesting machine, start your day with some scrambled eggs in order to activate your personal power. Melt three tablespoons of butter in a shallow heavy pan and set over low heat. Break two medium eggs into a bowl and beat very lightly with a fork. Pour into the pan with the melted butter and lightly stir with a wooden spoon. Continue cooking over low heat, stirring gently while visualizing an intense creative power infusing the eggs. After a few minutes, while the eggs are just setting and still a bit creamy, add two teaspoons of a light cream and salt and pepper to taste. Serve this magically manifesting dish immediately!

By Ellen Whitehurst for

Food Can Nourish the Spirit

Food Can Nourish the Spirit

by Sarah Cooke

Today, a friend and I had a conversation about the role that relationships  can play in our enjoyment of food. For example, when I prepare dishes using my  mother’s recipes, the flavor is the same but the experience is often less  fulfilling than enjoying a meal she has prepared for me. Similarly, when I  prepare a meal for my fiancé and myself, I often enjoy the dish more than I do  when I am the only one eating.

It is not only the flavor of a dish or the quality of the ingredients that  contributes to our enjoyment. It is the energy surrounding the food – and the  consumption of it. When a meal is prepared and eaten with love,  it is generally more enjoyable.

Yes, this phenomenon can lead to emotional  eating when we try to recreate the positive memories and feelings associated  with particular foods. But it also has the potential to be quite beneficial.  When we enjoy food on the level of the spirit, we are often more likely to feel  more fulfilled, meaning we consume fewer empty calories than we do when we eat  processed foods, which are less fulfilling. When we eat processed food, we often  must eat more to feel fulfilled. In addition, when we learn to appreciate the  deep, emotional nourishment that food can offer us in a balanced way, we are  likely to choose high quality foods that can offer that kind of sustenance.