Daily Feng Shui News for Sept. 20 – 'National Punch Day'

It’s ‘National Punch Day’ and since almost every punch recipe uses ginger ale as a main ingredient, today let’s look at how invaluable ginger can be when added to your daily diet. From a physical perspective, ginger is said to quell nausea and motion sickness while aiding digestion. It is also considered a most potent all natural anti-inflammatory medicine, especially useful when treating arthritis or rheumatic complaints. From a metaphysical perspective, ginger is considered a money attractant as well as an effective conduit for communicating with the invisible realms. So whether it’s dispelling debt or creating better digestion, ginger delivers a knockout, one-two punch, even when using just a pinch.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

The Witches Spell for Sept. 20th – The Drink of Love


The Drink of Love


The Lovers card from a tarot deck

A glass of spring water

A silver (or silver-plate) spoon

A drop of melted honey or a pinch of sugar

When: On a Friday night during the waxing moon

Place the tarot card face up on a windowsill where the moon will shine on it. Set the glass of water on top of the card and leave it overnight. The image of the card will be imprinted into the water. In the morning, use a silver spoon to stir the honey or sugar into the glass to sweeten the water and, symbolically, your relationship. Drink the water with your partner to strengthen the love between you.

The Witches Spell of the Day for Sept. 18th – A Spell To Create Prosperity


 A Spell to Create Prosperity

This spell can be used for any kind of prosperity, but it works best for the prosperity of inner peace, the source of all true prosperity. Sage is a good herb for getting rid of negativity and cinnamon is excellent for boosting your energy and creativity.


Sprig of sage

A green candle

Empty bowl

Pinch of cinnamon

When: During the new moon

On the night of the new moon, put the green candle in the empty bowl with the sage. Light them both. As you sprinkle cinnamon into the flame, say: “I embrace prosperity and inner peace.”

Repeat these words and keep sprinkling cinnamon into the flame until the cinnamon is gone. Let the candle and the sage burn down, then bury them in your garden or yard. If you do this during the winter, you can bury the remains in the dirt of an indoor plant.


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Calendar of the Sun for September 11

Calendar of the Sun

11 Halegmonath


Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: In the center of the altar should be a fire laid and waiting to be lit in a pot, and around it trays of small honey-cakes (crusta mellei), jugs of old and new wine, a cup of water, a sprig of rosemary, a bowl of salted spelt flour (mola salsa), incense of myrrh, and lanterns.
Offerings: Cakes,
Daily Meal: Honey-cakes, salted spelt flour bread with rosemary and olive oil, wine, lentils.

Meditrinalia Invocation

Caller: Incendio! (One steps forward and lights the fire and lanterns.) So doth the lively flame thrive, whether a little earthen bowl feed the thirsty linen wick, or pinewood that lends its pitch. Accept, Divine One, we pray, the light which we offer you.
Response: Vivax flamma viget, seu cava testula sucum linteolo suggerit ebrio, seu pinus piceam fert alimoniam. Lumen quod vobis offero, suscipe, precor, dive.
Caller: O Father Liber, grant us your favour! We who are come to your sacred rite in your service now open our lips. (One takes the mola salsa and passes it around to be tasted.)
Response: Liber Pater, fave! Quia tibi nunc operata resolvimus ora, quae ad sacrae tuae adsummus.
Caller: Purificatio! (One steps forward and sprinkles the remaining mola salsa.) Ab illos benedicaris, in cuius honore friaris. (One steps forward and asperges each with rosemary and water.) Ab illos benedicaris, in cuius honore spargaris. (One steps forward and censes each in turn.) Ab illos benedicaris, in cuius cremaberis.
Caller: Before thee, Liber, the altars were without offerings and grass grew on the cold hearths.
Response: Ante tuos ortus arae sine honore fuerunt, Liber, et in gelidis herba reperta focis.
(Two step forward and mix the old and new wine together with water, and pass them about.)
Caller: As I drink of this wine old and new, so of all ills old and new may I be healed.
Response: Vinum vetum novumque bibo, de morbo veto novoque medeor
Caller: Liber enjoys honey, and it is right that we give its discoverer honey cakes.
Response: Melle Liber fruitur, liboque infusa calenti iure repertori candida mella damus
(One steps forward to place four cakes on the fire, and pass the rest about to be eaten.)
Caller: So may the fruits of Autumn be sweet to us!
Response: Sicut nobis dulces fruges autumni.
Caller: Ambulatio! (All approach the altar and lay the garlands on it.)
Caller: Sacrificio! Sacred spirit of the spring, be honoured.
Response: Vina dat Liber, fert sibi quisque coronam, miscendas large rivus agit aquas. Anima sacra fontis, macte coronae vinoque crustoque quod inferimus.
Caller: So may all the waters of the earth be sacred to us. So may it be!”
Response: Sic sacrae nobis omnia aquae terrae. Ita sit! (Silence for a moment, then all exit.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Moon for September 3rd

Calendar of the Moon

3 Coll/Metageitnion

Panathenaea Day 1: Athena’s Day

Colors: White and blue
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of white and blue set a great statue of Athena, a spear, a pen, a spindle, a shield with a Gorgon’s head, and a brazier with charcoal that must never be allowed to go out until the Panathenaea is done.
Offerings: A new peplos for Her statue, which has been embroidered by the entire community, and is draped around Her statue after the invocation. The old peplos is given away to some other Pagan group in the community as a gift. Also wine, olives, beef, barley cakes, honeycombs.
Daily Meal: Greek food, including beef, olives, and wine.

(First, all walk in a procession around the property. Four carry the new peplos, four carry the baskets of wine and olives, four carry plates of honey and cakes, and the rest play musical instruments or carry oak or olive branches. The procession stops before the door and all call out: “Hail Athena Polias!” Then it winds inward into the sanctuary, at which point all cry out “Hail Athena Parthenos!” The offerings are placed before Athena’s altar.)

Athena Invocation:

I begin to sing of Pallas Athena,
The dread Protectress of the city,
Who with Ares looks after matters of war,
The plundering of cities, the battle-cry and the fray.
It is She who protects the people,
Wherever they might come or go.
Lady of the olive tree,
Lady of the shield and spear,
Lady of wisdom and strategy,
Cool head which advises the hot ones,
Mentor to princes and heroes,
Gracious grey-eyed daughter of Zeus,
You teach us all due thoughtfulness!
Hail, Goddess, and give us good spirits
And your blessed favor!

(The peplos is draped around her statue. The best of the food and wine is given as libation for her, and then the rest is taken to the dining room to be feasted on.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]

Spirit Summoning Spell

Spirit Summoning Spell

You might ask why summon a spirit. If it has been haunting you or just making you feel uncomfortable. You can find out exactly what it wants by summoning it.

Ingredients:   Mint Sprigs

Another technique used to enhance your positive results during a spirit summoning session, is to leave twigs or pieces of fresh mint as an offering during your attempted contacts.   If you are attempting the contact inside a magical circle, the mint should be placed on your altar, in an offering plate.

The Witches Spell for July 25th – A Spell to Turn Up the Heat

Book & Candle Comments

A Spell to Turn Up the Heat

Has the spark gone out of your relationship This spell uses spices to add spice to your love life, along with fire to heat up things between you and your partner.


A fireplace, balefire pit, barbecue grill, hibachi, or other place where you can light a fire safely Matches or a lighter

A piece of paper A pen that writes red ink

Cayenne pepper

Mustard seeds




Bay leaves

When: During the waxing moon, preferably on a Tuesday

Safely build a small fire. On the paper, write what you find enticing about your partner and what you desire from him or her. Be as descriptive and explicit as you like— no one but you will read what you’ve written. When you’ve finished, draw the runes Gabon, which looks like an X, and Tiwaz, which looks like an arrow pointing up, around the edges of the paper. These two symbols represent love and passion, respectively.

Place the spices on the piece of paper and fold it to make a packet that contains them. Visualize you and your lover in a passionate embrace. As you hold this image in your mind, toss the packet of spices into the fire. As it burns, your intention is released into the universe.

The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You’ll Ever Need (The Only Book You’ll Ever Need) Singer, Marian; MacGregor, Trish (2012-08-18).

Your Feng Shui Tip for Dec. 29th – ‘Tick Tock Day’

There’s no better day than ‘Tick Tock Day’ to remind us that the countdown to the New Year has begun. In fact, it might be a great day to buy some round foods to eat on New Year’s Day. Round foods are thought to bring luck throughout the following year. Many cultures maintain that anything in a round shape will ring in tons of great fortune since this shape symbolizes the end of one year and a seamless beginning to the next. The Dutch say that eating donuts on New Year’s Day will fill any money holes you have in your life. Many cooks in the Southern United States believe that eating black-eyed peas is another way to magnetize awesome good luck. Cabbage is also eaten to attract luck and boost immunity. But never use a knife, scissors or anything cutting on New Year’s Day lest you cut the cords connected to all that fortune, health and luck.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com